Finding plumbing Tulsa services just got a whole lot easier for you. How to know if your plumbing is bad?

Bad plumbing is among the worst things that can happen to your home. Bad plumbing has several drawbacks, with the biggest one being that it is completely silent, and you only get to know about it when something bad happens. However, there are a few signs that you can check to see if you need to call our best plumbing Tulsa services or not.

Here we will discuss all of those signs so that it is easier for you to check if your plumbing is bad or not.

Top 9 signs that tell that your plumbing is bad

The following are the top 9 signs that tell you that your plumbing is bad. So, if you feel like there is any one of these at your place, call our best plumbing Tulsa services to resolve the issue before something worse happens.

1.      The water at your place is discolored.

The first sign of bad plumbing at your home is discolored water. In most cases, you may not find a difference when looking at the running water. So, get a clean white container and fill it up with water. If you have any issues at your place, the water will come out in the following colors:

  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Green

These colors indicate corrosion in your pipes, and such pipes can also leak or burst at any time. The colors also tell about the condition of rusting inside your plumbing pipes.

2.      There is a foul smell in your house.

Feeling a foul smell in your home when there is nothing present that may cause a smell means that there are some issues with the plumbing at your home. Your foul smell will be similar to human excrement, sulfur, or rotten eggs, indicating that the sewer gas is getting inside your home through the plumbing pipes.

If you get a smell that is more like sulfur and rotten eggs, it may indicate leakage in the gas pipelines at your home.

3.      Low water pressure

Low water pressure at your home also means it is time to call plumbers Tulsa for their professional services. It is because a low pressure is an indication of plumbing issues at your place. Low water pressure all over the home can indicate leakage in the main line.

If you have low pressure only in some areas of your home, then you need to get those areas checked by the plumbing Tulsa professionals. Low pressure does not always indicate a leak, as it can signify corrosion and mineral buildup inside your plumbing pipes.

4.      Drains taking longer than usual

Just like your inlet pressure/speed tells you if there is a need to call plumbers Tulsa or not, the drains also tell you the same. The issues with a drain usually start with it taking longer than usual. It is just the beginning of the clog inside the pipeline.

As it continues, your drain will come to a point where the water will not drain anymore. A slow draining bathtub, main drain, or shower shows that the plumbing at your home is bad, and the drain line needs to be cleared out.

5.      Your paint or wallpaper is showing some damage.

The issues with plumbing at your home will not always be related to the flow of water. Sometimes the damage on your walls can show signs of plumbing issues in your home. The most common signs that you can take to call plumbing Tulsa professionals is seeing discoloration or deteriorating paint on your walls.

These signs can also be seen on the wallpapers. If you have some water leaks in the plumbing, you will get the following visual signs:

  • Dark rings on paint
  • Brown or black spots
  • Bubbling of paint or wallpaper
  • Peeling of paint or wallpaper

6.      Unreal water bills with the same usual water consumption

Are you using the same amount of water, but your water bill shows a significant increase? It can be an indication of bad plumbing at your home. It happens when there are some leaks that you cannot see. Those leaks keep drawing some amount of water you are not using, which adds to your water bill.

7.      Damp floors

Places where the plumbing pipes are going under the surface of the ground often have damp floors when the plumbing goes bad. So, if you see water signs on the carpet floor or your floor is sagging, then it is a sign that you may have a slab leak in your home.

This leakage could be from a clean water pipe or a drain pipe, and that is something that only professionals can tell upon inspection. Depending on the problem, you may get extensive flood damage, mold, mildew, and other issues to your home’s foundation.

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8.      The water meter keeps running even when taps are closed shut

Another common sign of bad plumbing at your place is a running water meter, even when everything is shut down. The water meter must not increase its reading when you are not using any water.

However, if it happens, there is surely some issue with the plumbing at your home. If you do not see any visible signs of water leaks, then it is a good idea to call plumbers to track the issue down for you.

9.      Plumbing pipes making weird noises

Sometimes the plumbing pipes rattle or create weird noises even when nobody is singing water. If you ever feel this happening at your place, you need to give a call to the professionals right away. It is a clear sign of bad plumbing at your place, and ignoring this issue can lead to bigger plumbing problems.


Calling our best plumbing Tulsa services can save you from many bad things, but most people do not know when to call professionals. That’s why many call professionals after something bad happens to the plumbing at their homes. However, if you feel that there is something wrong with the plumbing at your place, check for the nine signs we discussed above. These signs tell a lot about the plumbing at your home.

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