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Signs fungus is growing in the plumbing system, and how to fix it?

Are you noticing a change in the color and taste of water you use daily? Well, it might be fungus growing in the plumbing system. Yes, it is quite common, but it would be best that you pay attention to this problem. There will be signs that will let you know about the growing fungus in the plumbing system.

If you are not finding the actual cause, our Plumbers Tulsa can be best help for your plumbing Tulsa needs. We will help you out in the best way.

Signs of fungus are growing in the plumbing system.

Here are the top 5 signs that will let you know that fungus is growing in the plumbing system:

·         Moldy smell in the water

Water doesn’t have any smell or color, but if you notice that the water you are using smells like mold, it is the biggest sign that fungus is growing in the plumbing system. Whenever you turn on the tap, you will get a smell of mold coming out of it. If you are not still 100% sure whether the mold is growing or not, you can get the water in a cup and then smell it closely. Need Tulsa Plumbers? Call us today!

If you are still getting the same moldy smell, it confirms fungus’s presence in your plumbing system.

·         The sour taste of water

The water started tasting different, but why? While drinking water from your tap, you get a taste like you are drinking moldy water, which is another sign of fungus in your plumbing system. Water doesn’t have a taste unless something gets mixed in it. Therefore, if you notice different tastes in the water and haven’t mixed anything in it, then there is something wrong with your plumbing system.

The fungus has been growing in your plumbing system, which is changing the taste of your water, and you won’t like it.

·         Growing dirt inside the tank

You use different products to keep the toilet clean, but you notice dirt coming out of the tank whenever you shank. Why is it so? If there is something with your plumbing system, you start getting dirty water in your toilet tank. Dirty water will get into the toilet tank, and you will notice the same dirt around your toilet base.

It is surely a sign of growing fungus in your plumbing system because otherwise, you will get clean water from your tank whenever your shank. Our Plumbers Tulsa can help your clean your tanks in a good way too.

·         Hair smells like mold after a bath.

After a good hot bath, your head still smells like mold. Well, it will if the water you used to take a bath wasn’t clean enough. After taking a bath, if your hair smells like mold, that means you took a shower with the water that has fungus particles in it.

Even after using a good shampoo, the smell will be there, and you will notice it surely. After drying your hair, the smell will get even worse. It is a visible sign that fungus is growing in your plumbing system. Seeking guidance on a plumbing issue? Call us for plumbers Tulsa wisdom.

·         Health problems start increasing

If you keep drinking water that contains fungus particles, it will surely affect your health and other people’s health, living under the roof and consuming the same water as yours. Is everyone getting sicker, that means there is something wrong with the water everyone is drinking.

If the health problem clearly says that you are drinking and using water with fungus, then you need to taste the water first. Drinking the same water for longer means everyone will start getting sicker with every passing day.

How to fix fungus problems in the plumbing system?

Following are a few tips that will help you to fix fungus problems in the plumbing system:

1.      Pour baking soda and vinegar into the drains

If you are noticing that the water you drain is not draining properly and you are also noticing a moldy smell coming out of your drain system, then you can easily fix this problem. First, you must pour half a cup of baking soda into the drain and then a cup of vinegar.

Don’t mix it, and then pour it into the drain. You have to pour them one by one, and you will notice the reaction once you pour white vinegar into the drain. Let the mixture sit for about 15 minutes, and you can start pouring hot boiling water. The hot boiling water will speed up cleaning fungus from your drain system.

2.      Get your main water supply cleaned

If you have noticed that the fungus has spread to the whole plumbing system of your house, then you won’t be able to fix this problem on your own. Even if you try to deal with the situation, you might end up causing damage to your plumbing system. It would be wise to get professionals for this job.

A professional and experienced plumber will surely know how to handle the fungus problem. They won’t give you the green signal until they fix the problem from the root. Plumbers come with the proper tools and equipment required to fix the growing fungus problem in your plumbing system.  Our company can be best when it comes to plumbing Tulsa services. Trust us to get the best services. We deliver great services for Plumbers Tulsa.

3.      Pour hot boiling water in drains and pipes

Hot boiling water is the worst enemy of fungus. If you already know the source of fungus, then you can clean it on your own. You will have to pour hot boiling water into the plumbing system a few times, which will clean the whole system.

You can repeat this process every other day unless you think no fungus is left in the plumbing system or the drains. This trick will work for the fungus that has not been growing for a long time, and it is not stubborn and will come off with hot boiling water. It’s time to get the best results for plumbers Tulsa repairs!

Final Words:

Now you know the signs of fungus growing in the plumbing system and how you can also fix this problem. You shouldn’t delay getting rid of this problem because it will lead to more critical problems. Therefore, if you are noticing the signs already, then you should call for a professional plumber or fix the problem yourself.

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