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Common signs of collapsed drains and how to fix it

Most of the drains we have in houses made a few decades ago are made with pipes that can easily crack. Those usually include earthenware pipes that are venerable to different types of damage. One of the types of damage that can happen to your drainpipes is that they can collapse, and it can be a serious problem needing you to call our Plumbers Tulsa immediately.

When the drain water is not going inside the sewer but leaking and going into the foundation of your home, there could be serious damage to your property. So, here we will discuss some common signs and prevention measures you can follow to get your drain fixed.

Common signs of collapsed drains

When a drain collapses, it lets the water leak instead of directing it toward the main sewer line. When it is happening, you may come across the following signs:

1.      Signs of dampness

The first sign that you may note at your place is the sign of dampness. There could be damp floors and walls inside or outside your property. This sign not only tells about the collapsed drain but also welcomes problems like mold formation in damp areas. It causes your home to be visually unattractive and also brings a foul smell which is unbearable in most cases.

2.      Cracks and structural damage in your place

The next sign you can note will be structural damage to your property. There could be cracks in the walls or the floor, and the worse are those that appear near the structural points of the home. Seeing this type of damage tells that the collapsed drain has already done a lot of damage to your property, and it can also be very costly to fix the drain and its damage.

3.      Poor drainage

If you suddenly note a significant drop in the performance of your drains, it shows that there could be a collapsed drain that is causing a blockage. When the pipe collapses, its parts can get stuck, stopping other materials from passing by. Ultimately it will lead to poor drainage and complete drain blockage at your place.

4.      Sewage smell

If you feel a sewage smell at your place, it is an early sign of collapsed drain, and getting our best plumbing Tulsa services at this point means you can save a lot of time and money. It is because the issue has just begun, and a lot of damage has not been done yet. However, bearing this smell will not be easy as this smell will constantly stay at your place for as long as you do not get the drain repaired.

5.      Sewage backups

When a drain collapses, it stops working as it should. In such circumstances, you can also face sewage backups in your drain, and it is a disgusting sign to have a collapsed drain. If it rarely happens, then your drain probably only needs cleaning. However, if it is happening regularly, it shows that there might be a collapsed drain.

6.      Subsidence and soil erosion

One of the byproducts of a collapsed drain is the subside around the area where it collapsed to sink over time. You can commonly see this sign when you have a collapsed drain in an outdoor area, especially with soil on top. A significant indentation in the ground will show an issue with the drain.

7.      Rodent infestation

When you have a collapsed drain, all sorts of bugs, insects, and rodents attract it. They start from the area where the drain is collapsed and start breeding. In the worst case, these pests and rodents can get inside your house because the collapsed drain provides an easy entrance inside your house.

Different fixes for collapsed drains

So, when you know you have a collapsed drain, you must take repairing measures immediately. Calling our professional Plumbers Tulsa is what you need to do. Our men will provide you with the following services to solve the issue at your end as soon as possible.

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1.      Hydrojetting

Hydrojetting is the first type of fix for collapsed drains. It uses water pressure to punch a hole in the blockage caused by the collapsed drain. When it opens the blockage, the drain is internally cleaned, and the path for the water flow is also opened. The water pressure used for this treatment is so high that it can even clean up tree roots that may have been inside the drain.

2.      Pipe lining

It is a rather new solution that resolves the issue without trenching technique. So, you do not need to dig up the whole place to replace the pipes as a new plastic drain pipe is installed inside the old pipe. It is a great way to fix collapsed drains as it works for drains made with all types of pipes, whether old or new.

3.      Video camera inspection

The video camera inspection is also a part of the fixing and prevention process as it helps verify if the issue is resolved or not. The video camera can easily be inserted inside the drain from one end, showing a clear video of the inside of the drain showing if there is any damage or blockage. This way, the issue can be assessed, and the solution can be planned without digging inside the drain.

4.      Pipe bursting

Pipe bursting is a technique that uses a pipe bursting metallic head. It is pilled underground to break the old drain pipe at your place. Simultaneously, it pulls a new HDPE pipe in place of the older ones. The best part about this technique is that it can easily work on all types of pipes, even older ones. Reach us today for the plumbing Tulsa repairs.


A collapsed drain is one of the worst things to happen to your property. It not only takes a long time to detect, but once you start noticing the issues act quickly. Sadly, this will damage the drain. So, to avoid such issues, it is your best practice to call our best plumbing Tulsa professionals for regular inspection and minor repairs so that you stay safe from facing a huge problem like a collapsed drain. Discover why we are among the best for plumbing Tulsa repairs.

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