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Best and Worst Cleaning agents for your floors: All you need to know

When cleaning the floor, one must be careful because some items and agents damage the floor. It also depends on the type of floor. Some floors are reactive to acids which may cause the floor to break down for this reason, and one must be careful.

Many cleaning agents can clean the floor easily, but sometimes using the wrong cleaning agent can result in a disaster and make the matter worse. Powdered soaps and detergents are used to clean the floor and are regarded as the best cleaning agent for floors.

Top 5 best cleaning agents

The best cleaning agents include detergents, acids, degreasers, dish soap, and abrasives. These agents can clean and make the floor shine, but some are volatile and can damage the floor if not used properly.


Detergent is a household item and is one of the most common cleaning agents. Detergent can make the floor as good as new. Detergents have enzymes that break the dirt and make it easy to wash it away.

  • Add one tbsp of detergent to a sufficient amount of hot water.
  • Mix the detergent and water properly.
  • 3Using a mop or sponge, apply the mixture on the floor.
  • Scrub it properly, and then washes the floor with water giving off a neat and clean floor.

Why use Abrasives?

Often it is used for polishing and grinding but can also be used for cleaning floors. Abrasives are used if the floor is very dirty, or the stains are tough. Abrasives are used in combination with detergent. First, apply detergent and then rub it with an abrasive, which will clean the floor and make it look clean.


It is known as solvent cleaners. Often, it is used to remove grease from surfaces. If the floor is greasy, the best way to remove the grease is to use a degreaser. Spirits are used as degreasers; white and methylated spirits are the most common.

Nowadays, people use nontoxic and non-fuming degreasers as they are safe. Vinegar can also be used to remove grease from the floor. Some degreasers are dangerous and must be handled with care.


Acid cleaning agents are the most powerful type of cleaning agents and should be taken care of with care as they can damage skin and floor. The acid should be diluted correctly, so they don’t damage the floor. If the floor has tough stains, then acids are used to remove them. Acids remove stains very easily. Acids can also remove grease from the floor.

Is Dish soap Helpful?

Dish soaps are very effective in cleaning floors. It also make the floor shiny. To clean the floor with dish soap, you also need sufficient water.

  1. Add 1 to 2 tbsp of dish soap in sufficient water.
  2. Mix the water and dish soap properly.
  3. With the help of a mop, clean the floor with the mixture.
  4. Wash off the mixture with clean water at the end.

Top 5 worst cleaning agents

There are many cleaning agents which you will find in stores, but not all of them are the best. Some work very poorly and can damage the floor instead. These cleaning agents include bleach, glass cleaner, ammonia, lemon juice, and hydrogen peroxide.


Bleach is the worst cleaning agent; it is highly potent and damages the floor permanently. Regarding wooden floors, bleach should be kept away as far as possible. Bleach discolors the wooden floor permanently. Not only does it discolor, but it also produces hazardous compounds into the air making the air poisonous.


Most floor manufacturers advise not to use ammonia for cleaning floors because they cause much damage to the floor. Ammonia discolors the floor. It also dismantles the finishing and the lignin of the wood. Ammonia also removes the shine from the floor, making the floor look dull. Ammonia has also proved to be corrosive if used in great quantities.

Helpful Tips on Glass cleaners

Avoid glass cleaners when it comes to cleaning floors.  Glass cleaners contain ammonia which damages the floor too much. It damages the floor’s shine, which is not good. Windex, which is a famous glass cleaner, has 2 more versions. It has an ammonia-free version that can clean the floor, but the simple one can’t be used for floor cleaning. Any cleaning agent with ammonia as an ingredient can’t be used to clean the floor.

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Why Use Lemon juice?

Lemon juice and vinegar are acidic and should not be used for cleaning floors. It is highly acidic and damages the floors. When the floor is concrete, lemon juice will leave white spots on it and damage it by making a hole if the lemon juice is in great quantity.

For wooden floors, lemon juice disrupts the beauty and damages the floor’s shine. If the amount of lemon juice is too much, it can also discolor the wooden floor. On the wooden floor, lemon juice dulls and scratches the finish.

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Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is great for producing shine and whitening concrete floors or tiles. But if you have a wooden floor, you must keep hydrogen peroxide as far as possible as hydrogen peroxide is potent and can damage the wooden floor. Hydrogen peroxide can discolor the floor and damage the floor internally. It is best to avoid products that have hydrogen peroxide as an ingredient.

Other worst cleaning agents that one should avoid are: –

  • Vinegar: Just like lemon juice, vinegar should also be avoided as vinegar is highly acidic and can damage the floor permanently.
  • Oil: Oil should also be avoided as it makes the floor slippery, making it dangerously slippery. Oil should be used in the minimum quantity only for shine. Oil should never be used for cleaning purposes.
  • Steam cleaners: Steam cleaners also damage the floor. Steam cleaners work on the heating principle, and too much heat, when provided to the floor, can permanently damage the floor.


There are many products in marts and stores for cleaning floors, but not all are good. For this reason, one should be careful as some cleaning agents can inflict permanent damage to the floor. To clean the floor, you should only use the best cleaning agents.

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