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Top 10 common mistakes to avoid when trying to unclog a Toilet

Plumbing problems are very critical because they make the whole living place uncomfortable. The biggest issue in plumbing is clogging, which blocks the system and sends back the waste instead of going down. Clogging will lead to leakage of underground plumbing that also pollute fresh water.

Top 10 common mistakes to avoid while unclogging a toilet

Following are the mistakes that could be done while unclogging a toilet.

1.      Use of a variety of tools

The exhausting action of unclogging the blocked toilet can perform by using the correct tools advised by a professional.

Many people mistakenly do the mistake of not using the correct tools and prefer to use the following tools;

  • Leftovers (homemade tools) are used for unclogging, but these tools are not designed to do these, such as broken scales or bent sticks.
  • Other typically used chemical cleaners should not be used because they cannot completely degrade the clogging material; however, their excessive use will damage the toilet structure.

Using wrong-natured tools, such as pushing tools, instead capturing the clogging material to remove it.

2.      Apply homemade solutions

Another mistake that most people do, they apply homemade recovery techniques to unclog the toilet that, instead of facilitating, frustrates them and causes damage. Homemade solutions can also be applied but in case of minor clogging.

Homemade solutions include acid, chemical cleaners, and many other chemicals, knowing their side effects, used by people suffering from toilet clogging.

The chemicals are no doubt effective instantly but cause permanent damage to the internal sewage pipeline, which increases the plumbing issue instead of reducing it.

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3.      High pressure of water

Most people try to use high water pressure to unclog the blocked toilet because, traditionally, this method seems very effective because they do not know about its side effects.

But on a serious note, it’s not a better option to do anything by just trusting the saying of others without knowing all aspects of it, Similar to the case of toilet unclogging. Unclogging using high water pressure by a garden hose is unsafe for the underground sewage pipeline.

The main sewage pipeline, where more than one drain joins, gets stressed and damaged, which in turn starts leakage, and there is another increase of plumbing issues without removing the first one.

4.      Use of roughly designed and small-sized tools

When trying to unclog the toilet by them without consulting or hiring a professional plumbing team, most people use any of the roughly designed tools to push it down toward the sewage line. The action of pushing down will further block the pipeline.

Small-sized tools can only push the clogging material a little bit downward, so never advised to use them in case of serious clogging issues because sometimes the tool itself is left there, which creates another issue.

Hence it is always advised to use scum or any other tool specially designed to attract the clogging material instead of pushing it down.

5.      Use of low-quality plunger

Most people who know how to choose the correct sized and functioning tool do not choose the good quality, making unclogging difficult. For example, people mostly choose low or medium-quality plungers to unclog the toilet, which sometimes break and cuts the pipes that, cause leakage.

People mostly use plungers quickly, which is not the right way because it splashes out some material and some down the drain, which is messy and irritating.

Professionals always advise using a sink plunger by properly sealing it to the toilet exit and moving it up and down to break the clog completely.

6.      Incorrect use of drain snake

Another mistake users make while clogging off the toilet is using a drain snake incorrectly. A drain snake is larger in length and has a drilling machine for gaining power, hence when used incorrectly or frequently causes problems, such as;

The plumbing, when getting the drain snake in their little capacity, feel the burden and pressure on them, so they collapse or become damaged from the inside and start leaking.

When it passes through the pipes designed to pass water, the drilling power machine only causes major damage to the plumbing lining, so badly damage it creates future difficulties.

7.      Not clogging of sewage pipeline.

Do not clog off hard.

Most homeowners seemed that if they used hard tools fastly, the clog would break, and the problem would be solved. However, this does not happen because hard tools before breaking the clog break the pipes internally, and leakage will start.

10.  Clogging of unprofessionally

The major mistake is clogging off the toilet by you unprofessionally.

Clogging off the toilet, traditionally and unprofessionally, is the biggest mistake that should be avoided.

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