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It would help if you did the plumbing system inspections before the frost season started so you don’t have any problems during the frosty weather. It would be wise to fix the problems or hire our Plumbers Tulsa for repair services before the frost season starts.

Essential plumbing system inspections to do Before Frost Season Starts

Following are the top 7 essential plumbing system inspections that you should do before frost season starts:

1. Check the outdoor plumbing system condition

During the frosty season, one of the most common problems you might face would be the bursting of the outdoor plumbing system. The first inspection you need to do before the frost season starts would be the present condition of the outdoor drains.

  • If you think the insulation has been affected over time and won’t get through the frost season, you must take the precautionary measure.
  • It would help if you got the job done on the insulation situation of your outdoor pipes. Otherwise, they might simply freeze and burst in the winter.
  • After that, you will have to replace them, which will be a tougher job. It would be best to maintain your outdoor pipes before the winter starts.

Replacing the outdoor drains or doing the insulation work in winter won’t be easy, so it would be good to do the job before the season starts so you can have a peaceful frosty season.

2. Look for water heater problems

The second most important inspection that you need to do would be the water heater inspection. During summers, you won’t need a hot water supply, but the minute weather changes, you won’t be able to survive without a hot water supply. If you haven’t used the water heater during the summer, it might not work during the winter season, either.

The drain gets clogged, or the water heater system doesn’t work properly when you simply turn it off for a season. So, before the frost season starts, when you need a steamy hot water supply throughout the winter, you need to check every little detail of your water heater.

During the winter season, if anything gets wrong with the water heater because you didn’t bother to check it before the frost seasons got started, then it will only make the season a punishment for you. Without hot water, you won’t be able to take a hot shower and do the house chores. So, after you are done with the outdoor plumbing system, it is time to do a water heater check.

3. Detailed pipe inspection

You need to check every single pipe in your house. As we have mentioned above, if there is any breakage or leakage in the outdoor pipes, they will freeze and burst eventually. Like those pipes, you have to check the whole plumbing system of your house, the ground floor, and the basement. It would help if you didn’t leave any pipes unattended.

While you are doing the inspection, every single pipe has to be a part of it. Therefore, you should check all the pipes because if you find any leakage or crack, you can fix them before the frost season starts. It gets really difficult to survive with any plumbing problem during the winters.

4. Is the sump pump working?

Is the sump pump working fine or not? Before the frost season starts, you should do the maintenance of your sump pump as well. During the winter, you might not be able to do this job. Inspection of the sump pump is also necessary so that you get a perfect water supply during the winter.

If you don’t check the sump pump and there is already a problem, it will only worsen in winter. Therefore, you should ensure that every single part of the sump pump is working and won’t be affected by the chilly weather coming soon. Call our Plumbers Tulsa for the inspection of sump pumps.

5. Check for tank problems

Do the tank inspection and clean it before the frost season starts. You won’t be able to clean the tank during the winter, and you might not get a clean water supply. You must check the tank’s condition because it might get slightly dirty during winter.

So, it would help if you didn’t leave your tank unattended before the winter season gets started. You need to inspect your tank and do the maintenance work as well. You can do the cleaning yourself or hire professionals to get through the winter season.

6. Check all the faucets

Are all the faucets working fine, or do any of them have a leakage problem? During the winter season, it might get a little more serious. If you live in a region where the winter gets extra harsh, the faucets might leak even faster. The cold water will also affect your faucets.

Therefore, you have to ensure that your faucets are working fine. If any of them are dripping, then you should get them replaced in the first place. When you need outstanding plumbers Tulsa services, count on us to deliver.

7. Garbage disposal is fine or requires maintenance

Your disposal unit is also connected to your drains and the plumbing system. You have to ensure that your disposal unit is working fine and there is no clogging in the drains. If you don’t bother to check the garbage disposal condition before the frost season starts, it might clog your drains during the winter.

Therefore, you must check the garbage disposal and clean it properly before the frosty system starts.

Do the inspection yourself or call professionals

Now you know what type of inspection you need to run on the plumbing system of your place before the winter season starts. It would be wise to get our professional Plumbers Tulsa because they will also do the inspection and maintenance work.

The final word

Now you know what plumbing inspections you need to run before the frosty season starts. The situation will worsen in winter if you don’t get it fixed or maintained before the winter season. You can do the inspection yourself. You can get our professional plumbers Tulsa for the job. Never delay it if you don’t want to face plumbing problems.

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