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Why Companies Should Give Customers Warranties on Products and Services?

Whether you’re dealing with selling some plumbing products or are offering services relevant to plumbing fixtures; you need to offer your clients some added value for their investment. That’s where you can use warranties and to give your customers peace of mind. It’s a marketing tool that you can use to attract more customers and eventually earn more money with added reputation.

Backing your products or services with warranty tell your prospect customers that you fully value your offers and are working professionally. When you’re selling a fixture or some device like HVAC, the warranty for some limited time means you need to replace the product in case of any defect. In case of services, the warranty mean you’ll cover the cost of any labor involved in process of revamping or repairing the particular services.

Here’s how to craft an effective warranty that will be beneficial to your company and the plumbing industry as a whole. The same thing goes for appliances, such as refrigerators and stoves, but the warranty typically only covers manufacturers’ defects, not normal wear and tear over time or damage caused by carelessness on your part during the course of using the product or appliance.

Benefits and value of offering warranties

Warranties show how much confidence companies have in themselves and in their own workmanship. They give people the opportunity to try out their product or service before committing to them.

Warranties often come at no extra cost to the consumer as well! It’s hard to believe some businesses don’t already offer this great incentive for both parties involved!

Whether you’re talking about plumbing supplies or plumbing services, there really isn’t any reason not to provide warranties to your customers. One way companies may choose to do this is by including these small details when going over price quotes with potential clients.

For example: If you choose our standard plan for pricing of $1,000, we’ll include a 2-year warranty. That way, everyone knows exactly what they’re getting from the start and can decide whether or not it’s worth the extra expense based on their needs and budget.

How do warranties protect customers?

  • A warranty protect customers by offering reduces fee for service calls or a flat-rate depending on the type of warranty. It offers considerable savings to the customers in comparison to typical cost of plumbing repair visit. Some companies offer contract upgrade option to even offer more savings on service calls.
  • It also saves time of the customers in case some appliances like water heater or pumps stops functioning. The company under warranty offers either repair or replacement of the product.
  • It also protects customers for some undetected leak or plumbing issue like some defect that go unchecked during work. The company offers reduced charges for such enhance coverage.

Important points to be cleared during warranty offerings

Not all customers are able to fully understand the terms and conditions of such offers. Different companies offer different terms for their products or services. So, it is pretty important for both customer as well as companies to make terms simple and easy to understand. There must be no ambiguity in the process.

  • Some plumbing companies only offer repair warranty rather than replacement. So, if there’s no hot water and there’re some issue with water heater, the plumber will only repair it. Not all companies offer replacement warranty.
  • Most warranty offerings just cover operational failure of systems and appliances under normal use. So, any extraordinary conditions like “act of nature” or “acts of God” like flooding or freezing may not be covered.

Different types of warranties on plumbing services

There are different types of warranties available in the plumbing industry including: limited lifetime warranty, non-transferable warranty and 5-year parts only warranty. As with any type of purchase, it’s important to read the fine print so that you know what exactly your warranty covers.

A parts only warranty for plumbing will cover any parts that need to be repaired or replaced, but not labor costs. Customers can save money in the long run because it covers only what needs to be fixed instead of paying an hourly rate.

A parts only warranty can also cover the cost of replacing an entire system if it breaks down before the warrantee is up. If your system breaks down again after the warrantee has expired, you may have to foot the bill for repairs or replacements yourself.

A lifetime warranty for plumbing products and services ensures the customer that the company stands behind their product. It also shows that the company has confidence in their product, which is reassuring to customers. When you need the best plumbers Tulsa service, count on our team deliver.

Here’re some common warranty types for various plumbing services:

  • Parts and labor warranty on plumbing services
  • Labor warranty on water line replacement
  • Main sewer line warranty for parts and labor (main sewer line spot repair)
  • Main sewer line excavation replacement
  • Water line spot repair & replacement
  • Waste blockage warranty for 15 days.

Different plumbing companies offer limited or extended plumbing warranties. You can purchase these extended plumbing services for around 1year parts and labor warranty for general plumbing repairs. It also includes some other produces like water heaters and drains. There are many Plumbers Tulsa teams around town, discover why we are among the best.


A warranty is one of the best ways to protect your customers from the unknown. It can provide peace of mind, knowing that they will have helped if something happens. So, if an item becomes defective over time or fails to work properly because of a manufacturing defect, the item will be repaired or replaced by the company without additional cost to customer.

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