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How much will a dripping faucet cost you for a monthly water bill?

If you are here, you either have high water bills or a dripping faucet. In either case, knowing how each drop that drips from a faucet will add up to your monthly water bill is important. Certainly, several types of leakages and dripping faucets at your home may add up to your water bills differently.

How much can a dripping faucet cost you monthly on your water bill?

A dripping faucet can waste more water than you think. For instance, if you have a kitchen faucet that drips 2 drops every second, that will be 120 drops every minute, constituting up to 11 gallons daily. Hence, leaving that faucet untreated will add up to over 330 gallons of water that goes to waste.

However, there may not be 2 drops every second in each case as the number may vary to a higher or a lower value. Depending on where you live, this water volume can add to your bills significantly. For instance, according to Statista, the average monthly bill in North Carolina was $20, while West Virginia averaged $105 as of 15 July 2022.

With an average household in the USA using up to 9000 gallons of water a month or 300 gallons daily, you can calculate the average amount it would add to your monthly bill. For most people, one dripping faucet can add up to $6 to their monthly water bill.

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Is the wastage of water the same for all types of leakages?

If you have multiple leakages at your home, you must know that all those may be wasting different amounts of water, for instance. If a faucet or a tap wastes around 330 gallons monthly, a leaking showerhead can waste more than that, and a runny toilet tank can waste even more.

Having multiple leakages at your home means that the amount keeps on adding up. So, the monthly water bill might have a huge part coming from these leakages.

Some other factors and habits that can cost you high water bills

It is not always the dripping tap or a leaking toilet tank that will increase your water bill. Sometimes a habit of yours can increase your water bill because you waste so much unnecessary water. Here is a list of the top habits and factors that increase your water bills:

  • Leaving the water running while brushing, shaving, and showering when you are not actively using the water.
  • Taking unnecessary wrong showers
  • Using running warm water to thaw the frozen meats
  • Using running water while you do the dishes. The time you scrub dishes is when you don’t use any water, and the running water goes wasted.
  • Letting your dishwasher waste unnecessary amounts of water.
  • Not closing taps all the way and ignoring minor leakages

Tips and tricks to reduce your monthly water bill.

There is so much about water consumption that you might be doing wrong without even knowing that you are doing it wrong. So, here we have some tips and tricks that will help you significantly reduce your water bill.

1.      Get all leakages fixed ASAP.

The most important thing to do is to get rid of all leakages at your place. It could be a leaking tap, shower, toilet, lawn sprinkler, valve lever, or anything else. No matter how small the leakage is, you need to get professionals to repair it as it will stop water wastage significantly.

2.      Get smart in the bathroom.

You need to act smartly in the bathroom. Taking long showers can be soothing, but it is not good for water bills. So, optimize your routine for shorter showers. When it comes to shaving, you can use water in pots to keep the razor clean and save lots of water. While brushing, you will only need little water, so don’t keep the tap running.

3.      Only do laundry when you have full loads.

Doing laundry uses a specific amount of water, no matter how less clothes you are washing. So, washing a few items means that you are inefficiently wasting water. A good idea is only to do laundry when you have full loads, as your water usage will be efficient this way.

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4.      Don’t wait for the perfect water temperature in the kitchen

It is a common practice in the kitchen to wait for the perfect water temperature. You don’t even consider how much water you waste while waiting for the perfect temperature. The right solution is to keep cool water in the fridge and heat the water on the stove to get the perfect temperature. Such practices will help save a lot of water.

5.      Use efficient plumbing attachments.

Even when you are doing everything right, there might still be things that you are doing wrong. For example, using old-school plumbing attachments is not good as they don’t help with efficient water consumption. Switch to the plumbing attachments that limit water flow efficiently, helping you save on bills.

6.      Install efficient toilet tanks

Toilet tanks with portions and ones that use pressure to benefit from flushing out without wasting much water are better than the traditional ones. So, switching to these newer ones would be a good choice.

7.      Water the lawn strategically.

Watering the lawn in a hot atmosphere can result in evaporation, so you will use more water. On the other hand, if you water the lawn when the air and atmosphere are cool, less evaporation will happen, meaning that you use much less water than normal. Whether you use a garden hose or sprinklers, this method will be applicable and beneficial for both.

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A dripping tap will not only be bad for your utility bills, but it also puts a negative impact on the environment. Worst of all, it can lead your property to structural damage. So, whenever you have a leakage at your home, you must get it repaired instantly, no matter how minor. If you want to further save up on energy bills, you can use the tips shared here for the best results.

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