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Smart Toilets? What are the pros and cons of using smart toilets? What are some of the top brands?

Everything is becoming smart and more convenient, so you should also use smart toilets for better hygiene and maintenance. Smart toilets are a new technology that can help you get rid of germs and bacteria better. It has a better mechanism, and you will be able to use it easily. it will also save a lot of time, and you will not have to clean your toilet after every few days. You can get yourself one of the best smart toilets, as many top brands are available.

What are smart toilets, and why should you use them?

You must have heard about many smart devices, and you must use many of them. There are smartphones, smart gadgets, smart fans, and smart accessories. The purpose of smart devices is to make things more convenient and easier for people. You can make things very easy and streamlined for yourself if you also go for smart toilets.

Many brands manufacture smart toilets, which are very easy to operate, and you can also connect them with home assistant Technology. You can ask Alexa to lift the toilet seat for you or to flush the toilet. You can also ask Alexa to play your songs while using the toilet.

Advanced options

If you do not like to touch the toilet lever, you do not have to do it now with the help of a smart toilet. It will flush out itself with the help of a sensor in the smart toilet. as soon as you get up from the toilet, the sensor will flush out the toilet.

It has a proper flushing mechanism that will sense your distance from the toilet. When you are at a proper distance from the toilet, it will immediately sense and clean it for your next use. It is an easy and very functional option. You will be able to keep your toilet clean and will also keep germs and bacteria away from your bathroom.

Do not overflow

The best thing about the smart toilet is that it does not overflow. You do not have to do in with the dirty, contaminated water from the toilet on your floor. You can prevent yourself from a mess as smart toilets do not allow overflow.

Now, please do not worry about cleaning the entire bathroom because of an overflow, as it can be very frustrating. Smart toilets have addressed this issue, making things easy and convenient.

Save water

One of the most effective things about the smart toilet is that it does not use much water. You can say water because it is one of the most highlighted issues of the world these days. It is environment friendly, and if you are using a smart toilet, you will be doing everyone a few very because of saving a lot of water that we waste otherwise.

Smart toilets are manufactured in such a way that they know how much water will be suitable for flushing out and for cleaning the toilet.

Enjoy different features

There are many features associated with smart toilets that you can enjoy while using the smart toilet. You can get customized control and heated air sprays. Sitting on the toilet seat is very inconvenient, especially in winter because it is very cold.

Now it is not a problem with a smart toilet because you can get a heated seat that you can customize according to the temperature you prefer. It also comes with a foot warmer. It has automatic flushing features, and it will also clean itself. There are sensors that will tell you about any leakage happening in the toilet. You can get a night light and speakers to entertain you while using the toilet.

Modernize your lifestyle

If you use smart toilets, you will be modernizing your lifestyle. It will make things very easy for you, and you can enjoy your experience even in the bathroom. The technology for the smart toilet is very convenient and suitable for the needs of nowadays as everyone is in a hurry and life is very fast.

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Pros of a smart toilet

The smart toilet comes with a lot of features and advantages.

  • It will improve sanitation for you
  • It will increase safety
  • You will be able to prevent germs and bacteria.
  • They come with advanced features that can save you time.
  • They have an automatic mechanism that can help the toilet clean itself.

Cons of a smart toilet

Everything has a few disadvantages as well. Some of the corns that you can experience for the smart toilet are:

  • It can be expensive
  • You will have to provide it with proper maintenance
  • Setting up the toilet may take longer than a standard toilet.

Top brands for smart toilets

Many top brands are selling smart toilets, which can be an effective option for you. You can look into different brands and select the one according to your budget and convenience.

Veil Smart Toilet

That is one of the perfect brands for smart toilets that comes from Kohler. It can bring you a lot of features. You can get a chair-height seat for comfort and convenience. They are very compact and also come with an emergency backup flush. You will get a hand-free opening and closing of the toilet.

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Smart Bidet Toilet

You can get a smart bidet toilet that comes from VOVO. It will provide you with a heated seat which can be a perfect option in cold weather. In addition, it also comes with a dual flush mechanism. It also comes with Turbo wash functions and customized options.

Neorest Dual-Flush Toilet

TOTO can provide you with Neorest Dual-Flush Toilet. It has Ultra high-efficiency tornado flush, which will clean out everything. In addition, it has a comfortable washing method that can oscillate and pulse. It has an automatic mechanism of opening and closing as well.

Luxury Integrated Smart Toilet

You can get these toilets from HOROW. They are made of the best material and are finished with premium glaze. It also comes with an air purification system.


There are many features and benefits if you go for a smart toilet. Some of the basic information that you need to know about smart toilets are discussed in the given text. You can get yourself one of the best smart toilets for modernizing your life and making it easy.

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