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How does angle stop when the plumbing system gets damaged, and how can it fix it?

The water supply or plumbing systems in our homes and factories have some kind of valves to control the water flow and pressure. Every water appliance in the bathroom or kitchen has a valve known as an angle stop or compression valve.

You can use an angle stop valve to control the water flow if there is a water leak or pipe bursting. So, we can say that the angle stop is the most important part of the plumbing system and need to be maintained to keep the water flow in your home smoothly.

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Reasons why angle stop in plumbing system gets damaged?

Sometimes, when your home is flooded with water due to pipe leakage or pipe bursting, you want to cut off the water supply, but you cannot because the angle stop is not working. The causes of angle stop in the plumbing system can be due to the following reasons.

Corrosion around the angle stop

The most common reason observed behind the non-functionality of angle stop is corrosion. Due to moisture all around the angle stop, the oxygen reacts with the metal and corrodes the metal part. It damages the inner parts mainly involved in turning the valve shaft to maintain the water flow and pressure.

As corrosion around the angle stop takes off of the parts so, proper closure is not possible. That’s why water keeps on dripping as a result of corrosion of the metal surface. Now, you need to change it immediately so other parts of the plumbing system can keep working properly.

Leakage of angle stop

The other reason behind the failure of the angle stop in the plumbing system is the continuous leakage or springing of water.

  • Moreover, the reasons behind the leakage of the angle stop can be different, like corrosion, worn-out part of the angle stop, or damage due to hitting anything on the angle stop.
  • This leakage will affect the water pressure in the pipes, which is a problem for the water supply in the building.

A professional plumber can fix it, most probably either by replacing the whole angle stop or the damaged part only. Experience great success with our Plumbers Tulsa services!

The worn-out parts of the angle stop

Everything has an expiry date, after which it does not function properly as it was in the early years. Similarly, the angle stop also has a limit on its use. After installing the angle stop, we can easily use it for 10 to 11 years with proper functioning, but the chances of damage and failure of its different parts increase.

Due to reaction with water, mold formation, clogging, and friction, many inner parts of the angle stop are worn out and not used properly. In such a case, you need to call a professional plumber and get all the parts immediately or overall angle stop be changed. Otherwise, you may face an emergency of flooding if you do not notice a thing and act upon it.

Faulty installation

The last but most important reason that is mainly involved in the angle stop damages in the plumbing system is the faulty installation. If the plumber you hired to install the angle stop is not professional and does not have experience, he cannot install the angle stop properly.

After a few days or weeks of installation, the faults may cause leakage, sound, or water in the pipes. Here you need to fix it right now. You can fix it by calling an experienced and certified professional plumber.

Ways to fix the damages of angle stop in the plumbing system

When you find out the reasons behind the damage to the angle stop in the plumbing system, you can find ways to fix the problems. Sometimes, you just need to repair or replace either one part of the angle stops or as a whole.

At any rate, keep in mind the structure and features of the angle stop. As a result, you can do the following thing to fix the problems.

Tight the packing nut of the angle stop valve

First, you need to look deeply into the packing nut. You just need a wrench and a little guidance to move the wrench properly by understanding the clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations.

  • Sometimes, the fault causing the leakage of water is the losing packing nut that contains the shaft and washer inside it.
  • You just need to take a wrench, open it by the size of a packing nut, tight hold it in its mouth, and move it in the anti-clockwise direction.

You would have fixed the problem if the leakage had been because of it. In all, count on us for the best plumbers Tulsa repairs!

Next, you must add a packing cord.

The packing nut has a rubber inside it that keeps the angle parts from working. Due to rotation, leakage of water, or friction, the packing cord is damaged. This tearing of packing rubber does not allow the angle to stop the water flow.

After that, you need to buy a new packing cord. Open the packing nut by losing the screw of the handle. Take out the worn-out packing cord and fix the new one inside it. It is a bit of technical work and needs professionalism, so it is better to call a professional plumber to replace the packing cord.

Replace the older flat washer

At least try this, if it still does not stop after replacing the packing cord and tightening the packing nut. You need to open the whole upper part of the angle stop.

At the base of the valve is a flat washer looking like rubber. It may wear out with time. If it is not in good condition, remove it, and add a new one. It helps to reduce friction while moving the angle stop.  Our Plumbers Tulsa can help you replace your washer professionally too.

Install new angle stop as a whole

The last option is to change the angle and stop if all your trials fail. In this case, the turns (rough round surfaces) become flat and cannot fit in them. So, you need to install the new angle stop. For this purpose, calling our Best Plumbing Tulsa company can be best thing to do.


The angle stop damages may appear for different reasons, like leakage, worn-out parts, or faulty installation. You can fix them just by tightening the parts or replacing the specific damaged parts. When you need Plumbers Tulsa services, connect with a talented team today!

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