Tips to fix water heater problems at home:

Just like other home appliances, water heaters are used regularly in our homes. We use water heaters to get warm water for different tasks, including cleaning, laundry, washing dishes, taking a bath, etc. Since you are using the water heater regularly, it isn’t uncommon for it to develop problems. At times, you don’t need to call for plumbing Tulsa services. Instead, you can troubleshoot and fix your water heater problems yourself.

However, you must contact the best plumbing Tulsa service for technical water heater problems. So that professional Plumbers Tulsa can fix the issue quickly and effectively.

How to fix water heater problems at home?

Here we have compiled a list of situations with effective tips to fix your water heater problems at home.

So, here we go:

Not getting hot water anywhere in the house, you can call us for plumbing Tulsa services!

Not having hot water throughout your house is one of the most common complaints of water heaters. This may occur because your electric heating element or gas burner isn’t working. Check every fixture and faucet to ensure your entire house isn’t getting hot water.
Now check the TP relief valve of your heater and the outlet pipe for hot water above your water heater. If it’s warm, it means your water heater is working. However, the hot water may get blocked between the fixtures and the water heater. So, you need to fix that.

If the TP relief valve and the outlet pipes are cold, different problems may have stopped the warm water production in your water heater.

In gas heaters, it can be because of a malfunctioning gas valve, blown-out pilot light, or due to a damaged thermocouple. You can purchase and replace these components easy to fix the problem.

For electric water heaters, check the heater breaker. You can also reset your water heater’s high-temperature limit to fix the problem.
Lower water supply from water heater

Are you running out of warm water in your house too soon? This may be because of a cracked dip tube. A dip tube is aimed at pushing cold water at the water tank’s base for heating. Any crack in the dip tube can lead to an incoming cold-water supply near the middle or top of the tank.

Consequently, the supply of warm water will be disrupted. The water heater will send cold water from the tank’s top to your showers and faucets. You can fix this water heater problem by replacing the dip tube of the system.

The process of replacing the water heater’s dip tube is a bit technical. Therefore, you should prefer hiring a plumbing Tulsa service for help.

Slow water supply from water heater

You get hot water from your heater constantly but with lower pressure. This is a warning sign of excess sodium buildup in the water tank of the water heater. Minerals will start to accumulate in the base of the water tank when the heater reaches its life cycle’s middle. With the continuous accumulation of minerals in the water tank’s base, there will be less water storage space.

Deep cleaning your water tank is the key to resolving this problem. Deep cleaning of the water tank will remove excess minerals. Consequently, you will have a clean and proper hot water supply throughout the house.

Discolored water from the water heater

Water from your heater must be clean and clear. However, if you have experienced any water discoloration, this may be because of deterioration in your water tank. This problem can also occur because of the deterioration of your water heater’s anode rod.
Fortunately, you can fix the problem of water discoloration if you have caught the problem earlier. You can remove and replace the anode rod of your water heater to fix the issue.

Damaged or loose in-line water heater valve, call us for best plumbing Tulsa services!

Unlike a leakage in your water heater’s bottom, any leak from the top of your heater is easier to fix. A damaged or loose in-line valve is one of the most common causes of leakage in the water heater. You can find this valve at your water tank’s top. This valve helps to open and shut the flow of water.

If water leakage occurs from this place, you can secure the nut holding the ball to fix this issue. Also, you can check if the in-line valve is tightly secured or not. If the leakage becomes severe after tightening the valve, then replacing your in-line valve is the best bet.

Visit any of your nearer hardware stores to get an in-line valve. Replace the existing in-line water heater valve to eliminate the leakage problem. These are easily available even in small hardware stores. Invest in a quality valve to make it last longer.

The damaged or broken pressure relief valve, call us for best plumbing Tulsa services!

There are water heaters that have pressure relief valves in them. These valves release pressure from the water tank when it gets very high. If your water heater’s pressure relief valve is leaked, it’s better to replace it as soon as possible. Fortunately, replacing your water heater’s pressure valve doesn’t require any technical skills. You can buy it from the nearer hardware store and replace it on your own.
Takes longer to produce hot water

Does your water heater take too long to produce hot water? It shouldn’t take more than a few moments to supply hot water. A longer time to produce hot water means your burner orifice has been contaminated. Also, the supply of water may be low to the water heater. You can fix the water supply problem by increasing gas pressure. However, to clean burner orifice contamination, you must hire the best plumbers Tulsa.

Final thoughts

Sometimes you can repair your water heater problem without calling professional plumbing Tulsa services. If you are dealing with any water heater problems mentioned above, try to fix these at home. However, if your water heater has a serious problem, it’s always wise to call the best plumbing Tulsa. They usually have a team of professional and trained plumbers Tulsa who can find the root cause of the problem. Consequently, they can fix the water heater problem better.