When should I replace my water line?

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Generally, water lines should be replaced every two to five years. But this depends on the type of materials that were used to construct it. Ask the homeowners’ insurance agent to give you a quote on replacement costs. It’s ideal to call in a licensed plumber who has experience with your area’s plumbing system. Water lines tend to fail over time and can weaken the house’s foundation. When installing your new water heating and distribution system, you should also consider replacing the main water line, in order to avoid possible leaks and damage to your pipes. In many areas, a water line is under constant pressure; even if it doesn’t seem to be leaking, this constant force will wear down old lines by causing them to crack or corrode. Replacing a damaged main water line is a relatively simple job that can be done by most homeowners without professional help.

If your main water line is cracked or broken, there are several options to replace it. This type of leak can waste countless amounts of water and cause major problems for your home. The best course of action is to replace the leaky pipe as soon as possible.

How do we determine if we should replace our waterline?

The most common signs that you should consider replacement of a water line include a winter freeze, leaking or failing quality of the supply and low pressure, as well as general wear and tear over time.

Here we will share some of the reasons why you should replace your water line

Your mainline appears rusty or corroded 

if your main line has turned rusty, we recommend you should change it because of this reason. Another reason why you should replace your waterline is that there are other major issues that arise that may cause other problems such as leaking lines dropping water pressure on your property, or a city inspector or technician will not be able to inspect or fix any problem unless they have access to clear pipe.

Since rust and corrosion are the number one enemy of your water line, simply changing out your water line may not be enough. You’ll want to call a plumber who is familiar with the best approach to replacing this critical part of your plumbing system. Learn why we are really good for Plumbing Tulsa solutions!

The last thing you should do when facing a problem with your water lines is to determine if they are the cause of your issue. If there’s only a dull thud, then it could be that for some reason that particular line isn’t working properly.

Your water line is leaking

Water leaks are a major issue for homeowners and fixing them the first time may save you thousands of dollars in repairs. If you find a leak, don’t wait to call a plumber. Here’s what to do ?

  • Check the meter and be sure it’s working properly.
  • Remove the stove or dishwasher and any other appliances close to the source of the leak, so they don’t distract you from finding the leak.
  • Turn off water at the main shut-off valve with a simple pair of screwdrivers if possible or close all faucets as far as possible without causing damage (without letting anyone else use your pipes.)
  • Turn on every sprayer head and flush all toilets for 15 seconds with three gallons of bleach followed by three gallons of water (or replace bleach with an approved drinking water-safe product.
  • Put on rubber gloves and pull out any possible lines that could be leaking water

If you are unable to do that then we recommend calling a professional plumber. Or hire any plumbing company near you, as you lived in Tulsa you should choose the best Plumbing Company in Tulsa.

Rising the water bill 

When your water bills increase due to a leak or break in a line call a plumber. If the problem is related to the actual pipes themselves, rather than something else inside the house, you can probably save money by repairing them yourself. However, if you have an aging line and need replacing or you suspect a problem with a new pipeline in your area, it’s best to call qualified plumbing professionals.

If your water line is too old, we recommend you replace your water line to decrease your utility bills

What is the best time to replace my water line?

The best time to replace your main water line is when it has reached the end of its lifespan. Signs of damaged pipes includes hard water or water flowing through your pipe at a high rate.

Replace your water line when there are signs of leaks, such as rust bubbles, mold, or discoloration from iron. Water lines tend to rust over time, eventually cracking and leaking. If they start leaking it is common practice to replace the entire line.

What are the benefits of replacing an old waterline with a new one

A benefit of replacing your old main water line with a new one removes any defects in the pipe. Another advantage to having a new line is that it will last longer than a worn-out old one.

Now you can decide whether you have to repair or replace your main water line. We will recommend you hire any professional company in Tulsa if you currently living in Tulsa.  Need a Plumbing Tulsa team? Call us today for great results!

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