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One of the most common problems that most people face living in a basement is standing water. Because of the depth, it becomes a bit difficult to drain water from the basement. Therefore sometimes, the water keeps standing in the basement drain hole.

The situation becomes terrible sometimes because with standing water, your basement floor will get dirty, and it might cause the spread of foul gases. So, let’s talk about the common causes of standing water in the basement drain hole and how you can eliminate this common problem. Get the best plumbers Tulsa services from our team when you schedule an appointment.

Causes of standing water in the basement drain hole

Here are the causes of standing water in the basement drain hole:

1. Clogged floor drains

Floor drains get clogged easily. Hairs and other stuff will get into the drain. Eventually, it will cause water to stand in the basement. It is one of the main causes that your basement drains holes get drained. While taking a shower or brushing your hair, you need to clean the drain afterward. If hair gets stuck into the drain holes, water won’t be able to drain completely.

2. Gutters are clogged

Gutter gets clogged if you don’t get them cleaned from time to time. Yes, sometimes you drain something with water and get stuck in the gutter. Clogged gutters are one of the most common problems that people having a basement face. When the gutters get clogged, the water won’t drain completely. So, it is better to get regular gutter maintenance from our best Plumbers Tulsa.

Water stagnant in the gutters causes the water to stand in the basement drain holes. Therefore, you must take care of the matter that no one flushes any item in the drainage system. It will further clog the drain holes, and even water won’t be able to drain properly.

3. Leakage in foundation

If there is a leakage in the foundation of your basement, water will surely stand in the drain holes. Sometimes the filthy water will come out of the foundation of the water supply, and it will cause a water pond in the basement.

4. Poorly Installed P Traps

P-traps get installed for the water to drain easily from the basement without causing any problem. Installation of P-traps has to be done without any human error. Most of the time, the p-trap in the basement doesn’t get installed properly, and it will cause water to stand in the basement. Contact our Plumbing Tulsa experts to check your p-traps and install them properly.

5. Rodents in the drainpipes

Rodents like rats and other small animals that fit perfectly in the drainpipes are also a cause your water is not draining completely. They find their way to your drain holes and block the way. If you have been facing a problem with water standing in your basement drain holes, there might be a dead rodent in the drainpipe.

It is obvious that the rodent won’t find its way out of the drain hole and will die there. The rodent body will block water flow, and you get standing water problems in your basement drain holes.

How to avoid standing water in the basement?

Following are a few tips that will help in avoiding standing water in the basement drain hole:

Cleaning gutters consistently

Cleaned gutters keep your home operating well. Neglecting the cleaning of your gutters, will lead to many problems. Clogged gutters do not drain water properly.

It will keep standing there unless the way gets cleared. Therefore, the one tip you need to follow is to get your gutters cleaned regularly. Draining water from the basement is already a little difficult because of the depth, and if the gutters get clogged, then there is no other way to get rid of dirty water other than cleaning the drains and gutters.

You can get professional help cleaning gutters because they will check all the gutters and drains and find out the problems and why water is standing in the drain holes of your basement. Therefore, instead of wasting your energy, you should let our Plumbing Tulsa professionals to take care of this job for you.

Unclog floor drains

A common reason for water standing in the basement is due to clogged hair. The water will stand there until you clean the drain hole. While showering or brushing, you need to make sure that you clean the drain hole afterward.

Avoid using the washroom without cleaning the floor drains. The water will not be able to find its way to the drains and this will cause a bigger problem. Therefore, cleaning of floor drains is important. Further, the hair might find its way to the pipes, and they might clog the whole drain system. Cleaning floor drain holes is essential if you don’t want a pond of water in your basement.

Pour cleaners into the drain holes

On the market there are many products to help solve this problem. They clear the way whenever you pour them. Once in a while, it would be wise to use cleaners for cleaning drain holes and pipes. You can get a strong cleaner that you know will work for your drainpipes. You can pour them weekly in your drain holes.

They will clean the whole drain system, and if anything is in the drain holes clogging them will get clear. Perform these steps for three or four days and if the problem remains, get another opinion. Cleaners are acidic, and they melt everything within no time. Cleaning your drain holes with such cleaners will help eliminate water standing in drain holes in the basement problems.

Final Words:

Now you know the causes of standing water in the basement drain hole and how to get rid of this problem. If you don’t get the water out of your basement, it will keep standing there, and more problems will arise.

So, it is better to follow the tips mentioned above. If you are unable to manage the problem contact our Plumbers Tulsa and we will assure to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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