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Please read the following article to learn more about our services. What are the health risks associated with a bad plumbing system, and how to avoid them?

A sound plumbing system refers to how well the overall design within a house is through which the tap water (usually drinking water in some countries) and non-potable water are distributed via pipes usually of cross-linked polyethene (PEX) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). However, if the plumbing job is not done by professionals, and experts in the field, such as plumbers Tulsa, it can cause numerous inconveniences.

For starters, a lousy plumbing system can damage not only your house but your health as well. This is because wastewater from washing, showering, and toilets all contain harmful chemicals and other microorganisms like bacteria.

Health concerns with a flawed plumbing system

As specified earlier, wastewater from different sources in your house has pathogens, which could lead to numerous health problems; let us take a look at some of those health risks.

1.      Difficulty in breathing

One of the primary health concerns you and your family can experience if the plumbing system in your house is not done by plumbers Tulsa is your plumbing pipes getting leaked in no time. With that said, in a place where there’s water, even very little for an extended period, algae and mold (fungus) grow.

Microorganisms such as algae and mold can cause different health problems, such as headache, fatigue, and, most importantly, respiratory issues. In many cases, the decay gets into the environment through leaky pipes; it can cause people to have different allergies, such as coughing, sneezing, and other skin issues.

All these diseases can cause severe health damage to you, particularly if you have a weak immune system. Remember that mold can grow into tiny spaces as well, and sometimes it is not visible, for example, if it is behind the walls of your house, washroom, or sink flooring.

It is why it is recommended you should hire plumbers from the best plumbing Tulsa to get your plumbing system checked every once or twice a month to find if there are any leaks within the pipes.

2.      Attract other harmful insects and pests

Another major problem that can occur if the plumbing system within your house is not sound is clogged drains. One of the standard systems of clogged systems is when you see the wastewater not draining as it used to be. Blocked drains can accumulate dirt and other things such as hair and food residue.

Food residues can attract numerous insects, like cockroaches, and flies, which are carriers of different diseases. All this can cause serious health issues, as you do not know what diseases these insects might carry.

Moreover, clogged drains also result in stagnant water, which also causes a foul odor. Conditions like these become a breeding ground for numerous insects, such as mosquitoes.

Different breeds of mosquitoes, such as the Aedes mosquito, which is responsible for spreading the dengue virus needs, still need fresh water to thrive, and clogged drains provide just this.

Dengue is a deadly disease that can lower your body’s overall count of platelets. Hence, if you do not want to be infected with dengue and other harmful conditions, clean your clogged drains, so the wastewater gets drained on time.

While cleaning the clogged drains yourself is easy, contacting plumbing Tulsa can save you from the hassle and help you identify the root cause of the blocked drains.

3.      Rusty water

Pipes made of lead and other equipment installed within the plumbing system become rusty over time, especially when there is a leak. It is because leaked pipes attract more oxygen, and more oxygen plus a lot of water inside the lines speed up the rusting process.

Some severe conditions that rusty drinking water can cause are:

Hepatitis – This happens when pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and other external microorganisms (potentially the bad ones) enter the bloodstream and attack the liver.

E-coli – When harmful bacteria, such as E-coli enters your intestines, it can cause severe diarrhea, vomiting, and feeling of nausea.

Other diseases rusty water can cause

Other diseases rusty water can cause are:

  • Weak immune system.
  • Lung or nose irritation due to pungent smell from rustiness.
  • Breathing problems such as wheezing, etc.
  • Inflammation of intestines and stomach lining.

How to avoid these health risks associated with a bad plumbing system

Not all people are lucky enough to find a good plumber that can help them. That’s why we have great plumbing services to help you! Avoid problems by the following these simple steps:

Hiring professional plumbers

Contacting Tulsa plumbers to get your plumbing system checked for leaky pipes, distressed sewage system, or even laying out the foundation is one of the best ways to ensure you have a healthy and adequately functional drainage system. All the work done by plumbing Tulsa is professional as the staff is highly knowledgeable and experienced within the field.

One of many great companies we’ve had the pleasure of serving is making a difference in the Tulsa and surrounding areas. Visit their website: Paul Davis Corporate – Restoration and Emergency Service Provider.

Clean the leftovers before washing your dishes

One of the primary reasons why clogged drains occur is that people wash their dishes without cleaning the food residue and leftovers. When these leftovers get in the sink, they stop the water flow and cause numerous inconveniences. Hence, to avoid this, separate the food residue from your plates and spoons before washing them.

Ensuring the faucets and pipes are of good quality

Most old faucets and pipes contain lead that can cause serious health issues. Get the latest taps and pipes of good quality to avoid rusty pipes.


A sound plumbing system can save you a ton of hassle in terms of money and health. Have your system inspected by a professional plumber. They will help you identify seen and unseen problems. Plus, it would also help you maintain your overall plumbing design.

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