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A complete guide on mistakes to avoid while installing drainage pipes in a New Washroom

You might think that installing drainage pipes in a new washroom won’t be a tough job. If you do any mistake while doing this job, the consequences will be quite frustrating. If you make any mistake while installing drainage pipes, you might have to redo your job.

Therefore, you will have to be careful with every step, so you don’t have to do any damage control work later.

Mistakes to avoid while installing drainage pipes in a new washroom.

There are a few mistakes that most people make while installing drainage pipes in a new washroom. Whether you are doing this for your washroom or it is your job, you need to avoid making the following mistakes:

1.      Applying too much force to tightening connections

While you are installing drainage pipes, never apply too much force. You might think that if you apply too much force to tighten connections, then you might cause damage to the pipes or the connections.

Make sure you apply the right force while tightening connections so you don’t have to replace any connections or the pipes later. Ensure that the fittings are snug, but they shouldn’t be too tight. The connections shouldn’t leak, so you must ensure that you tighten the connections perfectly.

2.      You haven’t done your homework

If you are unprepared and you are going to do the installation of a pipe drainage system, then you might end up making a major mistake. Therefore, whenever you are going to perform this task, then you should do your homework and take a start.

3.      The slope is either too high or too low.

The pipes have to be at the right angle because if the slope is too low, liquids will flow easily, but the solid waste might not flow properly. If the slope is too high, solid and liquid waste will not be able to find its way to the sewerage system.

Therefore, while measuring the angle and marking points for installing drainage pipes, remember that the slope has to be at a perfect angle. Otherwise, you will face many problems whenever you flush the waste.

4.      Without checking cracked and inappropriate pipe sizes

You must choose the pipes carefully. Pay attention to the pipe material; another important aspect is the pipe size. The size of pipes doesn’t have to be too small or too large either. They must be perfect so the waste will flow easily from the pipes.

The pipes shouldn’t have any cracks, and while you are installing the pipes, perform every single step carefully. If you cause any pipe cracks, the waste might start leaking from those cracks. Always buy quality pipes because they will last longer and not get cracked while installing them. Otherwise, the results might not satisfy you.

5.      Ventilation vents at the wrong point

Ventilation is quite an important aspect that you should pay attention to. If you make vents at the wrong point, then you might notice bad odors in your washroom all the time. Therefore, you must mark the right location in your washroom near the pipes where you will make vents so you don’t have to face any smelly situation.

6.      Zero space between pipes

While installing pipes, make sure you install them at a distance. Never install two pipes together without leaving any space. The reason behind this technique is that whenever anything happens to any pipe, then while repairing, you don’t cause any damage to the other pipe.

When installing the pipes, ensure that you leave enough space between them. So, you don’t face any problems in the future.

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7.      No protection against exposed piping

Never leave your pipes without covering them. There is a possibility that if you leave the pipes without any protection, then they might get damaged. Therefore, you can use tape and cover the pipes properly. Sometimes while washing the washroom, you hit the pipe with something that might cause a crack.

So, there are multiple reasons why you have to cover the pipes and keep them safe from getting damaged. Otherwise, you will have to replace they get cracked.

8.      Forgetting the traps while installing drainage pipes

You might have noticed the traps under the sinks. Those traps are there to save your washroom from bad odors. If you forget to install a trap, the bad odors from the sewerage will ruin your washroom. Your washroom will stink all the time.

Therefore, you must install a trap between your pipes, so you don’t face this situation in your washroom.

9.      Not turning off the main water source

Before installing drainage pipes in your new washroom, you should turn off the main water source. If you don’t do this, then get ready to have a flood in your washroom. So, the first thing you need to do is turn off the main water source. You can install the pipes at their location without facing any flood situations.

Otherwise, there is a possibility that if water is coming out from the connections, then you might not be able to install the pipe’s drainage system perfectly.

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10.  Installation of valves at an inaccessible point

So, the last mistake you must avoid making while installing drainage pipes is installing the valves at an accessible point. The person who won’t have access to the valve might face a problem. Therefore, you must remember these things while installing drainage pipes and valves.

The user should be able to access the valves without facing any problems. Most of the time, plumbers make such mistakes. So, this would be the last mistake on the list that you should avoid making. Otherwise, you have to redo your job.

Final Words

Now you know the mistakes you need to avoid if you install drainage pipes in a new washroom by yourself. Professional plumbers already follow the preventive measures, but if you do the drainage installation work all by yourself, then you should keep all the mistakes we have discussed above.

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