When you are looking for the best Plumbers Tulsa team, go with one that provides exceptional results every day! Here are 5 issues caused by improper ventilation in the basement plumbing system. Enjoy the article.

You might have noticed that when any particular area does not get a proper airway or ventilation, it usually gets moist and has an odd odor.

Such places are the ones present in your house called basements. A basement is an area that tends to get less heat and sunlight throughout the year.

Most pipelines and water systems are present, leading to more water leaks and causing a foul smell. However, such problems are quite common but ignoring them can lead to a bigger problem.

Hence, keep reading the mentioned details if you are eager to know more about the issues caused by an improper ventilation system.

5 issues that can occur due to poor ventilation in the basement plumbing system

There are quite many issues when it comes to a poor ventilation system down the basement.

However, some of the top 5 issues shared by our Plumbers Tulsa which are mentioned below to state a few and explain why they occur. Keep following for further insights.

·         Stagnant water on the basement floor

If your basement does not have a good plumbing and ventilation system, the chances for the water to stay stagnant are quite higher.

This might not seem a greater problem but ignoring it can certainly lead to it since water that is still and has no way to pass through can be a cause for various insects and a foul odor as well.

It can cause the corners of the basement to turn green as most of the fungi and microbes tend to grow in moist and wet places.

·         Bad odor of growing mold

Another common issue is that the area of your basement starts to stink in a very odd way. This smell is not bearable and can get worse as the days pass.

Hence, cleaning your basement every week is recommended, and if for some reason you can’t do it, the best solution is to hire professional cleaners. They know what they are doing and can offer you the best of their services.  

·         Staining of walls and appearance of blisters

When you enter a basement that has not been provided with a good plumbing or ventilation system, look for the obvious signs, including stained walls and blisters. The walls will have a yellow and green tint with weird blisters that are hard to explain. Hence, if you can install a good ventilation system down your basement, do not hesitate since a bad humid basement is not worth having.

·         The atmosphere is always humid.

It is very easy to understand that if any area does not get enough warmth and ventilation, it will be full of humid air. Likewise, you will notice a sudden change in your environment while entering the basement. No matter how much you clean the surroundings, if the basement is not fixed, it will always remain filled with humidity and higher moisture content.

·         Roof leaks

Yet another most common issue, if the basement is poorly maintained, is the roofs start to leak water.

The roofs and walls will most likely leak water without a properly working water drainage system. They cannot hold the water since the pipes are damaged.

Meanwhile, air conditioning is always in the picture too. Without air exposure, roofs and walls get wet and damage the surface.

Hence, it is important to get a proper and permanent solution by contacting our professional Plumbers Tulsa.

What are the ways to prevent issues of poor ventilation in the basement plumbing system?

There are various ways with the help of which you will be able to get a permanent solution for a poorly maintained basement.

Meanwhile, some basic and effective ways that promise to work are mentioned below.

·         Make sure to clean the gutters.

Always make sure that your gutters are clean and tidy. If you cannot inspect it, hire a team to locate any clogged debris and build-up inside. Such factors are the underlying causes of poor ventilation and water drainage system. Get gutter maintenance and cleaning services from our Plumbing Tulsa experts regularly.

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·         Keep the humidity out.

It would be best if you remembered that humidity is the means of all evil, certainly when it comes to your basement. It is difficult to keep humidity out naturally or practically all the time. However, air dryers or indoor venting systems can be installed in the basement. They help keep the area dry and warm without causing any foul smell.

·         Clean the basement using mild chemicals

Always make sure that harsh chemical cleaners do not help with cleaning. They only damage the water pipes and clog the toilets and pipes. Hence, it is better to use chemicals that are not too harsh or concentrated. Using diluted chemicals with a higher percentage of water is mostly recommended.

·         Use a water pump to suck excessive water.

Broken water pipes and a poor drainage system causes poor water drainage. When the water collects in one place, it does not drain properly.

However, if you want to be safe from such hassles, the best option is to invest in a sump pump.

These pumps are also devices that can pump out excessive or stagnant water in your basement. However, using a sump pump, you would need professional help as it might get a bit complex for an inexperienced person to operate a sump pump.  When you need the best Plumbers Tulsa team, call us today. We would love to serve you. Count on us for the best Plumbers Tulsa results and love it!

     Hot air fans

If you want an easy and quick way out of the basement problems, then the simplest way is to install hot air fans. They will keep the temperature of your basement warm and will provide the best solution against humidity. Such hot air fans are also termed dehumidifiers in various shops. We offer the best guidance help for Plumbers Tulsa services.


When you observe humidity, roof leaks, and other signs of moisture, please do not ignore these signs. A bigger problem could be on the horizon. Poor ventilation and a bad plumbing system in your basement can cause these problems.

Make sure to contact our Plumbing Tulsa professional and get the help available. While if you want to save money, you can do it under proper guidance or with the help of those who are slightly more experienced than you.

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