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How does your neighbor’s plumbing system damage your walls, and how it be safe?

Our properties are the heritage of our families, and we want to keep them as beautiful and safe as it is at the time of buying. The walls and grounds of our property are safe if we are taking good care of the water plumbing system of our home and not avoiding drainage problems.

Sometimes, even if we are doing a lot to keep our home safe from extra moisture, we observe moisture, mold growth, and discoloration on our walls. It is very alarming, and we should not neglect it. There is a great need to pay attention to the first alarming signs you observe on your floor or walls.

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How does a neighbor’s plumbing system damage your walls?

If the drainage system and plumbing system of your home are working perfectly and you have made an inspection properly but found nothing, you must check the water meter of your neighbor. It can be due to the failure of the plumbing system of your neighbors, which can show the following symptoms on your walls.

Underground water pipe leakage catches your wall if you share the same.

The water leaks can be of different types, as different water appliances can get damaged. If the fault of water pipes and taps does not belong to your home, it must belong to our neighbors.

  • Sometimes, even your neighbors do not know about the water leaks damaging their property and the surrounding.
  • Underground pipes are highly sensitive as their bursting can also damage the property of the owner and his neighbors.

Usually, the first neighbors share a common wall, or their walls lie beside each other. That’s why there are chances of getting water damage to your floor and walls.

Negligence of water use

Not all the time, damages to the water plumbing system disturb the neighbors’ walls, but sometimes, it is all about non-serious behavior regarding water use. It harms your building if your neighbors do not pay attention to proper and safe water use.

If they keep the water taps on for a longer time, like during taking a bath or washing clothes, the water keeps flooding; it can take a route to your walls.

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The bad drainage system in the bathroom

Sometimes, the water pipes are perfect, the taps are in good condition, there is the proper and safe use of water, and no plumbing damage is present, but your neighbor’s water is still damaging your walls. It is alarming, and you need to detect the factor behind it.

You can find the water drainage problem on inspection, especially in the bathroom and laundry area. If water is not properly drained out, it stays with the walls and seeps inside them while appearing in the form of discoloration of bricks or damaging their paint.

The damaged pool was not fixed on time.

Many of us have pools in our homes, sometimes at the front or sometimes at the back of our home. No doubt, pools are a great source of pleasure for kids and other family members, but they also need attention.

If the pool surface of your neighbor is cracked or damaged and it is near your house’s wall, water must catch your walls. The pattern may be different as it may start damage from your floor and then reaches your walls. So, there is a great need to share your wall damage problem with your neighbor and ask him to look into his house’s plumbing system properly.

Leaks of water taps are ignored.

Some people are too lazy to fix things. Even if they are observing the damages daily, they ignore them. It can happen to you as well. If you have a lazy and careless neighbor, you must keep an eye on your walls and floor to keep them safe by checking their condition regularly.

How to be safe from neighbors’ damaged plumbing systems?

It is time to think about how you can be on the safe side by ignoring the failure of the plumbing system of your neighbors. You need to find a neutral way to avoid more damage. It might not be safe 100%, but it is possible to control the damage as early as possible.

First, inspect your home’s water plumbing and drainage system.

Before you go to your neighbor to talk about his plumbing system, you must check your house’s plumbing system. Discover why we truly care about delivering the best Plumbing Tulsa repairs.

You must call a professional plumber to check your building properly. Yeah, it is possible to skip some important things when you are checking taps and water pipes, but a professional plumber will not make this mistake, but he will keenly observe the whole plumbing system.

Keep necessary instruments to measure humidity.

One thing that can help you a lot from damaging your walls is to check the water content in your walls regularly. If you get an instrument to check the water content in your walls, you can make sure to catch the water attack before it shows signs after running a part of the walls.  Our plumbers Tulsa can also help you do it in a good way.

You should keep strict the color of your walls.

When water attacks the walls, it causes the bricks to change their color. So, you must keep an eye on the color of the bricks or stones on your walls. If the color changes, water has caught them, and you must do something on time.

Do not ignore the mold growth on your walls.

All you need to do is to keep observing the walls and take the initiative on the appearance of single signs like the growth of molds. The mold growth shows excessive water in your walls, and you need to stop it immediately.

Deeply analyze the reasons behind bubble formation in walls paint

You should also keep track of the paint on your walls and do a necessary thing if you observe any change in it, like the formation of bubbles or scraps. Count on us for the best plumbing Tulsa services and love it!


The damaged plumbing system of your neighbor can cause many problems for you as it can damage the walls and floor of your home. So, you must keep observing your plumbing system and your neighbor’s. The first thing you need to do is to keep measuring the water content in your walls by using a moisture measuring instrument. It will tell you about the water invading instead you are waiting for the symptoms.

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