The owner of Plumbing Tulsa is Ricky Brett Hudson and he has strict values. If you can explore a career in 1990 and he had a growing family and needed a good-paying job. So he began working at Roto-Rooter and his first month was a disaster. As a beginner, he had gotten his hand tangled up and sewer cable and on other occasions broken toilets. Discouraged, he had a friend who had been in the plumbing business for a long time and saw his counsel. His friend told him to stick to it for a while before he decided to throw in the towel. After he spent a little bit longer on the job, he normally enjoyed doing it, but he looks forward to coming to work each day and meeting new people. He grew in wisdom and knowledge and plumbing and found satisfaction in fiction class polish. And do the completion and great delight to him. He had worked diligently for nearly 2 1/2 years before trying his hands and construction work.
Plumbing Tulsa has been there before with the owner. Many customers had children whenever he would go to their homes and he wanted to make sure that he enjoyed chatting with the kids and telling jokes and would let them know that they were important in life. This gave customers the comfort and knowledge that their children around did not cause a bother. After living in Kentucky, the owner had learned that his health was failing and decided to move back to Oklahoma so their children had time at the grand for the page his father was important to him so he wanted to make sure that Kenzie spent time with this ad. During this time, he supervised the position of local businesses that was offered to him. He went ahead and accepted it. In this position he had a team of 15 plumbers. Enjoy helping them with new jobs and providing them with all the things that they would need. He’s been five years helping licensed plumbers, troubleshoot problems and become the best that they
By choosing Plumbing Tulsa you know that you were going to get a good company that is worth its value. You do not have to worry about a company screwing you over when you have faith base values like us. We are a Christian company based upon Christian values and dedicate our guests to certain families and people that we come in contact with every day. Learning how to best solve our customer’s problems and make sure that they are taken care of leaving them happy and satisfied.
That is why we are happy to share our values with people because we want them to make sure that the company they are choosing is going to be faith-based like us. Because being faith-based means that you are loving the Lord, and you will continue to grow in him in your faith and in your business. And we want to make sure that we are able to have the people to take care of them.
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Plumbing Tulsa | Faith

Our company, Plumbing Tulsa definitely thinks that our faith is important in our lives. I wanna make sure the customers know that everything we do is going to be faith based on everything we do. Whether it’s something a problem or if they want to have something with their kids where they need to have them come in while they are working on something that we make sure the kids are not an issue. We love children and we wanna make sure that we care for them. We want to make sure that every day we are striving to go in and out, and do better for people that do better for us. We will always make sure that we serve the Lord and everything that we do.
Plumbing Tulsa we started in 2017 by licensed plumber Ricky Brett Hudson he started our company with $13,000. According to a business expert, he needed $100,000 for a new business to be successful and not fail. But Ricky‘s faith in God, and he knew nothing was going to be impossible for him. He did use the skills to fix problems before and bless those with no financial means to pay for a plumber. Do you want to use the skills to bless, even if it means losing a profit? one of his first customers was a woman who told you to repair our house for $1700 and a company called her that price but she only had 800 to spend. She had reached out to our company and we took the job. Ricky’s sons came along and voluntarily helped. The lady was very happy with his service.
Our company Was never the same after that. Plumbing Tulsa I don’t know went and bought a van and the equipment that was needed for $13,000 and today serving Tulsa and surrounding communities with exceptional plumbing service offering all sorts of things from commercial to residential and we are certified and trained plumbers and toss. It is a Christian-based company. We wanna make sure that we are happy to work with our customers and love to enjoy and make sure that we are providing the right people for them.
We are happy to announce her face of the world, knowing that everybody is going to start using it because we were leaving out and we wanna make sure that we can take everybody to church with us and we wanna make sure that they are safe as well so we will continue to serve the Lord our God in by helping everyone out with their plumbing systems, and with helping them with their plumbing system, we will invite them to church.
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