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Top 8 Easy Ways to Unclog Your Toilet Bowl

One of the common problems that almost every homeowner can understand. This problem is not limited to homes but can happen to any toilet place. How will you manage if your toilet bowl gets clogged? This sounds quite filthy because no one can use a clogged toilet.

Unclogging can be a little difficult, depending on the clogging situation. You might have to try different strategies to unclog the toilet bowl. Well, in further detail, we are going to discuss a few ways that will surely help you to unclog your toilet bowl with Plumbers Tulsa’s help:

Easy ways to unclog your toilet bowl

Following are the 8 easy ways to unclog your toilet bowl:

1.      Use a plunger

The easiest way to unclog your toilet is by using a plunger. You have to use a plunger to unclog your toilet, but it will only work if the clogging situation is not bad. You must use the plunger a few times, and the toilet bowl will unclog. So, if you don’t want to go any further way to unclog your toilet bowl, get a plunger.

Almost every building or house has a plunger. So, you can go for the plunger whenever your toilet bowl gets clogged. It might work for your toilet. You wouldn’t require any help if you used a plunger.

2.      Pour some boiling water

Another easy way to unclog your toilet bowl is through boiling water. Yes, a pan of hot boiling water might work in unclogging the clogged toilet bowl and the whole plumbing system. The drainage system often clogs when you don’t take the maintenance and cleaning system seriously.

If the water doesn’t flush properly and you get filth in the toilet bowl, then you should try this hack. Use hot boiling water and pour a pan about 2-3 times. It might work.

3.      Use some dish soap

Using dish soap might also help in unclogging the toilet bowl. Mix dish soap with hot water and start pouring it in. Do this 2-3 times, and don’t use the toilet while unclogging it. Let the dish wash sit in the toilet bowl and the drain pipes.

It might clean all the filth that was settled in the plumbing system and wasn’t allowing you to drain the water from the toilet bowl. Once you pour the dishwasher, you can pour some hot boiling water. Hot boiling water is the enemy of dirt and clogged plumbing systems. It will clear the pipes and the toilet bowl within no time.

4.      Pour baking soda and vinegar

Sometimes the clog gets a little stubborn. The hot water, plunger, and dish wash might not work. So, you will have to go for a little stronger solution. You can use baking soda and vinegar to unclog your toilet bowl. You will easily find these ingredients in your kitchen.

First, you must put some baking soda in the toilet bowl and then pour the white vinegar. You will see them reacting in the toilet bowl. Now let the mixture sit for about 2-3 hours. It will clear all the drains, pipes, and your toilet bowl.

Again, once you think that baking soda and vinegar have done their job, you can pour some hot boiling water into the toilet bowl. It will be certain to unclog your clogged toilet bowl. Still need help with Plumbers Tulsa repairs, call our great today!

5.      Use a toilet brush

It is a simple way to unclog your toilet bowl using a toilet brush. You can use it a little deeper; if there is anything stuck in the toilet bowl, it might go away through the draining pipes. The toilet brushes that you usually use to clean the toilet. You can use it to unclog your clogged toilet bowl.

6.      A bathroom bomb might work

You might have seen bathroom bombs in the market. Well, they do help in unclogging a toilet bowl. You have to throw one or two bathroom bombs in the toilet bowl and let them do their job for half an hour or maybe an hour. Don’t use that toilet if the toilet bowl is not working properly.

You don’t have to use any other thing if you are trying the bathroom bomb method. Well, you can go for hot boiling water later. It will unclog your toilet bowl.

7.      A clog cleaner

There are different clog cleaners available in the market that helps in unclogging the toilet bowl. That clog cleaner consists of hard chemicals that will unclog the toilet bowl. Pour them into the toilet and let them settle for a while.

You don’t have to use anything with the clog cleaner because it will be enough to unclog your clogged toilet bowl alone. Hot boiling water goes with all the solutions, especially when unclogging the drainage system. So, you can pour hot boiling water later.

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8.      A vacuum valve might work

Never use the home vacuum you use to clean your house to unclog the toilet bowl. You will have to get a vacuum valve from a hardware store that you will use to take out the water from the toilet bowl first.

Once the toilet bowl is dry, it is time to use the vacuum valve to suck anything that is stuck inside the toilet bowl and further drainage pipe. Most of the time, this solution works because it will suck all the settled dust, filth, and any other particle inside your toilet that is clogging the toilet bowl. It would help if you didn’t use your standard vacuum for this task because it will not work, and you might have to say goodbye to your vacuum as well.

Final Remarks:

You can check the above guide if you want to do the process in a good way. Anyone of the 8 ways we have mentioned above will surely work for your clogged toilet bowl situation. If none work out, you might have to call for professional Plumbers Tulsa service. First, try your best.

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