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The benefits of having a day off work and how it refreshes. The importance of having work-life balance.

How the workday of a plumber does looks like?

A lot of activities are included if you want to be a professional plumber. The day to day routine will vary, depending on the location, title and are of work. But, there are some basic information to be considered if you want to become a professional plumber. In this article, there are several basic data according to Ilinois Plumbing Consultants to be considered for a day to day activities, so you can see the different types of plumbing.

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What are daily activities of professional plumber?

The working day of a plumber last between 8 to 10 hours. Normally, the workweek is 4 or 5 days. The working days of the week are flexible because if you choose to work for 10 hours a day, you can have 3 days weekend. Or, if you want to work 8 hours a week, you will have 2 days in the weekend. The night shifts are not uncommon, especially when the commercial locations are too crowded during the day hours, so the plumbing will be done at night, especially the larger plumbing interventions. The day of a plumber is never a boring one, because you can never know what kind of interventions you will need to do during the day or night. The tasks depend of the size of the project, the stage of the repairmen, if it a repairmen for the first time or some corrections must be made etc.

Also, for this job position there are a lot of emergences, sometimes they include calls at 4 a.m. because of sudden burst of pipes in somebody’s home. Also will perform installation of some kind of appliances, like a new toilet or a new dishwasher. Other things that will include routine fixing appointments, including of evaluation of home or commercial systems and checkups for any repairs or further services.

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Are there different plumbers with different tasks?

When starting the plumber education, you will learn that there are different levels on the title of a plumber. Here are the degrees and several basic characteristics:

Apprentice. Every future plumber will start with a title apprentice. For different countries you must be at a different age and you must be enrolled in approved program for apprentice. Apprentice will have the basic knowledge and basic jobs, but not an advanced experience of a journeyman or master plumber. Apprentice will need 3 years of experience to upgrade to the next level of a journeyman.

Journeyman: He needs a license for journeyman. To get this license you need to pass exam and have documented all the working experience. This level of plumber can take tasks on their own and can employ an apprentice level plumber. But, at this level, the plumber can not start independed plumber company. Only the degree of master plumbers can do that.

Mater degree: Master plumber degree is the highest level. They have many years of experience and they are trained in a specific area in this business. Did you know: they ave all training and certifications, and can open their company and run it independently. They can train apprentices, they know all the plumbing codes, take large projects and so much more.

They train new plumbers, know plumbing codes, oversee large projects, and much more.

What are the benefits of taking day or time off
Happy employee

If the plumbers have time off, will help them to focus on their personal life, the life outside the work. If the employees know how much time off, they will easily plan breaks and organize the personal time.

Taking time off from work will also give the employee space to re-energise and enjoy time away from their working environment. Having a break could also improve the respect for management amongst staff, if they feel they are encouraged to use up their holiday or annual leave allowance.

 Mental health

If workers get some time off work, will help them to focus on the other side of their life: family, hobby, friends or just enjoy the silence and chill on the sofa doing nothing. No matter how they will waste time which is not a work mode the employees will gain mental clarity, which is very important for a plumber in his performance. Remember when at school the teachers will give you a short break to have a mental clarity after writing text but before checking it? Well, the same rule can be applied in this case too.


Even if you work the job you have always wanted, working 5 days weekly can be repetitive and boring a little. Having a small break will improve productivity at workplace. Some studies also point that employees which use all their vacation have more than 6 % chance to be included in promotion process.

Having a balance –work versus private life

If you as a manager encourage employees to take from time to time some time off, this will help them to have this balance on a healthy level. You will make this balance better and will avoid burnouts of your employees.

Also, as a company owner, you should also take time off. This will enable to be more effective and can focus at the work tasks. Also you will have more time with the family and friends and will be happier.

More time with the family and friends

Some researchers concluded that if you spend more time with family and friends will make you happier. This also apply for you and your employees. Also, if the employees have a lot of social support can better deal with physical and mental challenges. This will also mean increasing productivity when they come back at their working position and tasks.

So, here are some of the basics about the challenges that plumbers have during their working. Also, above mentioned are the things that can make plumbers happier and more productive. So, as an employer you should keep them in mind.

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