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If you don’t want your kitchen sink or toilets to get blocked before or during Christmas, you must be careful with your usage. Finding good plumbing during the Christmas holidays is going to be impossible. So, if you don’t want to face any plumbing problems, you shouldn’t make the common mistakes that most people do and face the consequences.

Common Christmas Mistakes Can Block Kitchen Sinks and Toilets.

Following are the top 8 common Christmas mistakes that can block kitchen sinks and toilets, so you should avoid making them:

1. No leftovers should go into the drain

Drains are not for leftovers; you need to take the leftovers to the garbage. Never let your leftovers stay in the drain. If you don’t take this matter seriously, you will end up with a clogged drain. So, the number one common Christmas mistake you make while being busy with festive preparations might make one of the biggest mistakes.

Once the drain gets clogged, it might be difficult for you because unclogging a drain during Christmas will be a tough job. We are available to serve you. Call us for plumbers Tulsa results.

2. Know what you are throwing in the disposal

Another Christmas mistake would be you don’t know what you are throwing in the disposal. Sometimes you think the disposal would work like magic on all the leftovers or whatever you are throwing in it. Well, this won’t be the case, and if you don’t know what you are disposing of in the disposal, you might clog it.

Ensure you only throw those items at the disposal so they won’t clog. Otherwise, it is going to be a difficult Christmas for you.

3. Wait a while before taking continuous showers

You might get a lot of guests during the Christmas season, and everyone would want to shower in the morning. You should know that taking showers after one another will affect your plumbing system’s working.

Wait for at least 15 minutes between showers because otherwise, you might take a shower with cold water. Whenever you are done with your shower, take the hair that has fallen in the drain with you outside. If the drain keeps getting clogged with hair, then it will eventually block your drain. To ensure that no one should leave their hair in the drain.

4. Toilets are not an ideal option for toilet paper

Your toilets will be a little busy during the holidays, and not everyone will use them properly and might clock the toilets. Yes, one should know how to dispose of their toilet paper in the waste bin, and if they want to throw it in the toilet, they should do it properly.

If the guests keep disposing of their toilet paper in the toilet and don’t even care to shank them, it will clog your toilet. You will have to unclog it later, and you won’t find the task interesting. Therefore, keep checking the toilet condition now and then, especially during the Christmas season. If you notice any clogging contact our Plumbers Tulsa experts immediately.

5. Dispose of greasy material properly

You are going to make a lot of dishes in the Christmas period, and they are going to be a lot greasy. While washing your dishes and disposing of the grease, you should ensure that you do the job properly.

Washing greasy items are not the only task, but you should use hot boiling water after that to clear the drain. If the grease settles in the drain, then the water from the drain might start coming up. It will be a horrible experience to have during the Christmas days. After you are done with the greasy job, pouring hot water is the best way to stop the drains from getting clogged. You can also pour drain cleaner after you finish the cleaning job. Discover how we can help make your life easier with Plumbers Tulsa repairs.

6. Wait a while before you turn on the dishwasher

The disposal and dishwasher units will be together and don’t work magically. You have to be patient with them. While disposing of the leftovers and all the garbage, you shouldn’t turn on the dishwasher. It is going to clog the drains badly.

We understand that you’d like to get done washing all the dishes once you are done with the Christmas feast. You have to be patient with the job if you don’t want to extend it, and it will take longer to unclog the drains.

Disposing of the waste and using the dishwasher at the same time is going to mess it up. Therefore, you either use the dishwasher or the disposal. It has to be one at a time.

7. Your drains are not ready for the holidays

It would be wise to prepare the drain before the holidays. You can use a drain cleaner and other materials to clean them properly during the holidays. If there was any pile-up of grease or any leftovers in the disposal or the dishwasher, you get rid of it before Christmas.

So, prepare your drain before Christmas if you don’t want any plumbing problems during the holidays. Discover why we are among the best for Plumbers Tulsa repairs.

8. You don’t take preventive measures for Christmas

As a precautionary measure, you can get a snake drain before Christmas. If, in any case, the drains get clogged and the sinks, then you can use the snake drain for them. You usually don’t take this matter seriously because you think you can get through the holiday week without facing any plumbing problems.

So, the last Christmas mistake that you might do that you don’t get preparations done for Christmas. Therefore, you should remember that something might happen to your drains, toilets, or kitchen sinks. You won’t find a drain snake in the Christmas holidays.

It would be wise to have it before the holidays get started. Hiring Plumbers Tulsa for inspection, repair and maintenance of plumbing system before holidays start will be the best idea.

The final word

Now you know the 8 Christmas mistakes you should avoid if you don’t want to face any plumbing problems during the holidays. You won’t be able to find a good plumber, so it would be wise to use your kitchen sinks and toilets wisely so no one will have to get stuck with a plumbing situation. The Plumbers Tulsa are available at your service in such emergencies so you can always contact us.

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