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Your toilet contains numerous working parts. Understanding that these elements frequently require repair will avoid you from causing unnecessary harm to your bathroom floor or walls. Here’s a list of what’s in your toilet. Besides this, we offer the best Tulsa Plumbing repairs.

  • Toilet Tank – gathers replacement water for each toilet flush.
  • Toilet Bowl – contains water as well as all of your waste to be flushed.
  • Shut-off Valve – with a turn of a knob, you can turn off the water flow to your toilet tank.
  • Floor Flange – keeps the toilet bowl connected to the plumbing pipe on your home’s floor.
  • Wax seal – utilized between the toilet bowl and your home’s drainpipe and in-ground plumbing pipe.
  • Handle- causes the flapper to open, allowing water to flow transferring from the tank to the bowl
  • Refill tube – with each flush, it draws water from the water line and refills the tank.
  • Float ball – raises with the water refill in the tank, indicating when the refill tube should stop delivering replacement water to the tank.
  • Chain – connects the handle to the flapper, allowing water to enter the bowl from the tank.
  • Flapper – opens when the handle raises the chain, allowing water to enter the bowl.
  • Tank O-rink seal – used to prevent water from leaking at the toilet bowl and drain connection.
                         HOW DOES A TOILET WORK

To flush the toilet, press the handle/button. The tank holds the water required for flushing (also called a cistern)

The tank contains various vital components. The following image depicts the components of a standard tank. The input valve regulates the flow of water into the tank. It allows water to enter when the tank is empty and prevents water from entering when the tank is full.

As the tank fills with water, the “float ball” rises. The float rod attached to it presses against the inlet valve as it rises. When the tank is full, the rod presses hard enough against the entrance valve to cut off the water. This prevents the tank from overfilling.

When you press the handle, a lever is released. begins to flow back into the tank, refilling it. An empty toilet cistern

The water from the tank is routed through a short conduit to the toilet bowl. It sloshes around the rim, down the sides of the bowl, and down the drainpipe, cleansing the bowl and carrying away the waste.

Some of the clean water that has been left behind has settled at the bottom of the toilet bowl. That’s because modern toilets feature a ‘S’ bend that holds water between flushes. The water in the ‘S’ bend prevents foul odors from escaping from the drainpipe. The ‘S’ bend also provides siphon action during flushing, which speeds up the process.

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                        TIPS FOR TOILET MAINTENANCE


Simply said, don’t flush anything other than toilet paper. Do not flush feminine items, paper towels, or cleaning wipes down the toilet. Your pipes will be grateful!


Look for damp spots on the toilet and around it, as well as on the water line that links the toilet to the wall. If you find any leaks, contact a plumber right once. Leaks can cause significant increases in your water bill as well as significant damage to your walls and flooring.


Fill your toilet tank with 5-10 drops of food coloring. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes before using Check the bowl to see if the water has become a different hue. If this is the case, you have a leak. Make sure to have it fixed as soon as possible!


The water shut-off valve (also known as the stop valve) is the knob that controls the flow of water to your toilet. Look under or below the toilet for the knobby and make sure it can be turned. If the knob is hard to turning or will not budge when turned, it is a good indication that it is malfunctioning. Call us if you need a professional shut-off valve repaired or replaced.


Flush the toilet after removing the tank cover. The fill valve should totally stop dispensing water when the tank has been refilled. If it does not, please contact us! Our skilled plumbers will quickly identify the issue and propose a solution. Reach us today if you need plumbers Tulsa repairs; we would love to help you!

Importance of toilet Maintenance

Some homeowners are surprised by the benefits of toilet upkeep. Our toilet maintenance guidelines assist homeowners appreciate the need of regular toilet service. Toilet maintenance is understandably low on most homeowners’ priority lists. The severity of toilet problems varies, but regular maintenance can help your toilet, like all other plumbing fixtures in your home, perform at its best.

Consistent toilet maintenance ensures that potential problems be avoided. Toilet maintenance protects homes from the frequent difficulties outlined above, as well as the consequent water damage. Homeowners who perform at-home maintenance have fewer problems than those who do not.

Schedule regular professional maintenance to ensure the overall health of your plumbing system, including toilets. Without this upkeep, avoidable problems turn into costly repairs or replacements. Nobody wants to pay for something they might have avoided!

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                Toilet Maintenance Tip
  • Make proper disposal. This is the simplest of the toilet maintenance ideas to implement. Anything other than human waste and toilet paper should not be flushed down the toilet. Toilets are clogged considerably faster by feminine products, diapers, cotton balls and swabs, paper towels, and other paper-based things than by toilet paper and trash. Keep these items away from the toilet and flush only human waste and toilet paper. Still need Plumbers Tulsa services? Count on us to deliver!


  • Take care of the toilet. Though cleaning your toilet may seem apparent, homeowners frequently disregard this duty, resulting in minimal or infrequent cleaning. A toilet that is cleaned on a regular basis has less obstructions in the bowl and under the seat rim. Furthermore, the effort required to clean the toilet reduces over time.
Inspecting Your Toilet
  • Checks for leaks Leaks occur in a variety of locations. on the toilet Check toilets for leaks on a regular basis to catch problems before they cause serious fixture failures. There are various areas to look, so inspect every inch of your toilet – inside and out. To find tank leaks, look for moist areas on and around the fixture, and use food coloring in the tank. Fill the tank with food coloring and leave the toilet alone for 30 minutes. If the color of the water in the bowl changes, you have a leak. These require the assistance of a plumber.


  • Water softeners should be used. Hard water contains more hard minerals, such as calcium, than soft water. These minerals clog pipes over time, causing more clogs. Hard water also degrades essential components. Because they contain corrosive chemicals, repeated use of these cleaners causes leaks or even pipe breaks. These problems are significantly more costly to resolve than a tenacious blockage.
  • The shut-off valve. The shut-off valve, also known as a stop valve, stops the water flow to the toilet. It is either beneath or behind the fixture. It must be able to turn easily in order to be termed functional. It must be repaired or replaced if it produces resistance or does not turn at all. Check this valve at least once a month to ensure it is always in good working order.


  • Checks for maintenance. Last but not least, monthly maintenance must be performed to ensure the toilet’s health. Even with these toilet maintenance tips, homeowners should have their toilets inspected by a professional once a year. Professional plumbers are trained to detect minor issues with plumbing or toilets and make necessary repairs to improve the functionality of these fixtures.
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