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How can poor plumbing damage the paint on walls?

Walls that are painted are meant to keep dry because when water gets on them, it damages their structure. This damage starts with the wall’s paint peeling away or showing other types of damage. One major cause for this happening with your place is having poor plumbing work done at your place because there are so many ways that poor plumbing professionals, attachments, and pipes can end up damaging the paint on your walls.

Top 10 ways how poor plumbing can damage the paint on walls?

Here are the top 10 ways how poor plumbing can damage the paint on walls.

1.      The paint is peeling off due to water seeping into the walls

The first way poor plumbing can damage paint on your walls is when water seeps into the walls. It can happen when you have badly installed plumbing attachments like taps or showers. Otherwise, the plumbers may have installed an incompatible plumbing attachment.

In either case, a leakage will cause the water to seep into the walls. As the walls get damp from the inside, it will cause damage to the paint in the form of chips, cracks, peeling, and even mold growth.

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2.      Excessive humidity due to bad plumbing damaging paint

Some places inside your home do not have good ventilation. Whenever a plumbing job is done at that place, it must be done so that it gets dry instantly. However, when plumbers don’t pay attention to this factor, the place always stays wet. This can create excessive humidity in that area which causes damage to the paint from outside.

3.      Hidden leakages inside the walls can damage the paint on both sides

Another common problem with bad plumbing is when the water leaks inside the walls. Homes today have underground plumbing, and due to bad plumbing, if one of the joints between pipes starts to leak, there will be no way to tell about that leakage unless you see some visible damage.

Depending on the size of this leakage and the ventilation at your place, it may take a few days to show paint damage; by then, it would be already too late.

4.      Improper drain installation makes water stay longer

Do you face drains at your place that take longer for drainage than they should? It is a common example of bad plumbing where plumbers either used the wrong drain attachment or did not set the right angle for drainage pipes, due to which the water is not going in as quickly as it should.

Due to this, the water can seep into the floor, and it can be very problematic if there is a roof below that drain because its paint will start getting damaged.

5.      Improper planning while plumbing keeps walls and floors wet all the time

Do you ever wonder what gets the whole bathroom wet while you shower? Or why does the lawn sprinkler shower water on your walls? These and many other cases happen when the plumber attaches plumbing attachments without planning.

In such cases, a slight usage can cause the walls and floor to get wet, and they don’t dry up quickly when that plumbing attachment is frequently used. With the walls and floor always staying wet, there is no way paint can hold up well on the walls.

6.      Leaking drains and capillary action partner up to cause paint damage and structural damage.

Main drainpipes are usually installed underground, often leaking because of using the wrong pipe material or improper joints. This leakage can increase if a plumber installs those pipes without checking the correct slope.

As the drainpipes keep continuously leaking below your home’s structure, capillary action brings the water up in the walls that you can see as patches of water on the floor and walls. You may also face mold growth, and the paint will start peeling away. Remember that it also causes severe structural damage to your property.

7.      Improper rain gutter installation damages both exterior and interior paint

The rain gutter is a small plumbing accessory for homes to keep the roof and walls dry whenever it rains. However, this little accessory requires precision when installation because so much can go wrong. A bad plumbing example on a rain gutter can include

  • Bad slope
  • Repeatedly clogging rain gutter
  • improperly designed downspout that does not take the water away from the building.

This plumbing problem can cause the water to leak into the roof and walls as well. Additionally, water can get on the walls as it splashes below. The result is paint damage on both the exterior and interior.

8.      Inaccessible shut-off valves make the problems worse

Some homeowners are careful enough to sense a plumbing problem and immediately close the shut-off valve to that place. However, a bad plumber does not make those valves easily accessible. Thus, you cannot stop the leakage on your own, and depending on how long it takes for the professionals to arrive, you may get a lot of damage to the paint.

9.      Using the wrong pipe material results in corrosion and other issues under extreme conditions

Plumbing correctly requires you to use the right pipes according to the conditions. For instance, some pipes are not perfect for hot water and high temperatures. An effect of bad plumbing is using the wrong pipe material that may face quick wear and tear and start leaking in your walls, causing structural damage and making you paint your walls again.

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10.  Poor pipe installation and temporary repairs without any testing can lead to plumbing issues.

Some pipes are designed for external installation, while others are for underground installation. These pipes are stronger as they can deal with harsh conditions compared to indoor installation pipes.

Installing such pipes incorrectly in the wrong place, not testing the plumbing, and creating temporary repairs with wrong pipe installation are common bad plumbing problems that lead your building towards several problems, including plumbing damage due to leakages.


If you get paint damage on your walls, repainting the walls is not the right solution. Instead, you must solve the root of the problem, which is poor plumbing that causes water to seep continuously into the walls. The worst part is that it damages the paint and can lead to structural damage if not repaired. So, if you get this problem at your place, check your plumbing before you repaint the wall, as, in this way, you can save a lot.

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