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Why is it important to save for a rainy day for home repairs?

Rain is a pleasant gift from nature unless it creates issues for you. The worst thing you want any downpour to create for you will be plumbing issues and structural damage to homes. These are emergencies, and dealing with these will need readily available funds.

Why is it important to save for a rainy day for home repairs?

There are so many ways rain can damage your home, making it extremely important to save for a rainy day to get emergency home repairs.

1.      You need instant service, which may come with higher costs depending on your location.

Once the rain starts damaging your house, the damage won’t stop unless treated, and it means that if you have a forecast of a few rainy days ahead, you must get repairs instantly to prevent further structural damage. Although these services are available, you may have to pay more for emergency services. Going for a reliable business for these services may be a little cheaper but emergency services are generally costlier.

2.      Rain gutters can go bad at any given time.

Rain gutters and downspouts are important in keeping your house’s structure safe from rainwater. However, these may go bad anytime due to lack of maintenance or bad installation. Even worse, the longer you keep them that way, the more structural damage you have to bear.

It may include appliance damage, exterior, and interior paints, and furniture. So, if you have enough savings for this day, you may get it repaired as soon as possible.

3.      Basement flooding is a common issue due to improper drain installation.

Improper drain parts or drainpipes laid at the wrong angled lead to slow drainage. When it rains, the drainage becomes even slower, and when your main sewer gets full, this wrong installation may lead to basement flooding. Imagine sewer water getting inside the basement. It may cause:

  • A bad smell across the whole house
  • Germs are spreading due to this unhygienic water.
  • Damage to anything present in your basement.
  • High basement repair costs.

You may not even know if you have drain installation issues unless you counter the problem. So, when you face it, emergency plumbing services will become essential because you don’t know how much water may get into your basement.

4.      You don’t want to get any pests or mold at your place.

You may think that pest infestation or mold growth is not related to plumbing when it rains. These problems happen due to excessive moisture at your place, and when drainage is not good enough, the moisture level in your walls may increase.

It will be welcoming for mold growth along with pest infestation. Both of these can bring severe health issues your way. So, whenever it rains, you must get your drains fixed on emergency basis.

5.      An overflowing or clogged drain leads to water seepage inside the house.

When it rains, drain heads commonly clog with debris and leaves. However, if cleaning up the drain head does not solve the issue, you must get your drain thoroughly serviced. If not treated correctly, the water may start seeping inside your home.

6.      Due to heavy rain, drainpipes may burst due to high pressure.

When it rains heavily, the main sewer already gets full. Meanwhile, the drains on the ground level keep sending water downwards. So, the pipes between the drain heads and the main sewer face high pressure from both ends.

Due to this high pressure, your drainpipe may burst. It usually happens when the drainpipe is not perfectly installed or its structure is not strong. In either case, you must inspect the whole drain system and install a new pipe, so the drain water does not get everywhere around your place.

7.      Tree roots may penetrate your drainpipes.

The rainy season is the best for tree roots because of the following reasons:

  1. They get a lot of moisture from the environment.
  2. Moist soil is easy to traverse through.

Let’s say there is a leakage in your drainpipe and a tree root is nearby. When the level of moisture increases in the soil, the roots may find it easier to go toward the drainpipe and if the roots get inside the drainpipe through any leakage or crack, it will result in a major drain repair job due to clogging.

Such jobs require professionals to inspect the drain path to ensure no further issues. The parts cost can also be high if you install new pipes.

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8.      Too much rain may make the water in your taps unusable

During the rainy season, the water source that supplies clean water to your place may get contaminated. Thus, the water will change to whitish, and it may taste earthly. That water may not be usable for some time, so you will need emergency water purifier installation services.

9.      Toilet backups are unavoidable.

With full and clogged drains, your toilets may start gurgling, resulting in sewer backup and a clogged toilet being left useless. Flushing such toilets increase the chance of water overflowing inside your home and may also cause issues with the septic tank. To get your toilet working back to normal again, you must get the drain and septic tank checked and repaired.

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So, if you also face any of these issues due to rain, remember that our emergency services are just one call away. We make sure that none of our customers have to bear the harshness of the weather.  With our emergency plumbing services, you can quickly resolve the problem, which can lower the structural damage done to your home. We provide all types of emergency plumbing services, so feel free to give us a call whenever needed.

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Rain silently damages the home, and you mostly come to know when most of the damage has happened. So, getting regular plumbing checkups at your place is good to stay safe from emergencies. Additionally, you must save for a rainy day because you don’t know which plumbing emergency may hit you due to a heavy downpour.

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