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This Why is your Toilet Bowl Not Filling? Top reasons and solutions to it?

Is your toilet bowl taking too long to fill or not filling at all? It is one of the common plumbing problems in households. Various things can lead to this key problem. Fortunately, the solution to this problem isn’t difficult or pricey. You can adjust the problem with some simple fixes.

Let’s learn about the common issues that can lead to toilet bowl not filling problem and their possible solutions below.

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So, here we go:

Reasons why toilet bowl not filling.

Here are some common reasons why toilet bowls not filling:

·         Clogged drain

The drain in your toilet tank’s bottom must also be cleared to work properly. You can plunge the clogged drain out using a baking soda and vinegar mixture.

·         Clogged vent

Air can’t escape from the toilet tank of a clogged vent problem. Consequently, your toilet bowl will take longer to fill up. Remove the cover from the tank to see if the vent is clogged. If the tank contains debris, leaves, and other such things, clear all these to see if your problem resolves.

·         Float ball problem

The float ball is also one of the most common reasons the toilet bowl is not filling. It typically sits in the tank above water. The float ball is generally connected to an arm regulating the tank’s entering water.  This object stops the water inflow when the water reaches a certain level. This phenomenon will move the float arm to block the water entry.

Float balls in the toilet tank usually require readjustments every while. Otherwise, it can cause the water toilet not filling issues.

·         Low water pressure

Lower water pressure is another one of the most common reasons behind toilet bowls not filling. If your house lacks enough water pressure to get up the toilet tank, it will be shut off even before filling. Give your bathroom sink a check. If water is running slow in your house, then there can be a problem with the main line of your house. The low water pressure in the house may be more likely due to a leak or blockage in the interior of your plumbing.

Low water pressure may also be an indication of your failing water pump. The fact is truer if you are living in a tall structure.

·         Worn-out flapper valve

The toilet contains a rubber-made flapper valve that you can find at your toilet tank’s bottom. The key purpose of this flapper valve is to keep tank water from emptying into your toilet when it isn’t in use. If your flapper valve contains a life chain, ensure that it doesn’t catch under the valve.

This problem will make the valve not seal properly; ultimately, the water bowl won’t fill appropriately.

·         Faulty plumbing

If your vent and drain are working appropriately, you may have faulty plumbing problems. This problem can also include leaky pipes, making your toilet bowl fill slowly.

Best solutions to fix toilet bowl not filling problem.

Here are the best solutions to fix your toilet bowl, not fill the problem.

1.      Check the shut-off valve.

If you are facing a toilet bowl not filling problem, firstly check if the shut-off valve is open. Find the valve at your toilet’s rear wall. Turn the valve counter-clockwise to open it.

If your toilet shut-off valve has a pull and push mechanism, push its handle to open the supply to your toilet bowl. It is the simplest fix for this water bowl not filling problem.

2.      Clear the clogged vent and drain.

Use a needle nose pillar to pull anything clogging the vent. On the other hand, if you are having a clogged drain problem, pour vinegar and baking soda into the drain to unclog it. Let the ingredients stay in for about 10 minutes, and then flush out everything to get a cleared-out vent and drain the best possible way.

3.      Adjust the fill valve

The fill valve in the toilet works as a tube assembly to signal the toilet when to start or stop filling. Check out the tube for anything trapped if your water bowl is not filling. Their manufacturer and age generally determine the anatomy of toilet valves. You can modify the fill valve to fix your toilet’s filling problem. If the fill valve on your toilet contains a screw on its top, use a flathead screwdriver to move it.

Moving the fill valve clockwise will allow more water in the tank.

4.      Readjust the float ball or arm.

The float arm or ball is directly connected to the fill valve that controls water flow into your toilet tank from the water bow. An incorrectly adjusted float arm or ball can make your water bowl not fill appropriately.

It would help to readjust the float arm or ball frequently to let your toilet bowl fill appropriately. Bend the arm upward to raise the float ball to a specific height.

5.      Use a silicone rubber flapper valve.

Toilets usually feature rubber flapper valves at your toilet tank’s bottom. However, a leaking or worn-out flapper valve is usually ineffective. Previously metal flappers were used in order toilet versions that are vulnerable to corrosion. It will result in preventing the metal from sealing the valve correctly.

Currently, metal flapper valves have been replaced with silicone rubber valves that can ensure a tight seal. Even if your silicone rubber flapper valve has worn out, replacing it is the only solution you can consider here.

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6.      Fix poorly operating trip assembly.

Trip assembly is an important flush handle part connected to the toilet tank. Poorly positioned trip assembly can make the toilet bowl not fill properly. Open the toilet lid to fix your poorly operating trip assembly. A bent, worn-out, or broken trip assembly must be fixed or replaced to fix the bowl-filling problem effectively.

If any of the solutions mentioned above haven’t worked to resolve your toilet bowl not filling problem, then calling a plumber is what you need here.

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