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Have Big Dreams? Learn How to Reach Them

Are you aware what can kill your dreams or keep you from reaching goals? The answer is in ourselves and not in the outside world. Let describe it in more details.

We are prone to blame people from our environment for our bad luck or bad events. Oftentimes, we consider friends, parents, spouse, siblings, bosses, and society as guilty because they put blocks on the way of our success and will destroy our aspirations. We do not think that the main cause of the killing of our dreams is ourselves.

Yes, this is correct. You are the only person who can kill the dreams. You put blocks on the way of the success. No other person is to blame. The final decision maker in our lives is ourselves, we make decision to do or not to do something on our road of desires and dreams.

There are several phrases that we say to ourselves that will make us wrong decisions:

  1. What if

If we use What if and in addition negative thought signals us that we are afraid of doing something. We are lacking of self-belief. If you do not believe in ourselves, when we do not have believe in the final outcome, the chances of getting what we desire will decrease.

For example: What if the business I plan to open fails, what if he says no to my suggestion, what if I am still unemployed because they won’t hire me, what if she makes fun of my dreams, what if I need to spend a lot for nothing to gain, what if I do not get what I planned.

These statements mentioned as examples which start with the phrase What if could kill our dreams and would stop us moving forward.

  1. It is too

If we use It is too with an adjective – this is sign of procrastination. We use this phrase, you want to delay the actions we need to make. This process is one factor which makes many people away of what they really want.

Some of the examples include: it is too late, it is too early, it is too complicated, it is too risky, it is too far, it is too expensive. These phrases just say that we are not ready and we need to wait for the ideal situation to do something, and this situation may never occur.

If we are afraid of something to do we can delay, with using this phrase we can kill the dreams and wishes. So we need not to use this phrase too much.

  1. I can not

If we use I can not is a sign of lower self-confidence and can result in giving up to early from something or before something starting to succeed. Some examples are: I can not move forward, I can not do it, I can not solve it, I can not be patient, I can not pay the price, I can not learn.

One of the best advice is to whenever we say I can not, to change this phrase in Yes, I will and I can. This is usually for something we need to do and to go out of comfort zone. We only use excuses not to do the necessary thing. In certain examples, this will stop you from going to the next level in the personal and professional tasks.

  1. I don’t have

With this phrase the result is surely just delaying the goals and dreams. Examples are: I don’t have time, I don’t have money, I don’t have resources, I don’t have luck. You just sift to lack of something and close the door for opportunity, rather focusing on the open door or opportunities.

If you use I don’t have phrase will prevent from have an open mind for opportunities or huge actions, and so you won’t go to your goals or following the dreams. This phrase is killer of dreams.

  1. I don’t need

If you use I don’t need this can be sign of selfishness or bigger confidence. If you use the phrase, you use a shortcut. You think that you have the things needed to get to your goals or you just do not see the value of doing the necessary. Examples are: I don’t need to grow, I don’t need to share my dreams, I don’t need the work, I don’t need to change, I don’t need to plan, I don’t need to say yes, I don’t need to spend time, I don’t need to work with her. A lot of times we think that we do not need something, but it is actually the necessary thing to go to the next phase in life.

As explained in this article, any of these or similar phases can stop you from going on the next level in life, or destroy the things you have built toward your goals and dreams.

So, the real problem, the real dream killer is not outside of us, it is in us. The manner we approach to our dreams and to ourselves can kill many goals and dreams even before we make any step towards them. If we want to get to our goals and achieve them more quickly, we must stop blaming any other factor from the outside life – shortcomings, failures and circumstances. We must realize that the only accountable person for the results in the life is ourselves. When you realize this, you will have the burden taken off your chest. You will be more determined to achieve the goals and dreams, without the limitations we put to ourselves. In that manner we will become the best version of ourselves and be better for our environment, our friends, spouses, children, parents.

We are the only person responsible for achievement of our goals. We must put clear goals and go to them no matter of the difficulties we may find on the road.

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