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How can displaced or broken plumbing joints cause problems, and how can they be fixed?

Plumbing problems are inevitable and an unfortunate part of owning a home. Although some of the plumbing issues come with aging fixtures, regular wear, and tear of plumbing equipment, etc. While a displaced or broken joint of a plumbing system can cause some major problems. These plumbing problems can occur despite continuous maintenance.

It is always important to spot the problem quickly to fix it quickly. Otherwise, the damage may get irreversible.  If you are looking for plumbing Tulsa services, you can get in touch with our professionals.

Dangers of displaced or broken joints in the plumbing system

Here we know some of the dangers of broken or displaced joints.

So, here we go:

High chances of water contamination

A broken or displaced plumbing system’s joint can lead to harmful water contamination. These leaky joints can make harmful contaminants enter your drinking water system. Even if one joint of the plumbing system is damaged or displaced, it will make the water surrounding your pipe stuck into the pipe. Due to a pressure differential surrounding water can get into the water supply system of your home.

Untreated water usually contains anything dumped into the ground, for example, pesticides, animal waste, herbicides, etc. Using contaminated water will consequently lead you and your family to various health problems.

Excess consumption of water

A broken or displaced joint of your plumbing system can also cause water dripping. Even one drop dripping per minute can also use 34 gallons per year. This water consumption may not sound much initially, but over time it will add up more. Most importantly, adding up your bills will cost you a lot.

Fixing your plumbing system’s joints timely will certainly let you curb your water consumption. You will also cut your bills along with a significant difference in your overall water consumption.

Expensive structural damage

An untreated displaced or broken joint of your plumbing system can eventually become a major danger to the structure of your property. A dripping or stuck joint isn’t only annoying and wasteful, and it is a threat to your foundations, ceiling, and other structural parts.

If a joint displacement or breakage has led to water leakage in your plumbing system, the leaks can wrap up floorboards and walls. This can even be dangerous for the electric system of your house.

Not fixing your plumbing system on time can weaken your structure and lead you to expensive repairs.

Increased safety concerns

A broken or displaced joint of a plumbing system near your electrical system is unsafe. Leaking water near electrical systems can increase the possibility of fire hazards.

Besides that, continuous water leakage inside the walls or floor can attract rodents that can increase your safety risks by chewing wires.

Similarly, broken joints of plumbing systems near dark and cool places can lead to the growth of biological contaminants. This will ultimately lead you to an increased risk of different health problems.

How to spot and fix a broken or displaced joint of a plumbing system?

Various things can cause broken or displaced joints in the plumbing system. Offset or misaligned pipes are one of the most important reasons behind this plumbing problem. Another common reason for broken or displaced joints is the loose fitting of the washer holding the pipe. Moreover, an off-centered line can also cause this problem.

Regardless of the reason behind a broken or displaced joint of the plumbing system, it is imperative to fix the problem as soon as possible.

How do you spot displaced or broken joints in the plumbing system?

Here are some of the most common ways to spot displaced or broken plumbing system joints that you must know:

  • One of the key symptoms of a broken or displaced joint in your plumbing system is leaky pipes. Watch out for these leaky pipes and find the right place to spot the problem.
  • Look for unwanted odors or sounds. You may experience a gurgling sound or unfamiliar smell in your bath or kitchen. This can be another key factor to consider for broken or displaced joints.
  • Ever-wet basement, roofs, walls, floors, or garden. All or any of these problems can also occur due to broken or displaced joints in your plumbing system.

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How to fix displaced or broken plumbing joints in your system?

If you have spotted any of these signs, don’t ignore these. Turn off your plumbing system to quickly cut the water supply around your home. It is sometimes easier to catch your plumbing system’s broken or displaced joint.

However, here are some fixes to fix broken or displaced joints if you have spotted the point of the problem.

Use plumber tape to wrap threads.

Joints that rely on thread wraps are vulnerable to displacement, especially if these aren’t sealed properly. That’s why it is always better to use a joint compound on both pipes for added security. Start by wrapping the thread and wrap the plumbers’ tape in a clockwise direction. Generally, up to 5 layers are enough to avoid displaced or lose joint problems in your plumbing system. We are excited to serve you and offer the best plumbing Tulsa fixes and solutions.

Fix the compression fitting

Tighten your plumbing joint’s compression fitting. Adding a pipe joint compound will ensure added safety. Compression joints are commonly used on shut-off walls and other fittings. These generally contain a plastic or brass ring that is compressed when you tighten its nut. Use wrench pressure to tighten the nut and fix water leakage from the joint.

Fix the alignment issue of joint

Misalignment in joints can loosen the connection. Use a pipe joint compound to lubricate the joint. This can help seal waste line connections and let you have a repaired plumbing joint. Always ensure that tubes and pipes are going straight into the fitting to avoid the misaligned joints problem in the future.

In case of a broken joint, it’s better to replace it. Use flexible lines wherever possible, as these are foolproof.

However, if you have a displaced or broken joint problem hidden inside the wall, you should consider getting a professional plumbing inspection. Professionals usually have the right tools to identify the joint causing the problem. Consequently, they can fix it more quickly. Discover why we are among the best for the Plumbing Tulsa repairs.


It is usually easier to deal with some common plumbing problems. However, broken or displaced joints can cause some major emergencies if not treated timely. Therefore, fixing the problem as soon as you have spotted its signs is important.

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