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DIY – The Purpose of Gutters

Gutters are the outdoor pipes installed at the roof’s very edge. Their job is to collect rainwater and supply it to the drain without causing any leakages in the walls of the building. Gutters also serve the important role of bringing all the girt and leaves to your drain without spreading them everywhere around the house.

While gutters serve their purpose, they may need a little cleaning because often, you will find them filled with debris and leaves.

Step-by-step guide on cleaning your gutters.

Here is our step-by-step guide on cleaning the gutter installed at your place.

1.      Gather all the materials necessary.

You must start by collecting all the materials you will need for the process. Here is the checklist of all the items that you can also follow:

  • Long enough ladder
  • Scoop or shovel
  • Different sized brushes
  • Garden hose or pressure washer (long enough to reach all parts of the gutter)
  • Plumbing snake if you have to open downspout clogs.
  • Screwdriver

2.      Start with a scoop and get all the gunk from the gutters.

Set the ladder on your roof and clean the gutter with a scoop or a shovel. It is a good idea to have a container alongside for managing all the gunk in one place instead of throwing it down as it will create a huge mess. It would be amazing if you had a helper for the process.

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3.      Flush the gutter with a good supply of water.

Once you clean the whole gutter from all the bigger particles, you must flush it with water. Although a pressure washer is a better option, you may opt for a garden hose if the pressure washer is unavailable. A pressure washer uses less water and cleans more efficiently.

Start from the end and move towards the downspout, so you clean every bit of the gutter.

4.      Check for any leaks or clogs.

Throughout this process, you need to keep an eye out for any leakages or clogs. The gunk in gutters may have loosened some clamps that you can tighten with the right tool. Look at the amount of water going in the downspout that is coming out. It will clearly show you if there are any clogs. If you find any, clear it with a drain snake.

5.      Make sure that the downspout is directing water in the right direction.

Now you need to get down and check the end of the downspout. It must direct the water from the building and towards the drain without splashing. Make sure that it is working as intended.

6.      Clean any mess that you may have created.

Lastly, you must clean up any mess you may have created on the ground. No matter how careful you are with the process, you can always drop some gunk. So, clear the exterior of your home with water and a brush, and you will have a clean gutter and a sparkling outdoor area.

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Tips on getting efficient with the cleaning process.

Knowing this process alone is not enough; if you want to be efficient with this job, these tips will help you greatly in different phases.

1.      Never choose a long brush instead of a ladder, thinking the process will be easier.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is choosing a long brush, thinking it will do the same job instead of getting up a ladder. Not only does it do a bad job at cleaning, but using a long brush has a higher chance of accidentally pulling the gutter down and damaging it. Moreover, you may damage your home’s exterior, so always choose a ladder over a long brush.

2.      Stay at the optimum height on a ladder.

When you are on a ladder, you don’t need to go too high as your chances of falling will increase. Similarly, don’t stay too low that you don’t have good reachability to the rain gutter. The best is staying as high as your chest or waist height because, in this way, your stability will be best along with good reach for distant areas of the gutter.

3.      Always start dry and then go for wet cleaning.

If you think you can start with a burst from the pressure washer, and it will do the job quickly, then you are wrong. Instead of efficiency, you may end up clogging the downspout and creating a mess everywhere around you. So, the best way is to always begin with the dry cleaning using a shovel or a brush, and once you have picked up all the bigger particles, move towards the water.

4.      Dressing up for the job will save your clothes.

Don’t clean the gutter in your regular clothes. It would be better if you dress up for the job with either a raincoat or an apron, at least because these will help keep your clean clothes clean.

Important: Cleaning rain gutters is a job messier than it seems.

5.      Check all the gutter brackets and tighten the loose ones!

With rain gutters, wear and tear are normal, and you may loosen up some parts of the rain gutter while cleaning. So, when you are done cleaning, it is a good practice to give a thorough inspection of the whole gutter. If you find any loose parts that can be tightened by yourself, tighten them, and your gutter will be good to go for seasons to come.

6.      Don’t want to deal with all this, ask professionals!

Cleaning gutters may sound easy, but it needs a lot of time and dedication. So, if you are a DIYer, it would be a great activity. However, if you don’t want to deal with all the mess, a better option is to get professionals at work to clean the gutter at your home. Just make sure that you never skip regular cleaning.

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Gutters serve the great purpose of protecting your building walls from structural damage during the rainy season. As these collect all the water from the roof and supply that water downwards, they often collect leaves and debris that can end up creating a gunk that results in a clog. So, you must regularly clean your gutters so they are always ready to combat the next rain.

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