Our company, a plumbing Tulsa company, believes in going the extra mile for customers. However, for that to be evident in our workmanship, it must be demonstrated in our workplace culture. You will quickly find how we are committed to having a team meeting and discussing problems and celebrating the wins. The more we communicate the better we will communicate with our customers, and that is our goal.

How to build employee retention in the workplace or with your company?

Your plumbing company is getting you a good income and you have a good and skillful employees. You sure have spent a lot of work to find them, especially plumbing technicians. How to make sure that the plumbers stay in the company and they have tools needed to get the task done? In this article I will help you – in 4 ways to make your plumbing technicians stay and contribute in further growth of your plumbing company.

Here are the main directions that will show to you how to:
  • Improve the onboarding procedure
  • Make the top plumbing technicians stay in the company – employees’ retainment
  • Make an employee awarding program
  • Using plumbing software to make the tasks easier\
  1. Improve the onboarding procedure

The process of recruiting is not for ones who are light hearted. Every company spends a lot of earned money to hire and also to retain employees. The first step is hiring. But how would you know that you are good in hiring new employees? If you hire a new employee, it is important to make them work and running as quickly as possible and to be as efficient as possible. In every company there are certain processes, also familiarizing with software and training that the new employee must take. Also, you must provide them with the most important information. Also, there is the training with the experienced plumbing technician on field.

How can your company be beneficial of this situation? The process is same in all industry and plumbing industry is no exception. Only a strong process of onboarding employees can be helpful. Putting all the necessary things and software for the new employee from the day one, will make the onboarding good both for your company and for the employee.

  1. Make the top plumbing technicians stay in the company – employees’ retainment

The today’s labor market is highly competitive. There are opportunities everywhere and employees are drawn for better benefits and higher salary. What can you do to keep the plumbing technician and other employees in your company engaged and not to be quit their job?

One way is investment in your employees, by compensation or by improvement in the development and wellbeing. Here are some of the most important ways for plumber retention:

  • Pay competitive benefits and wages: this is an important matter. Be sure that you are paying competitive wage in comparison to the other companies on the market. There are so many web pages where you can check the average wages. Also, provide benefits like health insurance and also paid leave.
  • Give continuous training and education opportunities

Giving training and paying for other education or training for employees show your wiliness to invest to the personal. If you have a top performing plumber who is in the team for longer period, consider a raise. The workers nowadays want to grow and you should provide the growth for them in your company.

  • Engagement

You should schedule fun activities outside of the normal workday so the employees can bond to each other. Having lunch or a social event after the working hours will bring plumbers closer. You can get along will make a productive environment.

  • Balance of work and private life

Employees in plumbing industry, like in others industry sectors, can get burned out if they work too much. Did you know it is a huge percent (70%) when look for job consider the balance between work and private life. Several tips for providing this kind of balance are: you should make sure that the employees have vacations, check timetables to divide the work, limiting late work or work on weekend when you are scheduling tasks.

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  1. Awarding the employee

Many studies confirm that if the employees are recognized or awarded will enhance their satisfaction and retention. Put any kind of recognition program in your company, if you do not have one already. What is actually this kind of program?

With this program, the employer recognizes and reward for exemplary performance. The awards can be gift cards, awards or can be some software program. You can make a program for employees recognition on your own or choose service from already existing software. If you are not engaged in recognizing and rewarding the employees you should consider following things:

  • You should spend more time in recognizing and rewarding employees. If the employees are rewarded with certain rewards, they will be happier. If they are happier, they will be more productive employee. Some surveys suggest that happy employee will be 31% more productive and the sales improves by 37%. You can recognize employee by calling to be present in team meetings.
  • Emphasize the milestone for the employee. The employee must be recognized for their loyalty, and it will show to the others what to expect once they also get there. Aniversaries for 5, 10 and 20 years of working time are the standard milestones, but some companies recognize and reward employees on every 5 years. As a reward you could give some kind of gift or payment.
  • Implementation of a recognition system between same level of employees. Employees want to be recognized in a company level, but also to be recognized by other team members or peers.
  • In this manner you will build culture and environment of positive encouragement. There are a lot of examples of free or low cost recognition programs for peers (in USA this kind of programs are Reward Gateway and Nectar).
  1. You should use software used for plumbing service

As a manager to a plumbing company, you should consider best tools to better outcome and professionalism when the employees work. This includes buying and implementing an efficient software. If the plumbers still take orders on sheet of paper and schedule their tasks on Excel, you should consider a professional software for making their work easier. No matter what kind of software you buy and use, some of the basic elements in this software include: will connect the whole company, can work with huge data, can be connected also to QuickBooks or some other similar scheduling program and will include sales tools.

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