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You may have great products and services to offer for punters. However, if your customer service is unreliable and unhelpful, it will make you lose customers. That’s the key to understanding the value of good customer service for long-term business success.

Do you want to know what good customer service means? Or how can you ensure that every customer has a great experience with your business? This guide lets you understand the value of good and reliable customer service and how to put it at the top.

Why is good customer service important?

Do you want to know why you should value good customer service at your business? Here we have some important reasons you must consider in this regard.

Good customer service can help you:

·         To ensure a higher customer retention rate

Achieving an improved customer retention rate is possible with good customer service. Moreover, maintaining a good customer retention rate is beneficial for your business. It is because about 65% of overall sales come from your prior customers. Additionally, retaining existing customers is up to 25x more affordable than attracting more new customers. So, raising the bar here with good customer service is worthwhile.

·         Improve the bottom line of business.

Customers with improved, customer-centric environment max 60% more profit than others. It means ensuring good customer service can help you improve your business bottom line.

·         Ensure a frictionless customer experience

Improving customer satisfaction and ensuring a frictionless customer experience are also the key reasons to provide good customer service. About 61% of consumers prefer switching to your competitors following one negative experience only. So, ensuring good customer service is vital to keep your customers loyal and satisfied.

·         Gain a competitive advantage in the industry

Brands are not competing on quality and price anymore. Good customer service gives a competitive edge to businesses competing in the same industry.

You can make more loyal customers by delivering good customer service.

What does good customer service look like?

After understanding the importance of good customer service for your business, you certainly want to improve it. Here we have brought the key characteristics to focus on good customer service.

So, here we go:

Maintain a positive attitude toward customers

Your customer service team’s attitude is everything. Maintaining a positive attitude toward your customer’s queries goes a long way in ensuring good customer service. Your right attitude can effectively change your customer’s negative experience into a positive one.

Moreover, the majority of customer interactions are digital. So, you should reflect politeness and positivity through your voice tone and language. In face-to-face interactions, customers observe different things, such as facial expressions, body language, etc., to determine their emotional tone. However, all these things aren’t possible in online interactions. So, you should stay calm and use a positive voice tone to convey warmth and a welcoming feel.

Expansive product or service knowledge is vital.

Your customer service team typically spends an entire day troubleshooting customers’ problems. They must be service or product experts to provide good customer service. The customer team needs expansive knowledge of your service or product. Ideally, your team should believe in your service or product and discuss possible use cases, features, and other ways customers can benefit from these.

Your customer service team should be capable of helping customers make the most out of the purchase. So, they can rest assured that they have achieved the value of the money they spent. Make it a goal to learn everything about the product or customer that can amaze your customers and resolve their problems in the best possible way. Don’t forget to provide timely recommendations regarding the latest features used to benefit them more.

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Show empathy

To ensure good customer service, you must relate to your customer’s pain points. This practice starts with empathy. Moreover, this also means prioritizing your customers in whatever you do. You should always be driven to help your customers when needed.

The founder of CXpert said customers would expect the companies to be more flexible and empathetic towards customers and their problems. So, you must consider investing in empathy training to empower your customer service team to provide satisfactory solutions.

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Serve your customers at their preferred channels.

If your customer has tweeted a complaint about your service. Then you may want to make the conversation offline to avoid any negative impact on your company’s reputation. However, things aren’t always that simple. Customers choose different channels based on how quickly they want your response. So, you should prefer connecting your customers on their preferred channels. This is arguably the best way to provide good customer service. Train your customer service team to handle multiple channels simultaneously. These should include everything from email to live chat and social media to phone.

Always keep the customer at your orbit’s center.

Companies keeping their customers at the center of their orbit are always more successful than others. Customers prefer getting services or products from companies that deliver unmatchable customer experiences.

To achieve this environment, you must keep your customers as a priority. See your customers as story’s heroes and treat them that way. Collect your customers’ feedback at different channels and improve your services accordingly.

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An example of good customer service

Good customer service is key to keeping your customers satisfied and loyal and your business thrive. For instance, Acts of Service Plumbing is a leading company owned by Ricky Brett Hudson. The company has served Tulsa and its neighboring communities with superior plumbing solutions and top-notch customer service since 2017.

Ricky Brett has built the reputation of being the leading plumbing service provider across Tulsa for its superior and customer-centric approach. He never frowned at his customers requiring urgent plumbing services around the clock. Instead, Ricky always goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and resolve their pain points quickly.

Final Thoughts

The quality of customer service must be at the top of your business services. It matters so much for multiple reasons. Good customer service is important for customer loyalty, improved customer satisfaction, and a better retention rate.

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