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Choosing the best toilet for your place is your responsibility. Never ask anyone else to do this on your behalf if you don’t want to face Plumbing Tulsa later because you didn’t like the fitting. There is a lot of variety when it comes to toilet brands. Well, not all of them are considerable.

You can get Plumbing Tulsa services from professional providers, but you should always choose the toilet brand yourself, especially if you want everything to be perfect at the end of the day.

Qualities of best toilet brands you need to check from a Plumbing Tulsa Team

If you are thinking that what qualities make a toilet brand the best, then the following are the top 5 qualities of a good toilet brand:

1.      Quality manufacturing material

Not all toilet brands use quality materials for manufacturing their products. The manufacturing matters the most because if the quality of the manufacturing material is low, then it won’t be able to handle the heavy weight. The toilet seat might crack a little if a person with heavy weights sits on it. This might sound not very smart, but it is an important aspect.

So, the number one thing you need to look for while choosing a toilet brand is the material quality. It would help if you asked the seller what material they used to make that product. Never compromise on the quality of the toilets if you want them to work for years or maybe decades. Toilets made up of premium quality material never clog easily or get damaged.

2.      Customizable fitting services

If you want a luxury touch to your bathroom and everything to be perfect, plus you are following a theme, then a good toilet brand offers you customizable fitting services. You can let the brand know about your requirements and how you’d like to get your toilet manufactured by them.

Not all toilet brands offer this kind of service, but this doesn’t mean their products are not high-quality. Most of the high-end toilet brands offer these services, so that you can contact them.

Durable and fine finishing

The finishing of the product tells so much about the manufacturing material and the quality of the product. If the finishing of the toilets is amazingly fine and you don’t find a single scratch on it, then such toilet brands are considered high-quality. As we have said above, manufacturing materials matter the most.

Durable and fine finishing will result from using premium quality materials while manufacturing the product. So, you need to pay a little more focus to finish the product if you want the best toilets for your place.

3.      Warranty of fittings

An old and reputable toilet brand always comes with a warranty. What if your toilet stops working all of a sudden? If you have gotten a matching basin and other fittings from the same brand and now they have clogged or something happened to them, you can get the replacement. A good toilet brand will offer to provide you with warranty services.

If anything in your toilet is not working, you can call the company to visit your place and sort out the problem.

4.      Variety of products

We might have discussed this point before but let’s discuss it now. Not all toilet brands have a variety in their products. Some of the toilet brands are known for selling 5-6 toilet products of top-notch quality. There are also toilet brands selling quality fittings, like showers, basins, faucets, etc., that would go with the toilets. Every toilet will have its special features.

You can choose the products according to your budget. Let’s not go there and talk about the variety of products the toilet brand sells. A good toilet brand will have various products on its list.

Top 5 toilet brands you can consider from Plumbing Tulsa Team

If you are a little confused about the toilet brands and don’t know which one you should choose, then keep reading. Following are the top 5 toilet brands that are available in the market, and you can consider buying toilet items from:


You can consider the number one toilet brand if you are looking for a luxury touch in your bathroom. Their collection of toilet items is simply amazing. Here is the reason why you have to consider Kohler:

Intelligent toilets with automatic flush, heated seats, nightlights, and hand-free use features

  • Self-cleaning toilets
  • One-piece, two-piece, and wall-hung toilets variety
  • Comfortable height toilets for convenient use
  • Water-saving toilets

Glacier Bay

Another considerable toilet brand is Glacier Bay. Following are the top reason why you have to go for this brand:

  • ADA compliant toilets
  • Water-efficient toilets
  • Round toilets
  • Elongated toilets

American Standard

Do you think that you would be able to compromise on the quality of your toilets? If not, then you can consider America Standard for their toilet collection. Here are the special features of the American Standard toilets collection:

  • Toilets with a powerful flush
  • Toilets with clog-free feature


TOTO is a multinational brand, and they sell its toilets worldwide. You can search for the quality of this brand’s products over the internet. You will get positive reviews, surely. Here are the features of TOTO toilets that you should pay attention to:

  • Automatic opening and close
  • Ultra-high efficiency
  • CalGreen compliance
  • Air deodorizers


So, the top brand for the toilet is Saniflo. You can consider this brand for buying toilets for commercial or residential usage. You will never disappoint by the quality of their products. Here are the features of their top-rated toilets:

  • Unique flush system
  • Ideal size, shade, and functional features

Final Remarks:

Get professional Plumbing Tulsa services from experienced plumbers if you want the toilet fittings to be installed with perfection and zero error. Keep all the details in mind before you make any decision. Choose the right brand if you don’t want to change your toilet fittings sooner.

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