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What makes tree root infestation a plumbing emergency and what can be done about it?

Tree roots are very common. They are present everywhere water flows, making every pipe in your garden or home vulnerable to attack.

Tree root encroachment is an ongoing problem that requires immediate attention. You may not realize the underlying problem until after the damage has been done. Alternatively, the roots may have burst through the drainage line and have been visibly destroyed. It’s much better if the roots are just inside the drainage line rather than breaking through and causing problems later.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to protect your lines, such as professional root removal. But by the time you notice roots growing in the drain line, the damage has already been done. In this emergency, contact a plumber immediately. Why there are tree roots in pipes and sewers?

Water Is Important

Just as all living things need water to survive, the trees in your garden need water. They get their water from their root system, which can be very extensive. The problem begins when one of those routes decides to take root in or around the pipeline.

It is so ubiquitous that it takes less than a foot to grow through the smallest crevices. In some cases, the only indication that this has happened is if you notice things are moving slower than normal. Luckily, roots take a long time to spread throughout your system, but they can quickly start invading small entry points. This means that if you notice clogged drain lines more often than before, the root system is likely the culprit.

If you’ve studied pipe relining systems, you’ve probably seen several different types. But they are not all the same.

One of the main differences to note is how the product actually flows into pipe joints and cracks before curing. This ensures a tight seal on the pipe. Most shoddy pipe repair kits don’t have this proper seal and tend to leave gaps, meaning roots can grow back.

Here’s how the Jetset Plumbing team runs their pipe relining service

  1. Use a 5000 PSI high pressure drain cleaner to remove all obstructions from the pipe such as tree roots, debris and other obstructions.
  2. Surveillance cameras are used to monitor drainage pipes for holes, cracks, and other abnormalities.
  3. A custom bladder and liner is inserted into the drain pipe to cover the damaged section of pipe.
  4. The bladder is then inflated with compressed air to expand and force the epoxy-filled liner to adhere to the interior of the pipe. When the liner cures, it becomes solid and approximately four times stronger than the original tube.
  5. Once the liner has hardened, remove the bladder and leave the newly made tubeset in place.
  6. Use the CCTV camera one last time to confirm that the pipe is ready for full deployment.

This wastewater treatment method is non-invasive and environmentally friendly. No digging, digging, using heavy chemicals, or other unfriendly drain cleaning methods. Pipe relining is the most effective way to clean drains and repair root damage. Older pipes are more susceptible to root damage and should be upgraded to newer pipes such as PVC, which have a longer lifespan and are much more resistant to root damage.

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How to prevent tree roots from entering the pipe

To avoid expensive repair bills, you can choose the following strategies to keep pipes free of roots and prevent further root damage.

Strategic gardening

If you have an empty yard and are considering planting tall trees there, consider investigating the sewage system near your home.

Plant trees away from major underground pipes and be mindful of the distance between potential tree root systems and drains. The ideal garden option is to plant relatively low-growing trees. Trees such as banksia and acacia are short-rooted, slow-growing species. 2. Pipe replacement or slipline insertion

You may already have a tree in your yard, or you may have moved to an older house with a large tree. In both cases, it is not always possible to make clear decisions about the problem, and more complex solutions to plumbing problems are required.

You can have a plumber insert a slip line into the pipe to create a barrier to root intrusion. You can also replace the tube when it’s old enough to prevent tree roots from poking through it. 3. Install the root barrier

A physical barrier keeps roots away from the pipe. There are several variations of these, each with different effects: solid and permeable barriers.

Solid barriers are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as plastic and fiberglass and are very effective at repelling tree roots. However, waterlogging problems can be exacerbated because there is nowhere for water to pass through the root barrier. Permeable barriers consist of small roots and a mesh that allows water to pass through. The main drawback of permeable barriers is the risk of root system encroachment into the pipe if the wrong size is chosen.

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How to remove encroaching tree roots from pipes 

If you already have tree roots in your pipe, ask your plumber to use a root growth inhibitor to remove small roots from your sewer. Tiny roots are usually just a small part of a tree’s root system. Therefore, even if damage is done, the growth of the tree will not be significantly affected. Trees rely on larger roots for nutrition. Plumbers use foaming chemicals to dry out the roots and prevent new roots from growing inside the pipe. It’s a simple and effective solution to a problem that can get worse over time. And to repair them, pipe relining is often employed to avoid unnecessary excavation.

Bottom line, it is better to prevent than to solve. Look after the trees that can provoke this kind of situation when buying a new house. If anything is suspicious, call a plumber to check the pipes before you buy the house. Be careful because broken pipe system comes always with a large price tag.

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