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Common reasons your toilet is overflowing

Toilet overflowing is one of the most common problems homeowners faces for multiple reasons. First, you must take off your bathroom maintenance, so you don’t have to face this kind of situation in the future. Still, if your toilet is overflowing, you have to find the root cause that is causing your toilet to overflow again and again.

Reasons your toilet is overflowing

There is a list of reasons why whenever you flush, the water doesn’t go to the drain properly, and your toilet keeps overflowing. This sounds quite filthy; therefore, you must find the cause behind this overflowing problem. Following are the reasons your toilet might be overflowing from:

1.      Pipes are clogged

When you keep throwing toilet paper in the toilet and the toilet paper quality is not great, flushing them won’t help them get out of the pipes. If you keep doing this, the toilet paper will eventually clog the pipes. Once the pipes are clogged, you will notice that your toilet is overflowing all the time. There is a great possibility that the toilet paper will stay in the toilet even after the flush. It will not get flushed.

Your toilet will start overflowing, and poor-quality toilet paper might be the reason. The number one cause is the clogged pipes.

2.      Clogged drain

If the drain is clogged with toilet paper or you keep throwing your hair, the buildup will cause drain blockage. The water, waste, and toilet paper will not get flushed properly. They will not find a way into the drain.

Soap and hair might be the reason your toilet drain is clogged. Eventually, it will get blocked completely, and your toilet will overflow. This cause is similar to the one we have mentioned above, but both will cause your toilet to overflow.

3.      You don’t flush properly

You keep using your toilet, but you don’t flush properly is another cause of your toilet overflowing. After using the toilet, you must ensure you flush properly. If you keep following the same pattern of not flushing properly, your toilet will eventually start overflowing.

4.      The water source is higher than the toilet

If the water source is higher than the toilet, it is the main cause of your toilet overflowing. While working on the toilet structure, you should ensure that the water source is at the right level. Otherwise, you will never be able to get rid of the overflowing toilet problem.

Your toilet will always get water from the higher water source, and your toilet will keep overflowing. There is nothing much you can do about this situation, but it is surely a cause that your toilet is overflowing even if the drains and pipers are clear and there is no clogging there.

5.      An improperly adjusted toilet

The toilet needs to be adjusted to the right place in your bathroom. If the drain pipes or the p-trap is at a different angle, then whatever you flush will return to the toilet. This does sound disgusting, but it is true, and the reason behind it is the wrong adjustment of your toilet.

6.      The Septic tank is full

There will be a septic tank where all the waste gets collected, and if the septic tank gets full, then obviously, you will face an overflowing toilet problem. The septic tank doesn’t have any space left for more waste than it will return to your toilet.

7.      Sewage problems

There might be a sewage problem, causing your toilet to overflow. Yes, it is quite a common problem that your sewage is clogged or not functioning as it should, so your toilet might start overflowing. So, if you cannot find the cause of your toilet overflowing problem, you should check the sewage system.

Therefore, it is necessary to get your sewage system cleaned once in a while. Discover how we can help you with Plumbing Tulsa repairs.

How to prevent your toilet from overflowing?

If you are tired of your overflowing toilet problem and you don’t want to get into this situation again in the future, then here are a few ways that will keep your toilet from overflowing:

Never use low-quality toilet paper

We have mentioned above that using low-quality toilet paper will clog your drains and pipes because it doesn’t get flushed properly. So, if you don’t want your toilet to overflow again, you must use good-quality toilet paper that will dissolve quickly.

Once you start using high-quality toilet paper, the chances your toilet will get clogged and overflow will minimize if toilet paper is the main problem. So, you can follow this tip to save yourself from the situation.

You can start using bamboo toilet paper because it will require 30% less water to dissolve. They will never cause drain clogging and then toilet overflowing problems.

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Get your septic tank cleaned

If the septic tank is full, your toilet will start overflowing because the waste and dirty water won’t get a space, so it will come back to your toilet and start overflowing. If you notice that the flushing is not working on your toilet anymore, you should check your septic tank.

You need to get your septic tank cleaned once in a while if you don’t want your toilet to overflow in the future. Otherwise, you will have to keep facing toilet overflowing problems.

Use drain openers

Nowadays, different types of chemical products are available in the market that helps in unclogging drains. If your toilet is overflowing a little, you can use a drain opener if you think the problem is in the drain pipes. As a preventive measure, you can keep following this technique so your toilet won’t overflow in the future. This trick would prevent overflowing toilet problems.

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Final Remarks:

We have talked about a few reasons your toilet is overflowing from. Now you can inspect to find the root cause of this problem to get rid of it. Try fixing the problem yourself. Still, if you fail to fix the overflowing toilet problem, you can call for professional help. An experienced and professional plumber can help you in this situation.

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