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What are fractures in the drainage system, and how to prevent them?

The issues with the drainage in your plumbing system are the worst because the drain itself stops functioning and brings several issues along with it. One of the issues that can happen with your drainage system is fractures and cracks. Occasionally, fractures in your drainage system can render it useless, and getting our plumbing Tulsa services becomes necessary.

With the correct treatment for your drainage system, you can get it to work again. Some preventions can also help you stay away from these issues as much as possible. So, here we will discuss what these fractures are and how you can prevent them.

What are Fractures in a drainage system?

Fractures in a drainage system mean that your drainage pipes are cracked at some point, and that point can also be underground. In that case, the drain stops working as intended. While the drainpipes are leaking, there are chances of getting tree roots and pests inside your drainage system because of these fractures. It means that your drainage system is on the verge of failure with one single crack. Need Plumbing Tulsa repairs? Call team today.

There are different causes for fractures in the drainage system, and some of those are:

  • Roots penetrating
  • Poor soil bed
  • Bad installation in the first place
  • Drainage system aging.

When the fracture is small, it is called a crack, and when it gets large enough, it becomes a hole in the system. In both of these circumstances, immediate treatment is necessary.

What are the different levels of fractures in a drainage system

Knowing what type of fracture you have in your drainage system can help you select the right type of treatment. So, discussed below are the three different levels of fractures that can occur in your drain.

Minor fracture

A minor fracture will not cause any effect on the functionality of the sewer line, but it always has the chance of becoming bigger. With roots entering it, the minor fractures can convert into bigger ones, which will also affect the functionality of the sewer system. So, for the longevity of your drainage system, it is essential to get a drainage inspection every 3 to 5 years to look for any minor fractures.

Moderate fracture

Moderate fractures can affect the working of your drainage system, and these can worsen over time. These cracks and fractures are welcoming to the tree roots because a lot of water is leaking from them. In case of these fractures, inspection after every year or two is essential, and it is also important to plan repairs.

Severe fracture

In case of a severe fracture, the functionality of your drain system is fully compromised. Pipes with such fractures are on the verge of failure, so calling our plumbers Tulsa immediately is necessary. You must get these immediately inspected and repaired.

How do we prevent fractures in the drainage system?

A routine inspection of your drainage system by professionals can help prevent these issues from worsening. However, some other things can also help you prevent fractures in your drain pipes. Below we will elaborate on some of them and how you can make those work at your place.

Using the correct type of pipe for your drainage system

One of the many reasons behind drain failure and fractures is that the type of pipes installed there is incorrect. In such cases, there could be many reasons for a fracture occurring in the drain system. Different localities have rules and regulations about drainage system installation, and when you follow them, these issues can be prevented.

When you get our plumbing Tulsa services, our professionals will consider all the important factors before selecting any type of pipe for your drain. This way, the chances of getting fractures in your drain will minimize.

Replacing drainage pipes after they have completed their life

Every type of pipe has some life for which it is intended to work; after that, you must replace that pipe. In most cases, the pipes do not stop working after that period, which is why many people keep using them. What they think might save them some amount ends up costing the replacement and repairing costs for the whole drainage system.

So, when installing some type of pipe for your drainage system, it is necessary to note how long it will last. After that period, you must call our plumbers Tulsa for their best inspection services. Get the pipes inspected and replaced before anything worse happens to you. Experience top not results today for plumbing Tulsa repairs.

Adding proper bedding around the drainage to support its weight

Another common reason causing drainage fractures is that there is no proper soil bedding under the drain pipes. Most drain pipes are underground, and when there is no proper bedding under them, the weight is not thoroughly distributed, which may lead to cracks. Any leakage or rainfall can further worsen this situation.

So, when you call our plumbers Tulsa, they will ensure proper bedding under the whole drainage system. In this way, the weight of the drainage system will never fully rely on the pipes offering them more durability.

Not planting trees near the drainage system.

The last thing you can do to prevent fractures from happening, and if they happen, they can prevent them from quickly worsening. Plan your tree plantation points and your drainage path strategically. Not keeping these two too close is the key here. It is because the tree roots attract moisture, and those roots can grow inside the pipes when the drain leaks.

Thus, your drain pipes will be fractured and clogged without you knowing. In most cases, you only come to know when there is some serious problem with the drain. So, keep track of your drain path and plant trees away to prevent roots from damaging your drain.


Drain fractures can be prevented if you take the right practices against them. In most cases, inspection and prevention techniques can save you time, money, and effort. So, ensure to get your drainage thoroughly inspected regularly and never delay a repair in your plumbing system once it is due.

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