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Top Ways to motivate your plumbing team when working in extreme weather outside.

Owning a plumbing business means that you have to work in extreme weather conditions. It is because plumbing emergencies often happen in extreme weather like snowy weather, excessive rain, and even on a hot summer day. Maintaining performance is hard on such days, and a lack of productivity often leads to a lack of motivation and vice versa.

Top Ways to motivate your plumbing team when working in extreme weather outside.

If you also manage a plumbing team that provides its services in extreme weather outside, here are the top 12 ways to keep your team motivated.

1.      Regularly communicate with them about any issues and try to resolve them.

Effective communication can be the solution to any problem our team is facing. Often your employees or team members face issues that they don’t discuss with anyone. The result is their degrading performance, and you can easily solve this issue by communicating. So, get involved in every job and constantly ask your team members if they have any problems. It allows you to propose the best solutions possible and implement them.

2.      Manage drinks according to the weather conditions to keep your team healthy.

Extreme weather puts physical strain on workers when working outside in extensive shifts. The best solution to that is managing drinks for your employees. It would be so nice of the client to offer that, but as an owner or a manager, it is your responsibility to manage this. Different drinks that you can manage for the team include:

  • Tea and Coffee during winter days
  • Refreshing drinks and juices during summer days
  • Ample supply of water.

Such drinks keep them hydrated and help maintain a comfortable body temperature.

3.      Involve in the job as much as possible to make your team feel included.

The owner or manager must involve in a job as much as possible. Their little contribution to the work is of huge value to the employees. Additionally, it makes them feel that everyone is on the same stage and valued similarly. Being inclusive also helps you understand problems and solve them efficiently.

4.      Praising is one of the best ways to motivate your plumbing team.

When your team works outside under harsh conditions, you must not leave any opportunity to praise their team and individual efforts. It is one of the best ways to motivate the team. However, it does not always need to be financial praise, as verbal praise also gets a long way.

5.      Maintaining a balance between tasks is essential to make everyone feel valued.

Maintaining a balance between everyone is the key to keeping your employees happy and motivated. Outside plumbing jobs are never easy, and if someone is good at them, it does not work that only has to deal with the hardest tasks. You must circulate the tasks among every member so nobody has to take the whole workload.

6.      Train your team so that the extreme weather conditions do not affect them much.

One way of keeping your teams motivation and productivity high under extreme conditions is by training them accordingly. This training can be harsh sometimes, so be careful about how you train every employee. When team members get the right training, they will be more productive under the required conditions.

7.      Maintain a positive attitude despite problems and mistakes.

A day with extreme weather is not a comfortable day to work on. Most plumbing teams are comfortable working on regular days. That’s why there are higher chances of mistakes on such a day. As a manager, you must maintain a positive attitude towards every team member since they are already dealing with the circumstances. It is something that will make the team reach its goals quickly.

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8.      Be flexible with the job in extreme weather conditions but keep the achievements clear.

Team duties are important, but individual satisfaction and health are also vital. So, you need to be flexible with the job requirements. For instance, if a member is unwilling to work on a site, you can give them some flexibility and replace them with another job.

However, keep the achievements of working under harsh conditions clear. It gives everyone on the team a clear vision of what they get from working under such circumstances.

9.      Provide your team with the right uniform to withstand extreme weather conditions.

You must show your care for the team and give them the uniform that protects them from extreme weather conditions. Some uniform items that can be used in different conditions include:

  • Jackets
  • Trousers
  • Cap
  • Gloves
  • Weather resistant boots

Everyone will know they will not work outside without the right clothes. It will also help improve their performance.

10.  Work on your emotional energy to keep the team motivated.

Being a manager is not all about monitoring everyone else about a job you are not a part of. So, the first thing you need to do is to get involved in the job yourself. This way, you will emotionally understand the problems yourself. Your emotional evolvement in the job will help you motivate the team better.

11.  Break the job into manageable workloads to maximize productivity.

If some job requires a lot of work, you must break it into manageable chunks. Considering the situation, the same team can take those chunks, or you can also switch teams to keep everyone healthy. This way, smaller milestones can be achieved more efficiently.

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12.  Using breaks efficiently according to the situation can help a lot.

Lastly, you need to keep the team energetic; lunch breaks work great. Keep enough lunch breaks on the job so that every employee receives ample physical and mental rest from the stressful job under extreme conditions. A snack during this break will also help with recharging their energy.


Extreme weather conditions and jobs that require your team to work outside make the worst combination. These are the days when your team will lose motivation and productivity quite easily. However, you can easily motivate your team by following the abovementioned methods. With proper monitoring and better management, you can motivate everyone on the team and get productive results.

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