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Top 8 Foods That Can Clog Your Garbage Disposal

It is very common that we eat food and bring the leftover on the plate to the sink. The food is thrown into the garbage disposal. However, many types of food items can clog your garbage disposal. It can be a serious problem, and you will have to face the consequences.

You will face many problems when you dispose of garbage because of the clogged garbage disposal. It is better not to throw such food items in the garbage disposal to protect yourself from this problem.  Our plumbing Tulsa services will also guide you about how to make sure you stay safe.

What are the top 8 foods that can clog your garbage disposal?

Many food items can easily block your garbage disposal. You must waste your time and energy to open the garbage disposal. Sometimes it does not even open, and you will have to call for assistance In such situations you can get our plumbing Tulsa services.

It is important to ensure you avoid throwing these food items in the garbage disposal.

1.      Eggshells

There is a membrane present on the wall of the shell of the egg. It can be very damaging to your garbage disposal and can cause blockage. There is some leftover egg white also present on the inside of the actual, which is albumin, and it sticks to the sides of the garbage disposal.

It will also clog your garbage disposal, and you will face the consequences. You have to make sure that you always through the eggshells in the basket and throw them out instead of throwing them in the garbage disposal.

2.      Bones

It is strongly prohibited never to throw the bones of chicken and meat in the garbage disposal. They will be stuck and will be spinning along with the blade. If you can send some of them to the bottom of the garbage disposal, they will not make it through the pipe of the garbage disposal. It will cause serious blockage to your garbage disposal, which you will be annoyed with for a long time.

3.      Fruit pits

There are pits in the fruits and seeds in some of the fruits, which can also cause blockage to the garbage disposal. You need to ensure that you are never throwing such things down the garbage disposal.

It is going to block your garbage disposal very firmly, and you will have to call for assistance to make it clear. Many people just get rid of the fruit pits in the garbage disposal, never thinking about what it can result in. you have to be thoughtful enough to avoid this mistake.

4.      Potato peels

You must be aware of the fact that potato has a lot of starch present in them. The amount of starch present in the potato peels is even higher. If I try to drain them down the garbage disposal, they will create a mess which will appear in a soupy form.

Sometimes you will also see bubbles in it if there is an acidic reaction happening in it. The same can happen with vegetables that have a lot of starch present in them. You should avoid throwing potato peels and other vegetables with starch in the garbage disposal.

5.      Coffee grounds

It is common to think that coffee grounds are not harmful and can go down your garbage disposal easy. However, this is one of the wrong facts about coffee grounds. Coffee grounds can come up the garbage disposal and can cause a lot of mess.

You should never throw the coffee grounds down the garbage disposal; most people make this mistake. Of all the people who have their garbage disposal clogged, 60% are because of coffee grounds.

6.      Rice and pasta

Pasta, as well as rice, are sticky. They can stick to the sides of the garbage disposal very easily. When cooking rice or pasta, it is very common to throw them down the sink and push them into the garbage disposal. We think we got rid of the extra pasta and rice however, this is not true. It will cause a serious rise in your garbage disposal, and you will find it clogged.

7.      Tea leaves

Tea leaves are also very sticky in nature. You will always notice them stuck to your pans. It has the same effect that you will see after sending rise and pasta down the garbage disposal. Tea leaves are hard to get rid of and will cause great obstruction in your garbage disposal.

This is why you should always put the tea leaves and tea bags in the basket instead of the garbage disposal. Tea leaves are meant for making tea, and what kind of tea are you trying to make in your garbage disposal?

8.      Non-food items

There are a lot of non-food items as well that can be causing obstruction in your garbage disposal. You have to take care of the non-food items as well as food items. It will keep your garbage disposal safe, and you will not come across any kind of clogging. Sometimes people throw away rubber bands and plastic spoons in the garbage disposal, which is also going to cause the problem.

You should never throw away any plastic material inside your garbage disposal. Sometimes people also throw sponges that are used for washing the dishes. If you want to avoid any kind of serious blockage in your garbage disposal, you have to avoid making such mistakes.

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Final Remarks:

Food items can go down smoothly through your garbage disposal. However, this is not the case with all of them. You have to ensure that you are not throwing food items that can cause obstruction in your garbage disposal. Some food items that can be harmful in this regard are described in the text. You also have to ensure that you are not sending non-food items down the garbage disposal, which can be harmful.

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