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Top 8-bathroom remodeling mistakes that lead to disastrous plumbing issues

Updating your bathroom according to the latest trends attracts you and everyone else. While remodeling your bathroom, you will have to take care of narrow details, so you don’t have to face difficulty in the future. Most of the time, people don’t pay attention to the plumbing of a bathroom while remodeling it, and later, you regret your negligence.

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Mistakes to avoid while bathroom remodeling

Here are the top 8 bathroom remodeling mistakes that will lead to disastrous plumbing issues:

1.      Choosing unprofessional plumber

One of the biggest mistakes you make while remodeling your bathroom is hiring the most unprofessional and inexperienced person for it. Yes, the experience of the person who will be remodeling your bathroom must have experience in doing their job. Hiring an unprofessional just because they will charge you less than a professional and an experienced plumber will cost you more.

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2.      Less ventilation

You might be wondering, what does ventilation have to do with plumbing issues? Well, if you don’t take care of the ventilation system while you are remodeling your bathroom, then while taking a bath, the steam will get trapped inside your bathroom, and it might affect your bathroom fittings if you don’t dry them after your bath.

Steam will start to get trapped inside the pipes and drain of your bathroom, which is not a good sign and will cause damage to the pipes somehow. It is important that you take good care of the ventilation system of your bathroom if you don’t want the steam to make your feel blurry and your pipes might start banging because of steam trapped inside it.

3.      Choosing wrong fittings

It would help to choose the right fittings for your bathroom while remodeling. Don’t go too fancy if the fitting won’t allow you to enjoy a good water pressure. When choosing pipes and drain for your bathroom, you need to choose a quality fitting that will install perfectly inside your bathroom.

If the drain pipe is too small, the water won’t drain completely, and it might flow back and be disgusting. Plus, the drain you will have in the shower section of your bathroom has to be perfect enough that the water will drain easily from it, or it will stay on the floor and make it sloppy.

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4.      Installing sinks at the wrong point

Do you have any idea that you installed the sinks at the wrong point to make your bathroom look perfectly remodeled? Well, you need to get an engineer if you want to remodel your bathroom. Once you install the sinks at the wrong point, you will surely regret it. Well, you might have to take them and change their location.

The reason is quite clear that the water might not drain completely. The drain might clog again and again. You will have to face many problems by just installing the sink in the wrong direction or at the wrong point.

5.      Improper sized drains

As we have mentioned before, you need to get all the fittings perfect so that they will work for your bathroom and you don’t have to face any disastrous situations in the future. Drains are one of the important fittings of your bathroom. Choosing the wrong drain size will only make the situation messy for you.

The bathroom will always stay sloppy if the water doesn’t drain from the bathroom sink, toilet, or showering area. No matter how much you dry and clean your bathroom, it will stay wet and dirty. Therefore, you need to get the perfect drains for your bathroom and get approval from the plumbers working on remodeling your bathroom.

6.      Never go for over-smart storage options.

Don’t try to remodel your bathroom into a super smart place and make the worst mistakes. You might have noticed in videos on social media that people have smart storage options in their bathrooms, but they might not work for you.

If you dry to make smart storage in your bathroom, then you might do a mistake that making the storage space near your drains or somehow nearer to underground piping. Well, making such smart storage options might affect your bathroom’s plumbing system. While taking out any of your products or placing them back might damage any pipe in your bathroom.

7.      Trying to install tiles on your own

You don’t have to follow DIY hacks while you want to remodel your bathroom. If you do, you might end up causing damage to the bathroom instead of remodeling it. If you want to change your bathroom tiles, you should call professionals for this job. It would help if you didn’t try to install them on your own because there will be an underground plumbing system under your bathroom floor.

While you are taking off your old tiles and installing new ones, you might end up causing damage to the plumbing pipes.

8.      Wong measurements and anticipation

The last mistake that will lead to disastrous plumbing issues while remodeling your bathroom is imprecise measurements. It would help if you measured every corner of your bathroom before you started purchasing the things you would like to install in your bathroom.

Whether you are taking the measurement or have already called professional plumbers to remodel your bathroom, everyone has to be careful while taking the measurements.

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Final Remarks:

Now you know the mistakes and the consequences of not paying attention while remodeling your bathroom. It would be wise to ensure you take every little fact while remodeling your bathroom if you don’t want to face a disastrous outcome.

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