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Why do kitchen slabs leak, and how to prevent them?

Our kitchens have different sections for keeping things organized and washing the pots. We need to keep our kitchen up to date all the time to maintain hygiene. Sometimes, kitchen slabs get natural cracks, and sometimes, other factors damage the slabs, and they get cracks.

All we need to know about the kitchen slabs is to prevent them from getting cracked. These cracks not only ruin the beauty but also can cause health problems.

Causes behind the kitchen slabs leak

The kitchen slab cracks due to a water leak, excessive heat, or hitting something. The slab leaks look bad and can be the shelter for insects, promote fungal growth, and lead to more damage to the walls. So, you need to know the cause behind the slab leaks to prevent them from getting.

Improper installation of slabs

The primary reason or cause behind kitchen slabs leak is the unprofessional and improper installation of slabs. When installing concrete slabs in your kitchen, you must call a professional who understands the need to make a good kind of slab.

An unprofessional building the slab, may make many mistakes, one of which is mixing a lot of water while making the mixture for the construction of the concrete slab. When the installation of slabs dries, the extra water evaporates.

This evaporation causes shrinkage in the slabs, which promotes the development of cracks. So, it is necessary to hire professionals to install the kitchen slab. Make sure to hire our Plumbers Tulsa for slab inspection to avoid any leaks in future.

Putting uneven weight or hitting the slab

Slabs are for keeping kitchen utensils or some other low-weight things. When we keep some heavy object o the slab or use it for stepping when trying to reach the cabinets, we exert uneven and excessive weight over the slab. The uneven weight can cause the splitting of the stones’ natural strength or concretes’ bonding.

Excessive heat

Many people do not know about the fact that the heat shows a bad impact on the concrete slabs. It ruins its structure and causes it to leak. We usually keep the hot utensils on the slabs just after removing them from the stove.

The heat from this pot transfers to the slab and disturbs its structure. Usually, the slab’s stones are resistant to heat, but they may become weak after exposure to heat for a longer time. So, when you put a hot pot on the cold slab, it may try to expand but can’t find the space and get cracks.

Water pipe leakage

Underground water pipe leakage is also one of the reasons behind the kitchen slab leaks. The water from the soil reaches the slab’s roots and then the slab’s top. It affects the material used in the slab installation and replaces the arrangement of particles of sand or concrete. The addition of more water ruins its structure. If water pipes are causing a problem you can get help from our Plumbing Tulsa experts. When you need good plumbers Tulsa services, call our outstanding team today!

Hard water

Hard water contains acids that are highly reactive to the stones. So, if the hard water reaches from the sink to the slab, it ruins the structure of the slabs by developing little hairy cracks that can prolong and expand later.

Ways to prevent kitchen slabs from leaks

You can fix the leaks when they develop but don’t you think it is better to prevent them from developing in slabs? Yes, you can prevent kitchen slab leaks by adopting the following tricks.

·         Choose professional installment of kitchen slabs.

First, when installing a new slab in your kitchen, you should not compromise on investment by hiring a professional. You should look for an experienced and professional person who will install the kitchen slab properly by using the right material in the right way. If the installment is proper, the slab is not going anywhere for years. We deliver the best solutions for Plumbers Tulsa services.

·         Go with rod insertion in the slabs.

Secondly, you need to look for a way to enhance the strength of the slab by adding some support. The experts and professionals say that it is better to add rods to the slabs, which can enhance the strength of the slab. The horizontal insertion of an iron rod in the slabs helps stand against forces and prevent it from getting cracked and collapsing.

·         Keep checking the water pipeline in your kitchen.

Thirdly, you should know about the water pipeline and its supply in the kitchen. If you are keeping track of the water pipes and their leakage, you can prevent the slab leaks by controlling them at the initial stage. So, keep checking the water leaks to avoid the slabs leaks, especially when it has a sink.

·         Seal the slabs properly

You can do many things to prevent slab leaks as tracking water pipe leaks, developing more strength by inserting rods, and avoiding excessive heat exposure. One of the easiest and most economical things you can do is seal the slabs to prevent them from water exposure. As stones have pores and can absorb water, this sealing will help avoid water retaining.

·         Keep checking the cracks and stop them on the spot

Little cracks do not matter much as they are not highlighted, but if you do not pay attention and fix them on time, they can spread and convert into wider and longer slab leaks. So, it is necessary to keep track of the slab leaks and fix them on time to prevent them from ruining your slab overall. Contact our Plumbers Tulsa for deep.  inspection and maintenance.

·         Avoid putting too many hot Pots on the slab.

You should also develop the habit of avoiding the hot exposure of heat to the kitchen slab. You should not keep the hot objects on a slab so their heat can’t reach its limit and develop cracks.

·         Do not use the slab for stepping.

The last but most important thing is to avoid using the slab for stepping. By stepping on the slab, you are putting your weight in an uneven manner which can cause develop cracks.


You can prevent slab leaks by knowing the reasons behind the leaks. You can avoid the kitchen slab leaks by not using it improperly and developing more strength by adding more rods. If you notice any issues you can always get help from our Plumbers Tulsa experts.

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