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What are types of garbage disposal, and which one is right for you?

Garbage disposal is a dustbin machine with blades to deal with the garbage in the kitchen. Most of us install this electrically powered appliance under our kitchen sink. These garbage disposals are meant to dispose of the garbage properly under proper hygiene conditions.

The shredded food pieces passing through the drainage system go through the garbage disposal that stains those particles that can block the drainage. It does not capture all those particles, crushes them into very small pieces, and makes it easy to pass through the plumbing system.

What are the types of garbage disposal?

When looking for various garbage disposal for your kitchen, you can find different models with different features. These different types of garbage disposal majorly fall into two groups: batch feed garbage disposal and continuous feed garbage disposal according to our Plumbing Tulsa experts. Other types of garbage disposal are further divisions of these two major types.

Two main types of garbage disposal

Two main types of garbage disposal machines, or the electric appliances that proactively manage the garbage in the kitchen, are batch feed and continuous garbage disposal. These types differ regarding machinery, structure, price, and working mechanism.

Here, we will discuss the proper structure and function of both types of garbage disposal and look into some of their models divided as per their powered motor type.

1- Batch feed garbage disposal

The batch-feed garbage disposal is a more advanced type in which the garbage storage has a lid covering the chamber. This chamber does not let any freely falling thing drop inside it, but it opens only when you allow it.

It is good for safety during your working hours in the kitchen. You can install it under the sink and connect the powered motor to electricity. It does not always need electricity, just like the continuous garbage disposal.

The chamber of this type of disposal starts up only when the storage is filled up to the rim; otherwise, it does not operate. When you fill the chamber properly with unwanted things in your kitchen, you can start it for grinding purposes.

You do not need to get worried about the safety of things around this garbage disposal, as its stopper acts as a key to open and close the circuit. Therefore, until you have not closed the chamber properly, it won’t run.


As everything has some light sides and some dark sides, the batch feed garbage disposal has. Here are some of the disadvantages related to its functions and structure.

  • Bacterial growth

It seems a highly operating appliance to be used in the kitchen due to its efficient power, using electricity only once and grinding the garbage properly. But with this advantage, it carries a disadvantage of storing the garbage for days as it does not operate until it is filled with garbage properly. In this way, it promotes bacterial growth, which is highly hazardous to our health.

  • High cost

It is more expensive than continuous feed garbage due to advanced and high-quality machinery and cutter types.

2- Continuous feed garbage disposal

A continuous-feed garbage disposal works contrary to a batch-feed garbage disposal. As the name indicates, this electrical appliance keeps on working continuously when peeling fruits or vegetables during your cooking hours.

You can use this garbage disposal just like the dustbin, but it does not operate when you fill it till the end. It works like the juicer machine that takes up only a selected quantity of material and grinds it. Commonly Plumbing Tulsa experts prefer this types of garbage disposal.

The continuous feed keeps the work on with an open mouth so that you can throw the garbage one after another eventually to avoid bacterial growth. The user can throw the peels in it right after peeling, and it is ground into small pieces, just like the jam.

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Two prominent disadvantages of this efficient garbage disposal are:

  • More utility bills

As the machinery of the continuous garbage disposal works continuously, it needs cool water to drain the ground waste properly. It also needs an electricity connection for grinding the garbage. When water and electricity are continuously under use for a longer time, there will be a prominent increase in utility bills.

  • Highly dangerous for children

As the chamber of this garbage disposal is always open when you use it in the kitchen, its cutters are in direct contact with anything that comes nearer to it. So, children’s entrance is unsafe as they can accidentally get cuts on their hands if they try to touch it.

  • Can grab other falling objects

You can also be disadvantaged if some important and useful things fall into the chamber. The cutters of this machine will crush them. This disadvantage makes it quite scary. Otherwise, it is the best option.

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Some other types of garbage disposal

Some other types of garbage disposals related to the major two types are as follow:

  • 1/3 horsepower garbage disposal
  • 1 horsepower garbage disposal
  • More than 1 power garbage disposal
  • ½ horsepower garbage disposal
  • ¾ horsepower garbage disposal

Which one is right for you?

We need to look at different features of the garbage disposal bin when buying for our home’s kitchen or some other place. It also depends on whether you are looking for a long-lasting or permanent electrical disposal for a few months.

The commonly used garbage disposal is continuous feed due to its good quality under cheap cost and immediate disposal of waste in the kitchen. Depending on the need and features, it depends on you on which features you can compromise and what you like to have in your kitchen.


Knowing the main types of garbage disposal home appliances, you can choose the best model by comparing their features, i.e., advantages and disadvantages. If you are confused and do not know which garbage disposal will be the best for you consulting Plumbing Tulsa experts will be great. Depending on the usage the professionals will help you select the best garbage disposal.

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