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Tips for maintaining and cleaning a septic tank

A septic tank is a system developed to treat domestic wastewater. This system is designed for small-scale treatment, such as one tank per house. All flushed solid and liquid material is collected in the septic tank for degradation. Bacteria and bacterial enzymes perform degradation.

Septic tank always needs to be maintained for better efficiency. Its maintenance involves maintaining the balance of degrading bacteria, enzymes, and, most importantly, cleanliness.

Tips for maintenance and cleanliness of the septic tank

The better efficiency of a septic tank depends on its maintenance and cleanliness. Following are the tips for maintaining and cleaning the wastewater treatment plant.

Maintain microbial balance

There are many essential microbes present inside the septic tank. They are naturally occurring and responsible for the better efficiency of the tank. That’s why maintaining the proper balance of microbial community helps maintain the septic treatment plant.

Among the microbes, bacteria are more abundant because they are involved in degrading organic waste. That’s why it is important to maintain the appropriate bacterial quantity inside the septic tank. Bacterial balance could be maintained by;

  • Routine cleaning of septic tank
  • Avoiding the use of non-biodegradable cleaning chemicals, which are harmful to the life of bacterial communities inside the tank.
  • Avoiding excessive use of Intensive anti-bacterial soaps that could hurt beneficial bacteria.

Using a normal amount of water for flushing because excess water will imbalance the ecosystem of microbes.

Frequent pumping of septic tank

Maintenance of septic tanks also depends upon the capacity of the tank to accumulate wastewater. This is because capacity decides how frequently pumping is needed. If the tank is small, it needs to be pumped more frequently for the smooth flow of flushed waste.

Similarly, if the tank is connected to more than one house, it must be pumped to stop water from destroying the microbial environment.

  • Pumping a septic tank is not routine; instead, it is performed yearly.
  • Professionals pump septic treatment plants by estimating the thickness of solid waste on the bottom of the tank.

Pumping will clear out all degraded solid and excessive liquid waste and restore its efficiency to treat wastewater smoothly.

Keep the tank lid closed and accessible.

It is very important to keep the septic tank clean by stop entering direct dust or garbage from outside. Garbage disposal from outside will completely change the internal environment and block the tank. A tightly closed lid will keep another type of waste away from the tank.

A closed lid will stop the garbage disposal and keep the inner environment controlled and appropriate for the essential bacteria. In this way, a closed lid will keep the septic tank maintained and clean.

Another important tip is to keep the lid accessible so that it becomes easy to open during maintenance. An easily accessible lid will make easy both routine and yearly maintenance. It is a minor but very important and simple way to clean and maintain the septic tank.


Landscaping plays an important role in maintaining and cleaning septic tanks in different ways, such as;

  • Landscaping will be the best source of carbon fixation around the treatment plants, providing oxygen to the inside bacteria and keeping them alive for a longer time. The more the microbes survive, they will keep the system maintained and clean.
  • Landscaping, such as grasses and large plants, will cover the septic tank from the outside and save them from direct garbage disposal. Hence the attractive plants keep the septic tank safe and clean from the outside.

Appropriate use of water

It is important to observe the water utilization for flushing, bathing, and cleaning.

  • Replacing old toilets with efficient ones that can flush appropriately with less water. This replacement could keep the septic system clean and maintained by keeping the internal water balance appropriate.
  • Using restricted showerheads and faucets with obstructed water flow could maintain a septic tank by reducing water flow.

Stop disposing of garbage.

The practice of not throwing garbage into the septic tank will keep it clean and maintained. Everyone must know that septic tanks are only for domestic waste collection and treatment. Never dispose of paper towels, diapers, cooking waste, grease, and pharmaceuticals in the septic system.

This practice will avoid the making of a scum layer. Solid waste, when accumulated, causes flooding of the septic tank. That’s why the practice of not throwing garbage into the septic tank will keep it running for a longer time with efficient performance.

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Avoid using harsh cleaners.

Flushing chemicals or toxins from toilet or bathroom cleaners will also harm the septic system. The chemicals will badly affect microbial life, which is very important in wastewater treatment with solid waste degradation

The practice of not using harsh chemicals or cleaners will keep the septic tanks maintained by providing the microbes with an appropriate environment.

Remove contaminants from the septic tank liquid.

Septic tank maintenance requires a fully developed septic system containing a drain field.

Hence maintaining the drain field along with the tank will keep the whole septic system smooth and efficient.

Final Remarks:

Septic tank needs to be maintained for wastewater treatment and organic waste degradation. Maintenance and cleaning depend upon water usage, tank size, flushing material, and, most importantly, the microbes.

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