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Stainless steel vs. Plastic sink faucets, which is more sustainable

While selecting the sink faucets for your place, you have to be careful with your selection. You will get a choice between stainless steel and plastic faucets. You must choose the one that is more sustainable and can survive for a long time. So, get them replaced after a short period.

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What makes stainless steel sink faucets a good choice?

Following are the pros of stainless-steel sink faucets.

You get a variety of classy options

You get versatile stainless steel sink faucet options once you visit the market. There will be original designs available, and you will love the collection. You will certainly like them because of the latest smart homes stainless steel sink faucet design. They will certainly convince you to buy the stainless-steel option for your place.

Give your place a nice, classy finish

To give your place a classy and amazing finish, there is no other option than stainless steel sink faucets. Yes, for a luxury home, the only option that would go with your sinks would be stainless steel. So, another benefit of choosing stainless steel sink faucets is that they will give your place an attractive finish.

They last long

For the lifespan of stainless-steel sink faucets, they last long. There is no other option that will last long like them. So, if you are looking for a long-lasting sink faucet, consider stainless steel. They don’t get damaged easily; therefore, they last long.

Sustainable Eco-friendly option

If you are an environment person and you’d like to get sink faucets that don’t negatively affect the environment, then stainless sink faucets are considerable. Yes, stainless steel sink faucets are an Eco-friendly option, and they are sustainable because they are durable and last long. Plus, they are not the worse enemy of nature, like plastic.

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Cons of stainless steel sink faucets

Following are the cons of stainless-steel sink faucets.

·         A little difficult to maintain

Stainless steel sink faucets are a little hard to maintain because if you don’t dry them off completely, you might notice white spots. Yes, the water will settle on them, and then you will have to clean them while using some cleaner or wet and dry cloth.

So, maintenance of stainless steel sink faucets is a little tough. It will take your time and effort to make them look pretty all the time.

·         Chemicals will affect them

Due to any chemical in the water or if through any other means your stainless steel sink faucets come in contact with any chemical, then it affects the faucets. There is a possibility that your faucets might erode.

·         An expensive option

Stainless steel sink faucets are expensive because of their quality, material, and versatility. They will look good at your place, but they might cost you a fortune if you are tight on budget.

What make plastic sink faucets a good choice?

Following are the pros of plastic sink faucets.

·         Easy to maintain

Plastic sink faucets are super easy to maintain. You don’t have to dry them off whenever you turn them on. The water droplets won’t settle on the faucet’s surface, and you will not notice the white water stains. So, plastic is surely a good option if you are always in a hurry and don’t have enough time to dry off your sink faucets.

·         Resistant to chemicals

The presence of chlorine in water or if your plastic sink faucet gets in contact with any other chemical will not cause any harm to the sink faucet. So, the plastic sink faucet will resist the chemicals.

·         Affordable option

If you are a little low on budget and looking for an affordable sink faucet option, you should surely go for plastic. They are affordable. They would best fit according to the numbers you have to spend on this thing for your place.

Cons of plastic sink faucets

Following are the cons of plastic sink faucets.

·         They won’t last long

Plastic sink faucets are a durable option because they don’t last long. They have a low price tag on them, which might benefit you, but they will not last, and you will have to replace them after a short period. You won’t be able to use the faulty sink faucet for a long time. Therefore, get them replaced.

·         Leakage happens easily

Plastic gets damaged easily. By any mistake, if you cut through the plastic sink faucet, then you will damage it. They get cut easily, and leakage will take place. Replace it and won’t be left with any other option to deal with the situation.

·         Not an Eco-friendly option

Plastic is not an Eco-friendly material, and it will cause damage to nature. Plastic sink faucets are a sustainable option if you are looking for one. So, if you don’t want to cause damage to the environment anymore, plastic sink faucets are not the ideal option for you.

Which option is more sustainable?

Suppose you have been looking for an answer that which option is more sustainable and which type of sink faucets you need to get for your place. Then the answer is stainless steel faucets. They are more sustainable, and they have got more pros than we have already discussed above.

While choosing the fittings for your place and now it is time for the sink faucets, always go for stainless steel. Plastic is the enemy of nature and your wallet as well. Get them replaced soon because they won’t last long. So, if you don’t end up chasing your sink faucets after every few months, then it would be wise if you make the right decision in the very first place.

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Final Words:

Before making any final decision, you need to keep all the pros and cons of stainless steel and plastic faucets for sinks. If you want a budget-friendly option, you can use plastic sink faucets. If you want a sustainable sink faucet option, go for stainless steel.

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