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How to Graciously Let a Bad Employee Go and How to Not Fire an Employee

If we live in an ideal world, no one should ever be fired. But in reality, even in a well-organized and extensive hiring process, we can never tell if some of the hired employees can be fired for various reasons, such as incompetence, unproductive attitude or poor performance.

Managers agree that this is the part they do not enjoy. It is difficult and stressful to fire employees, not less than is for the employees that have to be fired. But this is necessary process in some kind of situations. If a manager needs to terminate an employee in a positive note, necessary is to have empathy and tact.

Managers must terminate an employee in a good manner is not about manager’s or company’s feelings. If the former employee is frustrated and thinks he is treated unfairly, he or she can make bad reviews for the company and for the manager. This will affect the reputation and will lower the pool of potential candidates for the company.

Part of the managers handle with firings by their common sense, and use emotional intelligence to go easily through this inconvenient talk. But if the manager can not proceed with the firing in a tactful way, he should follow some of the recommendations to lead to the desired result.

  1. Manager must communicate about the problems of performance

Firings due to poor performance should not be reason for firing. Manager must spot the weak performers early and to give a chance for productivity improvement. Managers must be sure that they must understand the responsibilities and KPI, and explain them again, if this is necessary.

Managers must warn this employee that his performance is monitored and detected as problematic. Manager must make a performance review of the data for the employee before proceeding with firing. He must look for ways to improve performance of the employee and to avoid firing. He also can try to figure out how to eliminate the reasons for low performance. For example, if he approve an additional leave for solving personal problems, can help in solving issues at work. Other option can be transfer to other position or other department which will fit the employees’ abilities more.

Also, discussion for the performance problems must be made in person and between the manager and employee only. If the feedback for work performance is negative should be treated as confidential. Before manager makes a decision to fire some employee, he must be sure that the employee was properly warned by oral and written means.

  1. Manager must be sure that he is acting legally

Firstly, the manager have to check the contract signed with the employee and then to proceed with the decision of firing and making a termination date. The manager can not fire the employee for reasons which is not listed there, so the decision must match with one or more reasons in the contract. Also, the manager must check if the firing process comply with state labor laws.

There are several other matters to pay attention and may seem to be obvious, manager must not fire an employee when he is taking a medical leave, must not fire whilst personally mismatch or because of discrimination. The manager must consult with a lawyer before making this decision. This is the reason why bigger companies have a lawyer in their managerial team.

  1. Manager must organize a one-to-one meeting to tell the employee the decision

If the employee was warned several times before, and the manager decided to terminate the contract, the only way to tell about this decision by one-on-one meeting. Any other means like email, call or letter do not work properly, the manager must tell personally about the decision. If the manager do not do this, the employee will feel like blindsided and will not trust to this company anymore.

Manager must not go and have a long talk before the act of firing, and has to communicate the reason or reasons why he/she gets fired. While they hear the message, manager must keep in mind that the employee will make different interpretation afterwards.

Managers must be aware of every word they say, because after termination the employee can make lawsuit. So the manager must have a person (ideally from the HR department, or any other employee which is engaged in the HR) as a “witness” if some legal prosecutions follows – just to confirm that the act of firing was legal and ethical.

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  1. Put the firing in a tactful manner

When the manager want to choose the right words, put the words in a non-personal manner. The sentences can be formed in this way: “We are a company and our needs are X, and your performance is more like Y, so your performance do not match our needs and we do not have opportunity for you as you can not show your best work in this company”.

If the manager have to fire a employee with a very poor performance and with bad attitude, he has to be direct about the causes. If the performance problems which are needed to be pointed out and fixed, manager will not be helpful to the employee, maybe not for this position (which he lost) but for further positions.

There is a border between direct and rude. So, manager must be direct without being disrespectful, make the talk as a need for correction.

All cases when the manager needs to fire some employee are slightly awkward. I hope that this article will help the managers to prepare for these kind of situations.

There are also many other information online which are adjusted for the specific situation. The most important part is not to feel intimidated by the employee and if so, must ask for the HR or legal employee to be present during the meeting for firing. This is only to be sure that no legal problems will occur after firing the employee. Seeking an exceptional Tulsa water heater repair near me or a top notch plumbing Tulsa team? Call our staff today!

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