What to do if water is not draining properly from the washing machine? Gain wisdom from a top Plumbers Tulsa team. 

The basic function of a washing machine is to get rid of dirty and smelly clothes through its washing cycle. A washing machine’s perfect functioning depends on its washing and draining system.

Most of all, the washing machine malfunctioned due to two reasons. One is that water does not drain out of the machine automatically, and the other is that there is some kind of water flow obstruction in the draining system.

What to do if water is not properly draining?

Some steps should be followed to restore the functioning of the draining system of a washing machine. Either manually or professionally by Plumbers Tulsa who will find the reason first. The following are the two main reasons and steps to do for the elimination of these problems.

Malfunctioning of automatic water exiting

When the draining system gets out of order, and it is found that the system is creating a problem in the automatic exiting of water after every washing cycle, following restoring steps must have to perform.

1. Examine the panel of the washing machine

Whenever it is found that the problem behind ordered water eliminating the potential of the draining system is the draining pump, the first thing is to;

  • Switch off the washing machine power input system
  • Manually get water out of the machine
  • Dry it with a blower or by cleaning it with a towel
  • Now finally, check out the panel of the washing machine to repair the draining pump.

Panel examination helps to find that some fabric stuff blocks either the pump or the stuffing of the channeled tube, indirectly leading to pump laboring.

Blockage in the pipe itself is because of dust or fabric material accumulating into the pump’s filter membrane. In this situation, try to clean the filter and other pump stuffing by removing all blocking elements.

2. Fix the motor surrounding the damaged belt

The other thing that should be done to fix the problem of draining the pump is to analyze the derive belt. It is rolled around the motor of the washing machine on its base, involved in spinning and water draining too.

Carefully check out the belt to decide whether it will be repaired or replaced by a new one.

This kind of fixing requires some professionals because removing a damaged or loose belt must be done down the washing machine’s upside.

Malfunctioning of draining pipe

Except for problems due to the drain pump, there are also some issues because of the clogging of the draining pipe. Clogging occurs again because of fabric stuff and rarely because of coins and some kind of paper in clothes.

1. Remove the blockage of a drainpipe.

To fix the problems of drainpipes, it is necessary first to clean the pipe to remove all kinds of clogged material.

To decide whether clogging is removed by yourself or professionals, it is necessary to determine where it locates. It is because clogging could be located.

  • In the plumbing of washing machines, such as the standpipe of the draining system
  • Maybe in the area of the washing tub from where the water goes into the standpipe
  • Finally, in the plumbing line somewhere down in a draining system
  • The only thing to do is to clean out the drainpipe carefully by determining the location of the blockage.

2. Remove blocked coin

A coin blockage also occurs whenever washables are not checked properly before washing. In the washing machine, a coin trap is designed, a part of the washing machine panel.

Removing the blocked coin from the trap is easy and can be done manually. It would resolve the blocking problem easily. If you cannot remove the blocked coin contact our Plumbers Tulsa experts to avoid any further damage to parts of machine.

Fixing other problems

Along with the draining pump and draining the pipe, some other problems exist, and the following are the steps to fix them.

1. Replace the lid sensor

There is a kind of switch that behaves like a sensor in the washing machine. It is located on the machine’s lid and plays a role in sensing whether it is closed or open.

With the help of a sensor, the machine detects the closing and opening of the lid and then starts working. In this situation, replacing the switch automatically resolves the draining issue. The good news: we are available to offer the best plumbers Tulsa repairs.

2. Reset the water level

Another factor behind the faulty drain system is the unbalanced water level set in the control panel.

Reset the water level to resolve the problem by determining the cause of the fault first. The Control panel may be blocked or may be due to the corrosion of the connected valve.

The corroded valve will disturb the water level and make both the washer and dryer faulty by unbalancing the washing machine’s control.

3. Reset the panel of the washing machine

The last and final way of fixing the draining problem by you is to perform a master reset. Reset is all about changing the control panel’s settings by guiding and stimulating the machine’s computer system.

The panel could be reset by simply shutting off the power supply to unplug the machine and then again plug in. after that, open and close the machine lid again and again about six times in only 12 seconds.

The action of opening and closing the lid guides the system to reset the control panel and the overall system of the machine. Still need Plumbers Tulsa repairs? Call our great team today!

A Professional Can Fix the Problem

Lastly, it is better to repair or restore it by calling our Plumbers Tulsa professionals when it gets out of hand. It is mostly done when the fault is because of breakages, such as a broken motor or drainpipe.

Professionals fix the problems by professionally removing faulty pieces and assembling new ones.


If the draining system of a washing machine is not working, there must be a different kind of problem behind it. Interestingly all the problems could be fixed manually. Hiring Plumbers Tulsa experts to inspect and repair the issue will help save your time and your machine will be working perfectly.

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