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Top 7 Tips to deal with erosion coming from neighbors.

Soil erosion is quite a common problem that affects the growth of your plants, grass, and flower. Soil erosion will affect the growth of fauna. The reason behind soil erosion can be anything. If you have found that the soil erosion is coming from the neighbors and they are not doing anything about it, you need to take measures instantly.

Tips for dealing with erosion coming from neighbors.

Soil erosion from neighbors can disturb your garden, backyard, or any place you plant flowers, grass, and all. You must take measures if the neighbors are not doing anything about it.

Otherwise, the erosion problem will keep affecting the growth of plants. So, the following are the top 7 tips that will help you to deal with erosion coming from neighbors:

1.      Install soil fences

One of the easiest and most convenient ways of dealing with the neighbors’ erosion is installing soil fences. Those soil fences are also known as soil silt. Soil silt is a mixture of minerals and rock, but it will handle water better than sand. You can use soil silt to create a soil fence.

If water has been the cause of soil erosion from the neighbors, you can surely create a soil fence using soil silt. You just have to find the way of water that has been seeping into your soil and causing erosion. You can create this soil fence yourself.

Soil silt holds the water, and it will not be able to cause any more erosion. Silt is smaller in size as compared to sand, but it is larger than clay. So, you will be able to create a visible fence with it.

2.      Mulch is a temporary solution

If your soil has already been affected by erosion problems and you want to take precautionary measures? If water has been the cause of soil erosion, you must take care of this problem first. Mulch is a considerable option if you are looking for a temporary solution.

You can simply spread mulch in a layer over the soil. It will help save the soil moisture, and the health of the soil improves soil fertility and adds beauty to the overall view. Once you spread the mulch, it will take care of your soil erosion problem.

It is a temporary solution, but you can repeat this procedure once in a while when the much gets a little older. You can replace the old mulch with a newer layer until you find a permanent solution for soil erosion from the neighbors.

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3.      Hay bales might work

Animals eat hay, but how would it work for the soil erosion coming from the neighbors? Like mulch or creating a soil fence using soil silt, you can also use hay bale for the same cause. It would be like a barrier but a temporary solution for the soil erosion coming from the neighbors. You can set a fence using a hay bale barrier.

Hay bale will help improve the water quality of your soil so the erosion process will be slowed down, and it will help save your soil from erosion. It is a temporary solution until you find a permanent one. You can easily find hay bales tightly wrapped with the help of a cord. You can set the bale barrier around your soil area yourself.

4.      Construct a terrace

Are you looking for a permanent solution for the erosion coming from the neighbors? Well, you can construct a terrace. It would also be a barrier, but it will be a permanent solution. If you have plants on the first floor or anywhere in your house where you can construct something using bricks, then go for it.

You can construct a terrace around the soil to stop erosion from coming from the neighbors. If you are living downhill and the neighbors are living uphill, erosion can be a problem coming from their place. So, building a terrace might stop it and save your plants.

5.      Solve the drainage problem

Drainage problems can be a major reason why your soil keeps getting affected and losing its fertility. If your drainage system works fine and no dirty water is getting mixed with your soil, then you need to check your neighbor’s drainage system. There might be a problem there that is affecting your soil.

Finding the root cause is important because if the drain water keeps affecting your soil, it will ruin it, and that day is not far. So, you need to fix the drainage problem if you want to save yourself from the erosion problem permanently.

6.      Make a sump pit

Erosion can be caused by excessive water, and if you want to take care of it to save your soil from the neighbor’s water, you can make a sump pit. The water will get into the sump pit and will not affect your soil or cause erosion.

It is surely a perfect solution if the problem is water. So you build a sump pit and save your soil from erosion. You can build it yourself at the right point where you think water will get into it directly.

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7.      Build a border with rocks

The last tip that is one of the easiest ways of getting the soil erosion coming from the neighbors would be building a border with rocks. It might work for your situation if you think that the situation is not bad and rocks would be able to handle it. Make sure you place the rocks in the right place that will stop the erosion coming from the neighbors.

Find the right size of rocks to build a border with them. Try to cover all your soil with rock borders to erosion won’t be able to reach your soil from neighbors.

We have discussed the top 7 tips above that will help stop erosion from the neighbors. If you don’t take this matter seriously immediately, the erosion might damage your place completely. You must take measures if you want to save your soil from spoiling anymore.

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