Types Of Shower Valves: Explained

These connections, known as valves, are designed to regulate the flow of water and the temperature of the shower. Modern shower valves, when installed correctly, can make showering more comfortable by avoiding temperature fluctuations and unexpected shifts in water pressure. This is done by controlling how the water flows through the valve. This article simplifies the process of upgrading or replacing a shower head by providing an overview of the several types of shower valves and how each one operates.

Manual Shower Valve

When I was a youngster, it seemed like every house had those manual shower valves that you had to turn a handle to open or close. Many people continue to like them, but more functional designs with brighter futures are outselling them and gaining traction in the marketplace. There’s a simple explanation for why manual shower valves are still popular: they’re easy to use. You can adjust the water’s temperature and pressure with a single handle, and also turn the shower on and off. In addition to being one of the most affordable shower valve options, their low price has contributed to their widespread adoption.

Keeping the water hot when using this manual valve is a challenge. If someone else in the house turns on a tap or flushes the toilet, the water temperature could fluctuate dramatically for a short period of time.

This valve also has no ability to pre-set the temperature, so you’ll have to adjust it by hand every time you wish to use water.

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Thermostatic Shower Valve

Thermostatic shower valves function similarly to pressure balancing valves in that they provide a constant water temperature even when other appliances are using water at the same time.

Let’s have a look at how thermostatic shower valves function. Thermostatic shower valves govern the temperature instead of the pressure, like a conventional thermostat. This method of regulating the temperature of the water is far more accurate. Instead of sticking your hand in and out of the shower to get the ideal temperature with pressure-balancing valves, you may fine-tune the temperature to the degree.

Your ideal shower temperature is yours to maintain forever after you find it.

Smart Shower Valve:

Innovations in shower controls are swiftly expanding the available options. And it’s become the norm for the digital toilet business to experience ever-increasing levels of innovation. The market has been taken over by digital showers for bathrooms.

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Pressure Balancing Valves:

Typically, a shower will have a pressure balancing valve, also known as a mechanical valve or an anti-scald valve.

Hot and Cold Valve:

The conventional valve is controlled in the same way as a regular two-handled sink. Its valve trims are unique in that they include not one but two separate handles. The hot water tap is on the left, and the cold water tap is on the right. With the faucets running, you may gradually raise the volume of water entering either side to achieve the ideal temperature. The standard hot and cold valve does not have a safety device to prevent scalding. This has led to the typical valve becoming a relic of the past.

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