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Toilets clog for a variety of reasons, one of which few people consider is the sort of toilet paper they use. While all toilet paper eventually dissolves, the rate at which it does so is important. Slow-dissolving toilet paper can become lodged in your pipes and accumulate over time, potentially causing a blockage. If you have an ancient toilet, broken pipes, a septic tank, or a child who enjoys watching toilet paper disappear down the toilet, buying the appropriate toilet paper is even more vital to avert tragedy. So, in order to get to the bottom of this issue, I went to my local store, overloaded my cart with popular toilet paper brands, and tested them.


You must use toilet paper on a regular basis in your home. It’s also one of the most common reasons of drainage pipe obstructions. Because it does not dissolve easily, low-quality toilet paper sinks to the bottom of the toilet. This type of toilet paper will gather and clog your plumbing. Pipes can become clogged over time. That is why, even if your pipes are ancient, you should buy highly soluble, septic-friendly toilet paper.

Presto! Tissue Paper, Extra Soft

Presto toilet paper is popular because it is soft and durable. Furthermore, it degrades quickly, so your old pipes will always be functional. Stay safe, and your toilet will not become clogged. It is inexpensive because it comes in six rolls.

Northern Quilted Ultra Plush Supreme

The Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Paper is your best pick for the best bathroom experience. It includes three soft layers that will keep you clean and comfy. It is septic-friendly and fits into all tissue dispensers. That is, it degrades more quickly and travels down the sewer line without obstructing it.

Soft Angel Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is as soft as the name suggests. Angel Soft Toilet Paper is gentle on even the most delicate skin. It contains no additives, making it eco-friendly, septic-safe, and free of skin irritation. Because of this Because it is soft and dissolves quickly, it will keep your toilet and ancient drainage pipes clear of obstructions.

Scott Quick-Dissolve Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is intended for use on ships, planes, trains, buses, and recreational vehicles. This is proof that it is high-quality toilet paper that will not harm your old pipes. It has a gentle texture that makes it suitable for usage by children. It fits into any spindle and is quite sturdy. It is the best toilet paper to bring on a trip.

                  How to Prevent Clogged Toilet

Flushing with Mindfulness

The most basic approach to avoid clogs is to practice proper flushing. This entails becoming more conscious of what you flush down the toilet. If you flush toilet paper, make sure you flush the appropriate amount. As a general rule, you can flush anything that comes from your body. Anything other than toilet paper is prohibited. We enjoy serving others when it comes to Plumbing Tulsa services.

Use the Double-Flush method.

You might also try flushing the toilet twice. After disposing of your trash, flush the toilet first before disposing of the tissue paper. Thereafter Flush the toilet a second time to guarantee that the tissue paper gets all the way down the drain.

Follow the “Roots”

If you frequently have blockage or your toilet backs up, it could be due to tree roots invading the main sewer system. Tree roots can reach the pipes if they grow underground. They have the potential to infiltrate and choke pipes as they grow. Dealing with tree roots in your sewer system requires a lot of attention. The first step is to contact a qualified plumber to perform a first check. Following that, routine maintenance is required.

You must also recognize the danger indicators. Aside from frequent obstructions, look for overflowing or slow-flowing drains. When you flush the toilet, you should also listen for a gurgling sound.

Empty the Tanks

Never make use of the toilet tank as additional counter space. Items such as soap, tissue paper, and brushes should not be placed on top of the toilet tank. These items may fall into the bowl by accident. When it comes to achieving great success, count on us to deliver great results for Plumbers Tulsa.

Do Not Postpone

If you have a weak flush or a slow drain, address the issue immediately. Never leave a situation unattended for an extended period of time before acting.

Regular Cleaning is Required

Always keep your toilet clean. Though Cleaning your toilet helps you identify any leaks faster, which is more on the aesthetic side of things. Cleaning your toilet will assist you in detecting any dripping or pooled water on the floor. You may then trace the source of the dripping and take appropriate action.

Chemical drain cleaners should be avoided.

When it comes to toilet cleansers, choose the safest options. Chemical drain cleaners can be too harsh for some pipes, leading them to corrode. The same is true for chemical in-tank cleansers, which can harm toilet hardware.

Inspections should be performed twice a year.

Last but not least, inspect the inner workings of your toilet at least twice a year. Thorough inspections will help verify that all important components are in place. are in good working order. It will also assist you in determining whether you need to install upgrades or replace some fixtures. Replacing an old toilet can be more cost effective in the long run. When you need the best plumbing Tulsa services count on us to help you.

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