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Unhealthy foods that will rob you of energy and good health, so you can live the best life and thrive in your career.

The quality of diet of all people is crucial for all people, especially for those which work is mentally and physically demanding. In these kind of workers plumbers are included. As a manager, you must take care of their health and wellbeing. Beside healthy snacks, offer them low calories liquids and refreshment. This will keep the plumbers in good health and vital for execution of different tasks which require a good physical health too. Here is a list of several foods that needs to be avoided as much as possible. There are many products incorporated in these several groups, depending of the diet in different regions in the world.


It is a source of energy of a 100% and no other nutrients. Those calories are empty. You should consume sugar via fruits, vegetables, milk products, dry fruit. You should lower the consumption of sweets, chocolate, candy, fruit juices, soft drinks and other sweet and sugary deserts, and should eat them in low quantity. Also, it can be pretty bad to have some kind of “sugar rush” which can occur to adults too if they consume a lot of sugar daily. This can make the plumber nervous and anxious during his working shift. So, advice the plumbers to eat sugar in moderate levels, even their job needs a lot of energy.

Sugar in the organism is transformed directly into fats, which is not a good news for the plumbers.

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We consume caffeine mainly by coffee. The beans of plant coffee are produced with usage of pesticides and herbicides, which are toxic. Caffeine is also part of the chocolates, soft drinks, coals and in many other foods. Can cause problems like depression, high blood pressure, headache, insomnia, fatigue etc. If the plumbers consume more caffeine it can cause lack of restorative sleep. You must emphasize to lower the caffeine consumption. Also, you can make only one or 2 coffee break in the company. In this manner, you can prevent consumption of a lot coffee in the company.

Also, advice them not to take more caffeine than needed. Try to replace the coffee in the company with beverages with lower or no caffeine.

Food which are highly processed

The ones produced from refined wheat flour are without or with very little content of fiber. It can cause to constipation or on longer periods can cause colon cancer. With implementation of healthy and balanced snacks as an additional options at work. Include a snack with proteins and fibers (like vegetables or fruits).

Trans and saturated fats

Bigger quantity of these kinds of fats will lead to increased cholesterol in blood and obesity, and further heart’s problems and other related disorders. Saturated fats are usually found in fatty meats, fried foods and ghee. Foods that are bland, and have less oil are not so interesting for the people so they want to eat this kind of food.

Trans fats are chemically modified and have similar structure to saturated ones. The modification is made by hydrogenation and making them solid and stabile. Both forms of fats will raise the level of LDL or the so called bad cholesterol, and the level of cholesterol which is good will drop. This situation can provoke strokes and attacks.

Trans fats are margarine and similar products. Instead of putting margarine on the toast, choose butter. Seeing others plumbers thrive is important to us, and also delivering Plumbers Tulsa services.

Proteins from animal origin

Animal proteins include eggs, fish, diary, chicken and others. They provide sources of proteins good for the health. The proteins must be taken in moderate quantities. It is healthy and helps in restoration of the muscles. But, consumed in excess can be harmful. In this category we can put also products from animals like cheese, milk, red meat, beef and similar – if consumed in bigger quantities can be harmful for the people.


It is an important mineral that the body requires, regulating the balance of fluids, hearth rhythm, make nerve impulses and muscle contracting. Also, if you take a lot of salt can cause hypertension. You must avoid cans and tins of pre-prepared foods, meats, breakfast cereals with high content of salt, cakes, packed soups, sauce, buns, etc. As a manager, pick food for the snacks which are low in salt, and avoid cans for meals. Yes, they have longer shelf life, but they can make unhealthy habit for the plumbers.

Junk food

The new generation of workers can be addicted to fast food like burgers, chips, French fries, pizza. They are so not healthy and not nutritious, having a lot of calories and can lead to obesity.

Sometimes, junk food can be given as a snack, but try to avoid to give them to the plumbers. If you need a Plumbers Tulsa team, count on us help you succeed!

Bottom line

All of the mentioned foods can be consumed. But in small and regulated quantities. Avoiding these kind of foods and many other that are not mentioned here is better for your health.

Obesity is one global problem and affect all humanity. Also, if obesity occur, the plumber may take more sick days, because of frequent health problems. All the allergies and intolerance of some foods are directly connected to obesity. Also, the heart can be hurt if the person is obese for longer period of time.

If the plumbers are still asking for more fatty food or fast food for snack, you can bring a nutritionist in the company to explain them what are the main heath problems they can have if they intake so many calories.

Also, as a part of their incentive, include a free monthly pass in the local gym, so they can stay as healthy as possible.

At the end, only a healthy employee is a productive one. The more productive plumber will make more revenue and better level of quality work. Plumbers are essential in the companies and must be taken care of. Neglecting their health is like neglecting your company in whole.

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