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A water tank is a container for storing water. The need for a water tank is as old as civilized man, providing storage of water for drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming, both for plants and livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other applications. Water tank parameters include the general design of the tank, and choice of construction materials. Various materials are used for making a water tank: plastics, fiberglass, concrete, stone, steel, Earthen ponds function as water storage.

Advantages of Water Tanks

In times of emergency

Most of the time, people are unaware of a drought until it has already engulfed them in a wave of water shortages. When this happens, water tanks can be useful. Having a full water tank will enable you have a steady supply of water for your unavoidable needs during this tragic disaster. You won’t have to worry about running out of water during these types of droughts since water that has been kept in these storage tanks will take care of the problem. These tanks’ water can be cleaned and used for a variety of things.

Irrigating Farmlands

Farmers must cultivate a variety of crops year-round in order to survive and live a full life. Most of them simply wait for rain so that their crops can grow and produce a bountiful harvest. Irrigating a farm truly uses a large amount of water.

If you can collect runoffs from your structures’ roofs and use them to store rainwater, you can significantly reduce your spending. With these tanks, runoff water that would normally slide off your roof and end up on the ground may instead be collected and saved to later be used to irrigate your crops. So if Whether you have a little or large farm, you don’t need to wait for rain to perform your farming.

The non-drinking Utilities

It is not a must you store water for consumption purposes only. The stored water can be used for washing clothes, watering the lawn, cleaning toilets, turning your home spotless by doing some cleaning, and so on. Water in these tanks are not for drinking purposes only. It can also be used for other different duties as well. Most plumbers

recommend you go for a tank that can’t wear down or adulterate all the water it holds.

Tanks for Water Storage: Common Issues

  • Sediment buildup in the storage tank
  • Tank fitting leaks or damaged fill/discharge
  • Animal carcasses in the storage tank; tank tipping over or sinking; green or black algae forming in the storage tank
  • Tanks with bullet holes for
  • Damage from fire to storage tanks

How to Choose the Right Water Storage Tank

Where the Water Storage Tank Is Located

Your options will depend on where you plan to put the water storage containers. It also decides whether you require a foundation and whether any further tank-related preparations are necessary. Need a reliable plumbing Tulsa team? Call us today!

Which Type of Material Prefer

The type of material is another factor to take into account while selecting water storage tanks.

  • Steel tanks offer large capacities with a quick installation process, making them among of the most cost-effective choices.


Another excellent option is fiberglass if you want something robust. Additionally, it has the benefit of being lightweight.

They are easy to install, and unlike other materials, they won’t corrode or rust. There are more size restrictions because they are shop-built.

  • plastic or polyethylene. Since it is lightweight, moving it to another location and installing it again is It doesn’t require a foundation, and leaks are typically not an issue.

How much water storage do you need

Calculate how much water you will consume and need. Since you don’t want to go overboard or underestimate your needs, this requires skilled preparation. Speak with a specialist if you have any questions.

The specific gravity weight should be determined.

The ratio of a substance’s density to the density of a reference liquid is known as its specific gravity (SPG). Higher SPG is found in thicker tanks, which indicates they should be better able to support the weight of the liquid.

Preventive Maintenance Guide for Water Tanks

  1. Visual inspections must be

Visual inspection is one of the greatest preventive maintenance procedures for water tanks. You might wish to look for any evidence of damage or aging on the tank’s exterior and other parts. Need a great Plumbing Tulsa team? Call us today.

  1. Examine the plumbing parts

In order to ensure a consistent flow, input and output, and storage of the water, plumbing components like valves, pressure gauges, and pipelines that are all related to the tank must be inspected.

  1. Clean and Drain the Water Tank

Regularly draining the tank’s water is another recommendation for preventive maintenance of water tanks.

  1. Test operational procedures

In preventive maintenance, operational tests are crucial since they determine the state of the water tanks.Visual inspection is one of the greatest preventive maintenance procedures for water tanks. You might wish to look for any evidence of damage or aging on the tank’s exterior and other parts.

  1. Check the plumbing

Plumbing parts like valves, pressure gauges, and pipes that are all connected to the tank must be inspected in order to guarantee a constant flow of water and to ensure that it is being stored, input, and output, as well as input and output.

  1. Clean the water tank and drain

Another suggestion for preventive maintenance of water tanks is routine water draining.

  1. Try out the operational

Operational checks are essential for preventive maintenance since they reveal the condition of the water tanks.

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