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Most Common Plumbing Problems

Issues with the plumbing in your home are something you should prepare for. Some issues might be attributed to the natural deterioration of plumbing fixtures or the usage and abuse of older plumbing systems, while others can be traced back to improper maintenance or operation.

Whether large or small, at AS Plumbing we’re the best plumbers Tulsa we’ve seen it all and fixed it all. See the most typical problems fixed by our licensed plumbers and their typical causes below.

  • Running Toilet

A running toilet is like a leaky faucet but much more wasteful. When will things get as awful as they possibly can? To be fair, even a low-flow toilet can waste 20 to 50 gallons of water daily. A running bidet can waste as much as a dozen tons of water each month, which is more than a medium-sized toilet can flush down the drain. If you are unable to stop the running of your toilet by jiggling the handle quickly, it may be time to call a plumber, and if you’re thinking of calling a plumber, you know we’re the best plumbers Tulsa. Visit Us Here.

A leaking flapper is one possible cause of a running toilet. This still results in water being wasted, but at a considerably lower rate.

A plumber can help you out in any instance. The toilet will run irregularly for only a few seconds at a time. It happens for a true reason most of the time, though: a worn-out stopper. When replacing a toilet, it is recommended that the inner workings be changed out as well. Thus, you can avoid scheduling two separate service calls in fast succession.

Leaking Taps

While this isn’t a significant problem, it is one that we frequently see and fix as the plumbers. The majority of faucet leaks are easily remedied by replacing the washer or retightening the tap. However, there are times when a new tap is preferable to the old one. A leaking tap is not dangerous and probably doesn’t need immediate care, but you should have it fixed as soon as possible.

Water loss due to a dripping faucet is a real issue, and if you have a water meter, it could lead to a higher water bill if you do not have it repaired.

But the major problem with a leaky tap is that it is bothersome, especially if your bedroom is adjacent to the bathroom where the leak is.

If you have a leaking tap and don’t feel comfortable repairing it yourself, we recommend finding a reliable plumber. Click Here for the best plumber Tulsa. Unfortunately, we have seen numerous instances of poorly executed do-it-yourself tap repairs that ended up making the problem worse.

Boiler Breakdowns

An inoperable boiler is a regular reason for our emergency calls. Since most of the year, homeowners rely on their heating systems, a malfunctioning boiler can be a scary prospect. However, we notice a pattern in the frequency with which boilers break down. Most of them are either quite old or haven’t been maintained in a long time. This isn’t to claim that all broken boilers are old or haven’t been serviced regularly. We have been asked to check on and fix some rather cutting-edge systems, but the vast majority of the time the problem is with something older, like a boiler that just needs some TLC.

Main Water Line Break or Leak

A water main break can be either an isolated incident or a widespread problem. One such problem is a malfunction in the public delivery system. Second, there is always the risk that your home’s water supply will be interrupted because of a faulty connection to the public main.

If the former is true, then you have no business worrying about it. Fixing that falls under the purview of the local government where you currently reside. You must take duty for the latter. There is nothing more stunning and terrifying than a burst water main. They necessitate extensive maintenance and heavy machinery to repair and frequently necessitate digging up your land. They are not projects for amateurs and require the assistance of top experts. Give us a call,  or visit AS Plumbing for best plumbers Tulsa.

Problems with the main water supply are the most difficult tasks ever faced by a plumber. Perhaps you should upgrade your home’s plumbing to modern, durable pipes if the originals are decades old. In any case, a licensed plumber will be able to give you guidance.

Low Water Pressure

A sign of low water pressure is water that trickles rather than gush when you turn on the tap. This occurs frequently in residences that are more than a few decades old. Numerous factors might lead to low water pressure, but broken, old, or corroded pipes are frequently to blame.

If you’re experiencing low water pressure in the shower, it’s likely due to silt and mineral deposits that have built up on the aerators. An aerator can be cleaned by soaking it in vinegar. There are two solutions to this problem: soak the showerhead in vinegar or buy a new one.

What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

Keep calm and carry on. You should do what you can to figure out what caused the emergency. You should try to stop the water flow as much as possible using towels, sheets, or other absorbent items and then call in the pros. As soon as an emergency arises, time becomes essential. Don’t put it off any longer than necessary.

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