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How Important is Friendliness in Customer Service? Do Customers Like This & Why?

Customer service is the act of assisting and advising customers with anything they want from your company. When it comes to business growth, good customer service matters a lot because it makes customers feel valued. For example, if someone goes into a store and no one greats or deals, then with the right tone, they may not feel like visiting that place ever again.

What is the importance of friendliness in customer service?

Not only is good customer service important, but maintaining a friendly attitude and welcoming tone is also very important. Here are a few reasons why:

1.      Friendliness makes customers feel good, and they are more likely to become your returning customer.

Keeping your customer service friendly will make the customers feel welcomed, and they will feel more valued. What this does is that customers will remember how well your business treated them, and whenever they need the same services or products again, they will opt for your business.

In this way, you will have gained a returning customer simply by treating them with friendliness. You can achieve this by doing as little as keeping a positive tone when speaking with a customer or in their language.

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2.      Through friendly customer service, you can bridge the technical communication gap.

There is always a communication gap between customers and professionals in technical service-based businesses. Filling in this gap is extremely important to offer customer satisfaction and achieve great efficiency for every job. The most effective way to bridge the gap is by maintaining friendliness in customer service.

When you are friendly with the customers, you communicate with them on the same level. Thus, customers can explain their issues in a much better way.

3.      Making your services feel more approachable can make customers comfortable with asking more.

Customers are usually looking for more than what they ask for. For instance, when visiting a store, a customer only asks you about one specific thing. If you offer them other additional items they may feel relevant, they may buy because, most of the time, customers are looking to buy more things.

The key to success here is making your business feel more approachable to the customers so they ask about everything they need. Similarly, your business professionals must explain all the information to the customers if they need that product/service.

4.      When treated with friendliness, customers often give honest and positive feedback.

It is the era where everyone goes online to check past customer reviews about any product or service before getting it. The best way to improve your reviews and feedback is by treating customers with friendliness. When you do that, the customer will feel more welcomed and relevant to your business.

In such a state of mind about your business, when asked to leave feedback, most customers will be honest and positive about your business.

Note: That part about honesty solely relies on your service quality, and friendly customer service cannot do everything by itself.

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5.      You can attain a strong position in the market with a positive image.

Friendliness in customer service helps your business know what the customers want. Customers want to feel welcomed, their problems solved and greeted well in the best tone. Such minor things add a lot of value to their shopping experience.

You can achieve a higher position in the market by seeing what the customer wants and exactly treating them with that while adding more value with your friendliness. If training your employees seems difficult, try role-playing with your team, and they will surely improve on how to be friendly with customers.

6.      Friendly customer service improves loyalty and helps with word-of-mouth marketing.

A simple, friendly, and approachable attitude from your customer service employees can bring several passive benefits to the business. Customer loyalty is among the biggest ones, and word-of-mouth marketing for your business is another amazing benefit.

When a customer is loyal to your business because of quality standards and friendly service, chances are that they will recommend it to others when asked about the same services/products you are offering. It may help your business grow significantly.

Why do customers like friendly customer service?

Have you ever think why you need to maintain friendly customer service to help your business grow? Here are a few reasons why customers like friendly customer service more.

1.      Due to friendly customer service, customers can convey their message better.

Customers often find it difficult to convey their message or requirements to your business. Friendliness in your customer service will make you feel more approachable. Thus customers will find it comfortable to convey their message.

With the right message delivered, your business can serve them well, and thus their experience enhances. That’s why customers like friendly customer service.

2.      You make customers feel like it is your problem, and it makes them feel valued.

Dealing with customers friendly means showing them that their problem is treated like yours. A simple example of assistance for a plumbing emergency where your representative instructs them with all the tiny details shows how better customers feel when treated this way. They feel like they are valued more with all the attention provided.

3.      Customers love when you provide them with a personalized customer experience.

With friendliness, you can treat customers, providing them with a personalized experience. Adding little details for your customers can provide them with much better value than ever before.

4.      Through friendly customer service, you can tell customers when they are wrong.

A customer is right most of the time, but there are certain cases where they are wrong and need to be corrected. Friendly service is the only way a business can tell customers they are wrong without offending them. When you are friendly, customers will tend to listen to your logic with more attention.


Have you ever been to a store where you asked for assistance, and instead of welcoming you, they made you feel like an inconvenience? It is a prime example of unfriendly customer service, and if you want your business to achieve a higher position in the market, you must avoid doing such things at all costs.

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